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Are cheap SEO reseller packages ever any good? And are good SEO reseller packages ever cheap?

If you’re looking to scale your marketing firm without bringing on an in-house team of SEO experts, SEO reseller services could be a good choice for your business. But before you do, take a second to find out the important distinctions between affordable and cheap reseller SEO before going any further.

As adjectives, ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ aren’t so different. They’re both used to describe a low cost and imply a potential to save money. However, when it comes to advertising a reseller SEO service, the two words imply very different implications.

Affordable SEO Reseller refers to a standard of quality of search engine optimisation at a competitive price. Working with an affordable reseller SEO means depending on a reputable company to execute an SEO campaign, at a reasonable price.

Cheap reseller SEO refers to the services also at a discounted price, however, the quality of the work is compromised to make up for the large discount. Cheap SEO goes beyond the price of the service. Cheap reseller SEO extends to the standard of the SEO work and the strategies used to achieve SEO results.

To begin with, the costs of using cheap reseller SEO services will be lower than those of affordable reseller SEO.

However, down the line, you will find that the damage repair needed for cheap SEO reseller services will end up costing you a small fortune.

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What are “Cheap” White Label SEO Services?

Let’s start with what a “cheap” SEO reseller company actually is.

SEO reseller prices can be notoriously inconsistent.

With little regulation, anyone can pose as a reputable SEO reseller. However, the difference is in how much they want to charge you and where their services stand with quality. To put a number on “cheap”, anything under $500 a month should be treated with caution.

Cheap reseller SEO is when a white label SEO consultant or agency offer search engine optimisation to another business for a ridiculously low price. While it might seem like a great deal to begin with, these prices are set to attract agencies looking for the “cheapest and best reseller SEO services” and will actually provide very poor services.

Cheap SEO opens the door to allow for spammy and untrustworthy SEO reseller services that can cause harm to a business, website’s search visibility, and online reputation. Engaging with white label SEO at a cheap scale means working with a company that compromises on elements to make up for the small costs.

The sad reality is, those offering you reseller services below the average price are usually operating on a high-client volume, high-turnover basis with little regard for delivering tangible results.

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Cheap SEO Reseller Services Are Not Pretty

Cheap Reseller SEO companies can afford to sell their service at such a low cost by compromising on the standard of work. Working with a cheap reseller company you can expect to have very little attention put into each campaign you provide a client.

If a company can afford to sell their services for so little, they can’t afford to put the necessary time and effort into providing high quality services, or they have little or no experience in the industry. Cheap reseller SEO services are never high-quality SEO services.

1. Black Hat SEO

Cheap SEO reseller companies will use black hat SEO tactics for your client’s websites to save on both time and money. Black hat SEO refers to practices that are deliberately deceitful, manipulative and unethical, that deliver quick results.

Previously, SEO companies could get away with using black hat SEO to achieve legitimate results. Today, Google’s search algorithm is far too clever and can easily pick up on shady tactics, the outcome being a big penalty.

2. Google Penalties

Black hat SEO practices go directly against Google’s set out guidelines. If a website is caught cutting corners, it will receive a penalty from Google. Getting a website, business reputation and search visibility back after receiving a Google penalty can sometimes take years and high repair costs.

While the initial cost of cheap reseller SEO service is low, engage with these companies can end up costing your business thousands in repairing the damage to a client’s website.

3. One-Size-Fits-All Campaigns

Cheap SEO Reseller agencies do not have the experience, resources, time and money to personalise and tailor each client campaign. To save on time and money, they use one-size-fits-all campaign templates that do not fit the requirements and needs of each website and its respective market.

These templates have little thought put into them and will often end up causing more damage than good with poor quality and spammy resources.  In order for a good SEO campaign to achieve success, it needs to be appropriately tailored to the website.

4. Wild Guarantees

You’ve probably seen at least a handful of cheap SEO reseller companies offering guaranteed results with their services. They always promise to be the best, most experienced, and most trustworthy. When the reality is often the polar opposite.

Even a reputable Reseller SEO company will not guarantee you a number 1 ranking position or a 400% increase in traffic – that would just be irresponsible. If you come across a white label SEO deal that promises a ranking position or something specific, it is too good to be true.

5. Short-term

The results achieved with cheap SEO Reseller companies are always short-term. Cheap SEO agencies have little regard for providing long-term SEO solutions, their efforts are focused on cutting corners to see quick results that won’t last.

Reselling these services to your clients will only cause problems down the track. Quality SEO is a sustainable solution that will continue to improve and enhance a website. Cheap SEO will only provide a short term solution that will not be worth anything in the future.

6. Churn & Burn

Often referred to as “churn and burn SEO” these SEO reseller companies rely on hundreds (or thousands) of accounts that pay a small monthly retainer in return for a low output.

Cheap reseller SEO companies aren’t worried about losing clients. In most cases, they’ve got a long list of business owners who are looking for ways to save money without really understanding the consequences of the corner-cutting, black hat SEO techniques used to do so.

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The reality is, if you want to provide reputable SEO services to other businesses, cheap reseller SEO is not the way to go. High quality SEO actually requires a significant amount of time, planning, resource, and effort to execute well.

Strategic work is not something that can be completed over night. That’s why quality white label SEO will come at a higher price. If you’re hoping to cut corners and save money with cheap SEO companies, your business will suffer. It is possible however, to attain good quality SEO services at a reasonable price with affordable reseller SEO services.

What are “Affordable” White Label SEO Services?

As opposed to cheap SEO, affordable reseller SEO refers to low-cost services, with a decent measure of quality retained.

SEO services that are affordable will cost more than cheap SEO reseller services, but still be reasonably priced. It is entirely possible to find white label SEO services that are high quality and won’t cost a fortune.

The advantages of working with an affordable Reseller SEO company include:

1. High-Quality Reseller Services

Affordable white label SEO does not mean a compromise on quality. It means working with a reputable SEO company that value providing high quality work, at a competitive price.

This standard of quality means you can rest assured knowing an adequate amount of time, money, resource and work are going into SEO strategies for each client.

Working with a trustworthy affordable SEO company will mean your clients will benefit from high quality content creation, meaningful backlinks, technical on-site/off site optimisation and improved organic traffic.

2. White Hat SEO

Using affordable reseller SEO over cheap SEO means benefitting from white hat SEO methods as reputable SEO experts will avoid black hat methods.

Affordable companies will work with the rules to ensure each client’s website stays in Google’s good books. Not only are white hat tactics good for establishing a clean website, they also provide a much more sustainable solution for SEO.

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3. Customised Campaign

It’s important for each SEO campaign to be appropriately tailored to the needs and requirements of each business. An affordable and reputable Reseller SEO company will take the time to personalise and custom make an SEO campaign around the needs and requirements of each account, for maximum positive impact.

4. Realistic Goal Setting & Transparent Reporting

Those unrealistic promises and guarantees made by poor-quality SEO companies are not something you will find with an Affordable SEO reseller.

Affordable SEO means working with a legitimate white label specialist that will be honest with you about what is realistic for each client and what is unreasonable with the given budget and market.

A Reseller company offering affordable SEO will not make ridiculous promises and guarantee Google rankings. They will however, set realistic goals for each account that they can achieve with strategic optimisation.

5. Long-Term Strategies

Good SEO can take months of strategic SEO practice, but the payoff will be high. Affordable reseller SEO will allow for long-term strategies that will continue to help businesses grow, long after their campaign has concluded.

The difference between cheap and affordable SEO will be the sustainability of the results. While cheap reseller SEO can provide quick and fast traffic, it is short term. Affordable reseller SEO means relying on a professional to create a campaign that will continue to keep on giving.

6. Analytics

Working with an affordable SEO reseller, you and the client will have access to necessary analytics and data to track the progress of the campaign. Engaging with a reputable company will mean having insight into the work being put into the campaign and the effects of each strategy. You will rest assured both of you will be getting your money’s worth with affordable SEO resellers, as you’ll have access into important insights and reports.

7. High Return on Investment (ROI)

The most significant difference between cheap reseller SEO and affordable reseller SEO will be the return on investment. Cheap SEO offers little or no return on investment, as the quality of work is always low, short-lived, and cheap companies use tactics that go against Google’s guidelines.

Affordable SEO opens up the door to good reseller SEO services at a reasonable price. This allows for a standard of work to be maintained, without compromising on quality. The long-term work being put into good SEO will see that overtime; ROI will completely overtake initial investment.

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Cheap SEO Reseller Services: Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of reseller SEO companies looking to make a quick buck. The key to deciphering the good from the bad is an increased awareness into the difference between cheap reseller SEO services and affordable reseller SEO services.

It is entirely possible to find white label SEO services that are reasonably priced and won’t compromise on the standard of work expected for each client. Sure, an affordable SEO specialist will charge more than a cheap SEO company, but the long-term payout will be more valuable than the short-term savings.