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Affordable and cheap SEO Perth may sound like the same thing – so, what’s the big difference?

If you’re considering looking for low-cost SEO services in Perth, it’s important to take some time to consider the different services available. There is a very significant distinction between cheap and affordable services, especially in the context of SEO companies in Perth. You’ll need to think about what your business needs and what you can afford, and we’re here to help you figure out difference between affordable and cheap SEO in Perth.

‘Cheap’ and ‘Affordable’ aren’t so different as adjectives; they both are used to tell of something of low cost and a possible potential to save money. However, when marketing a product or service, the two words imply very different connotations.

Cheap SEO refers to services in which the quality is compromised to allow for a lower price. SEO companies that offer low cost SEO services are generally operating on a ‘churn and burn’ business model. That means they are relying on a high-volume of low-cost accounts that are given little (or no) attention each month.

Because each account is worth only a few hundred dollars, they spend a lot of time onboarding new clients, but very little time attending to them and delivering on their promises. In most cases, they’ve got a long backlist of more business owners looking for the ‘cheapest and the best’ SEO without really understanding the consequences of the corner-cutting, black hat SEO techniques that these companies use.

Affordable SEO, on the other hand, refers to SEO services at a competitive price. The important distinction between cheap and affordable SEO services is that while both imply low costs, affordable SEO does not compromise on anything to get that low cost. Cheap SEO will allow for cheaper prices, affordable SEO will allow for organic growth and visibility, for a reasonable amount of money.

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What is “Cheap” Perth SEO?

Cheap SEO companies are businesses that claim to offer high quality SEO services at just a fraction of the price of a regular SEO package. The idea of saving so much money is very appealing to many business owners, and so the idea that the company may not be trustworthy is often overlooked.

While SEO prices in Perth can be hugely inconsistent, those offering you services below the average price are usually operating on a high-client volume, high-turnover basis with little regard for delivering actual results.

Working with Cheap SEO opens the door to spammy and untrustworthy SEO agencies that can cause harm to your business, your reputation, search engine visibility and your overall online presence.

To put a number on “cheap”, anything under $500 a month should be treated with caution. Most reputable SEO agencies will charge a minimum monthly retainer for an SEO campaign, or, in some cases, do project work that costs $100-150 per-hour

Understanding the difference between cheap and affordable is crucial to avoiding getting ripped off. Here are some of the hallmarks of a cheap SEO Perth company:

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1. Low-Quality Product

Cheap SEO companies can afford to offer their services at such a cost as they are buying cheap spammy backlinks, using tools to create jargon content, and are hiring bots to give the impression of increased traffic.

Cheap SEO services are synonymous with poor quality SEO services. Such ridiculously low prices are only plausible with a compromise on the quality and quantity of work being put in. Working with a cheap SEO Perth company you can expect a low-quality SEO campaign.

2. Underhand SEO Tactics

Shady tactics used by cheap SEO companies are known as black hat SEO techniques. These tactics are used to drive short term, cheap, and manipulative SEO results without putting any real hard work in.

Black hat SEO goes directly against Google guidelines in order to achieve quicker and sneaky results. While these tactics used to be a pillar of SEO success, Google has become far to intelligent to put up with black hat SEO and will go as far as penalising websites engaging in black hat SEO.

3. The reality: Google Penalties

The consequences of working with an agency that uses black hat SEO methods is that Google will award your website with a penalty. Using sneaky and manipulative SEO tactics goes directly against Google’s set of guidelines. Once the search algorithm catches wind of a website engaging in spammy behaviour, they will penalise the website and plummet search visibility.

Getting your business back on track after a Google penalty can take months and high expenses. While the initial cost of cheap Perth SEO is low, the services can end up costing your business thousands.

4. One-size-fits-all Campaign

Low priced services have no regard for the business, its goals, and what it may individually require in order to see results. Cheap SEO will not allow for a personalised and tailored SEO campaign.

Every business in Perth is different, and therefore, every SEO campaign needs to be entirely unique. Cheap SEO services use cookie cutter techniques that do not allow for disparities in companies. Their one-size-fits-all methods are only likely to negatively impact a business’ backlink profile, rankings and visibility efforts.

5. Impossible Guarantees

There are plenty of industries wherein a company can guarantee top results – SEO just isn’t one of them. Guaranteeing a top 2 ranking position and a 400% increase in traffic is a trademark for a cheap SEO company. There is absolutely no way those results can tangibly be achieved in a set amount of time, without doing something suspicious.

The truth is, the best SEO agencies will not make guarantees. They won’t make promises they can’t keep. If you come across an SEO deal that seems too good to be true, that’s exactly what it is.

6. Short Term

The abundance of cheap SEO Perth agencies still operating is due to the fact that sometimes, their campaigns will achieve results. Cheap SEO companies can provide fast search visibility and measurable increases in traffic. The problem is, these results are always short lived.

The tactics used by cheap Perth SEO agencies are designed for short-term results. They have no regard for long-term strategies and sustainable SEO.

7. Churn & Burn Tactics

The churn and burn operations are by far the most common trademark of a cheap SEO service. An agency will advertise a very low-priced SEO deal to onboard as many accounts as possible, while paying each client little or no attention. They will continue to get as many clients as possible while ignoring each SEO campaign. As business owners continue to search for the “cheapest and best SEO in Perth”, the churn and burn practice will remain a pillar for cheap services in the SEO industry.

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In order for SEO to have a positive impact on a website, time, money and attention need to be on the forefront of an SEO campaign. If you’re not willing to invest a little bit more in the company you choose to do SEO with, your business will bear the brunt with their lack of effort and resource.

SEO experts require time to create a customised SEO strategy that targets lucrative, revenue-driving traffic for your business. This is not a one-time job that can be satisfied with cheap SEO. It is possible however, for good quality Perth SEO to be affordable.

What do “Affordable” Perth SEO Services Involve?

Affordable Perth SEO services refers to the services at an addordable rate, with a measure of quality sustained. While they will charge more than cheap SEO services, affordable SEO companies focus on creating comprehensive SEO campaigns for reasonable prices, without cutting any corners.

The advantages of working with an affordable Perth SEO company include:

1. Better Quality

Working with an affordable SEO company means paying less, without compromising on quality. The difference between cheap and affordable will be while they are both low costs, affordable will entail working with a professional who won’t skip out on important elements of an SEO campaign.

Working with a trustworthy company who value quality will allow for increased visibility, high quality content creation, meaningful backlinks, improved organic traffic and more conversions.

2. White Hat Methods

Opting for affordable Perth SEO over cheap SEO means benefitting from white hat SEO methods. What hat SEO is the use of strategies that are directly aligned with Google’s set of guidelines. The results are harder to obtain with white hat SEO than black hat tactics, however, the payout is much higher as the results are long-term and keep your website in Google’s good books.

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3. Customised Campaign

Each business in Perth is entirely different. Their intentions, market, and requirements will all factor into the nature of an SEO campaign assigned to their business.

Tailoring of an SEO campaign is crucial to the success of SEO strategies. An affordable and reputable Perth SEO company will take the time to personalise and tailor an SEO campaign around the needs and requirements of each business.

4. Realistic Goal Setting

A Perth company offering affordable SEO will not make ridiculous promises and guarantee #1 Google rankings. They will however, set realistic goals for your business that they can achieve with strategic optimisation. An affordable SEO company will take the time to help set business objectives based around marketing. They will be honest with you about what is achievable with your market and budget limitations.

5. Long-Term SEO

A big difference in cheap and affordable SEO will be the sustainability of the results. While cheap Perth SEO can provide quick and fast traffic, it is short term based. Affordable SEO means relying on quality SEO practices that are long-term driven and will continue to keep on giving. Good SEO will take months of strategic SEO work, but the payoff will be high.

6. Tracked Progress

Affordable SEO means working with a company that can provide access to resources to track progress and problems with a campaign. Affordable companies won’t skip out on SEO tools to help their clients track the progress of each campaign. This means getting regular insight into what is going into each step of an SEO campaign – something that is not often provided with cheap SEO services.

7. High Return on Investment (ROI)

The biggest difference between cheap SEO and affordable SEO will be the return on the initial investment. Cheap SEO offers little or no return on investment, as the quality of work is compromised, results are short-term, and black hat tactics that go against Google’s guidelines are frequently used.

Affordable SEO opens up the door to sustainable SEO in Perth at a competitive price. This allows for a standard of work to be sustained, without compromising quality. The long-term work being put into good SEO will see that overtime; ROI will completely overtake initial investment.

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Cheap SEO Brisbane: Final Thoughts

It is entirely possible for a small business to be able to afford SEO in Perth. All it takes is an increased awareness into the difference between cheap SEO services and affordable SEO services.

Cheap SEO comes at a much smaller price initially, however, affordable SEO will prove to be a long-term investment for your business.

If you’re considering cheap SEO Perth services for your business, you need to take some time to consider the long-term payouts of affordable services over short term savings of cheap SEO. High-quality SEO services are an investment in the future success of your business. Get in touch using our contact page or visit our Perth SEO page for further details.