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Are you looking to hire a specialist digital marketing agency in Adelaide but not sure where to start? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. In 2021, it is estimated that more than 100,000 businesses in South Australia will invest in online digital marketing services. With no shortage of digital marketing agencies in Adelaide, the choice can seem overwhelming.

Finding the best digital marketing agency Adelaide has to offer comes down to determining your business’ needs and choosing the company that can best deliver on these goals. So, how do you distinguish agencies that know what they’re doing from ones that have mastered a sales pitch?

7 Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agencies Adelaide Has

Finding the best digital marketing agencies Adelaide offers is as easy as looking out for these seven key traits of the best marketing agencies Adelaide has to offer.

1. They learn about your business goals
2. They are transparent about goals and targets
3. They are upfront about what can be achieved
4. They are experts in one area of digital marketing
5. They do not do every single digital marketing service
6. They have in-house marketing experts
7. They take the time to learn your long-term business goals

Each one of these seven characteristics is transferrable across all of the leading digital agencies in Adelaide. So whether you are looking for website design, SEO services in Adelaide, Local SEO in Adelaide, or social media marketing providers, the top companies will share these seven essential features.

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Find An Agency That Cares About Results, Not Appearances

There are literally hundreds of different digital marketing Adelaide companies. However, there is a standout type of agency of those companies: the ones that are the loudest on channels like Linkedin about company perks are often the ones who are more interested in their own business. So, if your online marketing agency in Adelaide cares more about impressing you with a nice lunch and state of the art office serving beer and cider on tap – what does this mean for your bottom line? Sadly, not a whole lot.

The digital agency in Adelaide that you select to partner with should be recognised for the results that it gets for its clients – not just the perks it offers its staff. With so many online marketing Adelaide agencies with significant financial backing, it can be easy to be wooed by an agency that is much better at sales than marketing. Review your options carefully and ensure that they have the in-house marketing talent to match the sales pitch.

hallmarks of overstaffed digital agencies

With so many choices, it can be challenging to work out who has the in-house talent and who has the best salespeople. Try to find an agency that bangs on about their client success stories. In an effort to find the right agency for your business, you are destined to come across digital marketing agencies Adelaide with fancy offices, slick salespeople and hefty financial backing. Don’t be fooled. Try to see past the glitz to find a company that cares about your business.

Trust is Everything in Digital Marketing

By now, you have probably seen digital marketing agencies Adelaide ads that claim to have the secret formula for online success. Perhaps a backdoor key to Google or maybe they’ve ‘hacked’ the algorithm. Let us be the first to tell you that this is all a load of B/S.

The digital marketing industry as a whole has a bad reputation. Mainly due to cost-cutting operators that promise Gucci results, but in reality, they deliver Guess.

Finding trustworthy digital marketing agencies in Adelaide is no small feat. Transparency and honesty are two of the most critical elements in any successful client/agency partnership. Unfortunately, one of the biggest dilemmas in online marketing is that many agencies are willing to take on every single client that approaches them about their digital marketing services in Adelaide. The truth is, as an agency in Adelaide, not every single business is going to be the right fit for the services being offered.

choose an agency that is selective with their clients

At Safari Digital, we enable prospective clients to make informed decisions with transparent data and information. Using this data, we leave it up to them to determine whether they feel like we are the right fit for their business. Generally speaking, we only end up taking on around 20% of clients that approach us. Not because we’re overly particular, but because we know that not every business will be the ideal fit for our SEO services.

Choose An Adelaide Agency Staffed by Marketing Professionals

When vetting potential digital marketing agency Adelaide companies, you will naturally want to grasp who will be carrying out the work on your website. However, working with the most prominent digital marketing agencies Adelaide has to offer, it can be challenging to work out who will be implementing the changes for your campaign. Too often, many large agencies will put a disproportionate number of resources into their business growth, with not enough specialists left to carry out the work.

In many cases, Adelaide companies are lured into working with a full-service agency because of the appeal of having a single point of contact. The problem with these agencies is that they do not have the specialised skillset and marketers to deliver digital services at the highest level. As a result, your business will be outperformed by competitors who are working with specialists.

marketers not salespeople

Choose an agency that puts resources into their marketing staff, not their sales staff. Instead of looking for the full-service experience with a single agency, seek out marketing professionals that are the best in their field. A good rule of thumb is that your point of contact should be the same person that is doing the work. Account managers are good for agencies, but they are not good for their clients.

At Safari Digital, we have a simple philosophy; when we feel that we need to have account managers, we are no longer acting in our clients’ best interest. That’s why when you call us, you’ll speak directly to an SEO specialist. They may not be smooth talkers or slick salespeople, but they will provide you with an expert assessment of your website and your current situation.

Choose an Agency That Will Not Work With Your Competition

Before you sign up for a 12-month marketing contract, ensure that your digital marketing partner does not already work with someone in your industry in the same area. While it may seem like common sense, believe us when we tell you that this happens all of the time.

Working with more than one business in the same industry creates an undeniable conflict of interest, particularly in services like search engine optimisation when there can only be one spot at the top of the SERPs.

work with an agency that does not work with your competition

At Safari Digital, we never work with two business in the same industry at the same time. So we understand that ranking number one on Google is hard enough without the added challenge of balancing the best interests of two clients.

Which Digital Marketing Services Do I Need?

The online marketing landscape in Adelaide is vast. There are a variety of different ways that you can market your business and reach your target market online. The channel that is effective for your business will depend on your niche and the behaviour of your target market. Before you start throwing money at the problem, speak to an independent expert that can provide insight into which services will make the biggest difference for your business.

Not every business in Adelaide is going to be the right fit for digital marketing services. For example, if your goal is to be exposed to organic leads through Google search, then you should consider SEO. On the other hand, if you are interested in building a brand quickly or going ‘viral’ – think social media. Once you have a better idea of which services you are looking for, you are better positioned to make informed decisions for your business.

jack of all trades, master of none

Before you start shopping your options, try to understand which mediums will be most effective for connecting with your target market. By taking the time to understand how your target market thinks and shops, you will be better positioned to make an informed digital marketing decision for your business. There are no two ways about it – working with a digital marketing provider is essential in 2021. Unless you have the time to learn and master online marketing, you need to work with a professional that understands how to get results.

not all digital marketing agencies are created equally

Who Is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Adelaide?

First off, there is no definitive list. Any independent or third-party list that proclaims to have a final list of the best digital companies in Adelaide should be treated with a fair amount of suspicion.

However, if you’re interested in SEO services, and the above points resonate with you, then Safari Digital may be a good fit for your business.

At Safari Digital, we focus on providing the best SEO services in Adelaide. We do not do Facebook Advertising or Web Design – we just do SEO. If you’re interested in seeing whether SEO is right for your business, contact our consultants today.

If you are looking for any other online services, you can get in touch to learn more about who we trust and who we refer our clients to for these services (no, we don’t get a commission for doing so).

Marketing glossary

Digital Marketing Glossary

• A/B A/B Testing
• CPA Cost Per Acquisition
• CPC Cost Per Click
• CRM Customer Relationship Management
• CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation
• CTA Call to Action
• CTR Click Through Rate
• PPC Pay Per Click
• ROI Return on Investment
• SEM Search Engine Marketing
• SEO Search Engine Optimisation
• SERP Search Engine Results Page
• SMM Social Media Marketing
• UI User Interface
• UX User Experience

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