Looking to hire a specialist digital marketing agency in Sydney but not sure where to start? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. In 2021, it is estimated that more than 100,000 businesses in NSW will invest in online digital marketing services. With no shortage of digital marketing agencies in Sydney, the choice can seem overwhelming.

Finding the best digital marketing agency Sydney has to offer comes down to determining your business’ needs and choosing the company that can best deliver on these goals. So, how do you distinguish the agencies that know what they’re doing from the ones that have merely mastered a sales pitch?

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agencies Sydney Has to Offer?

Finding the best digital marketing agencies Sydney offers is as simple as looking for these seven characteristics.

1. They take the time to understand your business goals
2. They are transparent with potential results and investment required
3. They are clear about the digital service being delivered
4. They have specialised knowledge in the area of digital marketing you require
5. They do not try to do every digital service – they do one or two and do them well
6. They have in-house experts that work on your online marketing
7. They are invested in the long-term success of your business

Each of these seven values is transferrable across all of the leading digital agencies in Sydney. Whether you are looking for web design, social media marketing providers, or SEO Sydney – the leading providers will all share these characteristics.

ways to choose the best digital agencies

Find An Agency that Cares About Results, Not Appearances

There are hundreds of digital marketing Sydney agencies. Of them, there is a standout type of agency: the ones that seem to have the most money and the most ‘perks’. If your online marketing agency in Sydney is more worried about taking you out for lunch, serving kombucha on tap or providing staff with beanbags in the breakout room, what does this mean for your business? Unfortunately, not much.

The agency that you choose to work with should be known for its results, not its brand culture. With so many digital marketing Sydney agencies financially backed, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of working with someone who is outwardly successful. However, doing so will only put your business in the same position as every other business being churned and burned.

hallmarks of overstaffed digital agencies

With so many digital marketing companies Sydney choices, it can be challenging to work out how really knows their stuff and who is just very good at looking like they know what they’re doing. Seek an agency that cares more about providing good results than their outward appearance. In your quest to find the right fit for your business, you’re bound to come across digital marketing agencies Sydney with fancy offices, slick salesmen and hefty financial backing. While it may be tempting to choose the agency with the most ‘perks’, an appealing outset does not necessarily translate to results for your business.

Finding Digital Marketing Companies Sydney Businesses Can Trust

We’ve all seen the digital marketing agencies Sydney ads that claim to have the secret recipe for online success. It’s no secret that digital marketing in itself has earned a bad reputation for lack of transparency. As such, it’s important, yet challenging, to find and choose a digital marketing agency Sydney company that you can trust.

Trustworthy digital marketing agencies in Sydney are hard to come by. And yet, transparency is the most critical element of any client/agency partnership. One of the biggest problems in online marketing is that many companies are willing to take on every client that enquires about their digital marketing services Sydney. The reality is, as an agency in Sydney, not every single business is going to be the perfect fit for your services.

choose an agency that is selective with their clients

At Safari Digital, we empower potential clients with the relevant data and digital solutions for their business. From there, we leave it up to them to decide whether or not they think the partnership is right for their business. However, we don’t take on every single client that contacts us. In fact, we generally only work with around 20% of the businesses that approach us for SEO. Not because we’re overly exclusive, but because we understand that not every business is going to be the perfect fit for our services.

Choose A Sydney Agency Staffed by Marketers, Not Salespeople

When vetting prospective digital marketing agency Sydney companies, you’re understandably going to want to know who will be carrying out the work. Working with the largest digital marketing agencies Sydney has to offer, it can be tough to work out how everyone’s role comes into play for a campaign when you’ve got account managers, coordinators and salespeople. The problem we see in these large agencies is that excessive resources are being poured into selling their services, with little leftover to deliver the actual work.

Many Sydney companies are drawn to a full-service digital marketing agency because it means just one point of contact. However, the problem with this tactic is that most full-service agencies in Sydney do not have the specialised knowledge and marketers to deliver at the highest level.

marketers not salespeople

Choose an online marketing agency in Sydney that is backed by marketing experts. Rather than seeking the full agency experience, find an agency that showcases their potential with the people doing the work on the front line. Your point of contact should be the same person who is actioning your campaign; not someone who has been employed to deliver the best sales pitch.

At Safari Digital, our marketing strategy is relatively simple. We don’t employ salespeople, and you won’t hear from an account manager. In fact, if you call us, you’ll be answered by one of our SEO specialists – the same ones that do the work on the websites. While we may not have the best sales tactics, we pride ourselves on transparent, honest and expert advice.

Ensure They Are Not Working with Your Competitors

Before you sign any contracts, make sure your digital marketing agency Sydney team are not already working with one of your competitors. While this may sound like common sense, believe us when we say, it happens.

Working with two or more business in the same industry is unethical. Particularly when it comes to marketing services like search engine optimisation, a conflict of interest is raised when you’re marketing competing businesses.

work with an agency that does not work with your competition

At Safari, we have a policy implemented wherein we don’t work with two clients in the same industry. We understand that winning the digital marketing race is already challenging enough as it is. Don’t complicate it further by working with an online marketing agency in Sydney that is supporting your competition.

Which Digital Marketing Services Sydney Do I Need?

The digital marketing Sydney landscape is broad. There are many different digital marketing services Sydney offerings that you can choose from, depending on your business, your goals and your budget. Despite traditional marketing and advertising practices, you probably don’t need a full digital marketing service. Or maybe you do – either way, it’s important to have this figured out well before you start looking at digital marketing agencies Sydney offerings.

Not all Sydney businesses are going to be the right fit for every digital marketing service. If your goal is to be exposed to organic leads, then you should consider SEO. If you’re interested in focusing on building your brand image, look into social media marketing. Once you have a better idea of what you’re after, you can choose an agency that specialises in this specific area, rather than a full-service agency that employs marketing generalists.

jack of all trades, master of none

Whether you’re looking into SEO, PPC or social media marketing, start with an idea of what you would like to achieve with your digital marketing efforts. This way, you can choose a digital marketing agency Sydney that either specialises in your marketing channel or an agency that you know is proficient in the combination of marketing services. There’s no doubt about it – employing digital marketing efforts is an essential part of growing your business in 2021. However, you need to start this journey with an understanding of what you want to achieve with digital marketing services.

not all digital marketing agencies are created equally

Who Is the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney?

Well, that all depends on what kind of digital marketing services you’re after! Choosing from the top digital marketing agencies Sydney has to offer requires careful consideration. If you’re interested in search engine optimisation, and the above points resonate with you, then Safari Digital may be able to help with your business’s organic growth.

At Safari Digital, we specialise in providing ROI driven search engine optimisation services. We don’t do paid marketing, and we don’t do social media. We only do SEO, and we do it really well. If you’re interested in exposing your business to organic search visibility, then we can help.

However, if you’re after a full digital marketing Sydney service, we may not be the right fit. Don’t hesitate to get in contact either way. If we work out that we cannot provide the services you need, we can put you in touch with the right people.

Marketing glossary

Digital Marketing Glossary

• A/B A/B Testing
• CPA Cost Per Acquisition
• CPC Cost Per Click
• CRM Customer Relationship Management
• CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation
• CTA Call to Action
• CTR Click Through Rate
• PPC Pay Per Click
• ROI Return on Investment
• SEM Search Engine Marketing
• SEO Search Engine Optimisation
• SERP Search Engine Results Page
• SMM Social Media Marketing
• UI User Interface
• UX User Experience

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