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The latest instalment of Google’s search for beginners series covers the top 5 things that webmasters should consider when optimising their website for search.

Created by Google Webmasters, the purpose of the series is to teach business and website owners online best practices and encourage the use of Google Search Tools. The clips are between 1 and 4 minutes long and provide simple yet practical tips that can be implemented by anyone with a website.

The 7th episode by Search for Beginners delivers an outline of the top 5 things every website should have. Before this episode, the animations have mostly included DIY tips and simplifying the complexities of Google Search. This latest clip, however, mentions engaging with an SEO expert as their final tip.

search for beginners tip from Google webmaster tools

This mention of hiring an SEO emphasizes the significance of SEO and how search engine optimization for one website is an entire job for one expert. It’s gratifying to see Google highlight the benefits of hiring an SEO professional.

Furthermore, it seems that this will be a topic of discussion in future videos created by Webmasters on the channel. The concluding statement of the video was “SEO’s are professionals who can help improve the visibility and ranking of your website. We’ll talk more about hiring an SEO in future episodes.” This acknowledgment by Google is a notable development for SEOs and Digital Marketers.

The video breaks down each tip in layman’s terms, to allow for an understanding of basic SEO. The first one being, “Does Google Know About Your Website?”

information about how Google indexes new content

The animation goes on to clarify that if your website does not show up with a site: check, it means that Google is unaware that it exists. If you discover that your site is yet to be recognized by Google, Google Search Console allows you to verify ownership and submit the sitemap. From here, Google will then crawl your website.

Webmasters have also advised for brick and mortar businesses with physical locations to submit and verify the store details in Google My Business. GMB listings will allow companies to manage their information for both Google and users to better read.

information about Google my business and how it impacts SEO

The second tip in the video discusses the value of providing high-quality content for relevant Google searches. Webmasters recommend website owners focus on producing content that emphasizes what makes their product unique, valuable, and engaging. See the webmaster guidelines for content best practices to understand how your site can provide consistently useful and authentic content.

Search for beginners recommends high quality content

Thirdly, Google Webmasters discuss the speed and accessibility of your website across different devices. In 2020, more searchers are beginning their search on mobile devices. Sites need to be easily and quickly accessible on all devices. Google has made it possible to test if your website is mobile-friendly.

website speed and accessibility tips from Google's search for beginners video

The fourth tip from Webmasters is to have your website secured with an https connection. Https connections keep your browsing safe by securing your browser or app to the websites you visit. Secure browsing protects and prevents others from being able to view any personal data.

Saving the choicest tip for last, the fifth recommendation for website and business owners is the consideration for hiring an SEO. The clip asks, “Are you looking for someone to work on this on your behalf? Hiring a Search Engine Optimiser or SEO might be an option.” Sure, it’s merely a small mention, but we’re looking forward to the covering of hiring SEO professionals in future episodes of Search for Beginners.

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