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Our Geelong SEO services help local companies and national brands to reach their target audience more efficiently to effectively reduce their reliance on paid marketing efforts.

  • Boost your rankings and grow your organic search presence
  • Build brand name awareness and boost topical authority
  • Attract relevant, qualified leads to your website

  • Reduce your reliance of paid marketing & create a lasting funnel
  • Outsmart and outperform your organic competitors

Award-Winning SEO Agency Geelong

Finding an SEO Agency in Geelong that you can trust is hard work. What’s more, finding the best SEO company Geelong has to offer can seem impossible. After all, every company is claiming to have the secret formula for ‘first page results’. In an industry that has been completely overrun by ‘Gurus’ and ‘Experts’ claiming to have the secret formula for SEO success, how do you find one that actually knows what they are on about?

Safari Digital is a little different. We don’t work with everyone, we don’t employ salesman, and you’ll never speak to a detached account manager. We don’t claim to be the best at Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, or Social Media Marketing. There’s more than enough Geelong companies who claim to do it all. We focus exclusively on providing the best SEO services in Geelong.

Our approach to search engine optimisation has been refined through years of experience. With every business that we work with, we continue to learn and grow. There are more than 200 individual factors that affect Google’s search ranking algorithm – and they are always changing. With so many factors at play, you should be working with a dedicated SEO company in Geelong that spends 100% of their time obsessing over search engine optimisation.

At the heart of what we do, we believe that without delivering an ROI, we’re not helping anyone. Our search engine optimisation strategy is about putting your business in front of your target market at the moment that they are ready to make an enquiry of purchase. If we don’t believe that we can add substantial value to your business – we won’t work with you. It’s just that simple.

What Makes Us Different?

At Safari Digital, we take the time to understand your target market, how your competitors operate, and craft a customised SEO strategy that will enable your website to outrank and outperform your competition.

In 2024, more than 98.9% of all search engine traffic is won by companies that appear on the first page of Google. The remaining 1.1% of traffic is spread out amongst companies that rank on pages 2, 3, and beyond in Google search. That means that if your site does not rank in the top 10 results, then your chances of being found for valuable, revenue-generating search terms is less than 1.1%. Ask yourself this – can your company really afford to miss out on free search engine traffic that is dominated by your competitors?

Our team of Geelong SEO consultants will audit your website, identify content gaps, link gaps, and technical SEO limitations that are holding you back from appearing at the top of Google. Once our team of SEO experts understand the deficiencies that exist on your website, we can then get to work creating content, building backlinks, and tightening up your technical SEO for a better user experience and higher search engine rankings. Find out why 56% of Aussie businesses rank SEO as the #1 marketing priority in their business with a free SEO consultation with an SEO professional today.

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Our Geelong SEO Strategy

We use proven SEO techniques to drive highly-motivated leads straight to your front door.

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Our Blueprint for SEO Geelong Success

Here’s something you need to know about SEO services. Good results start (and finish) with the first page of Google. As of 2024, 98% of users will not go past the first page of Google. Yes, you read that right. Nine in ten people will not even consider a business on the second page of Google.

If you are ranking of page two or three of Google, your chances of being found by your target audience are slim to none. It’s a scary statistic, but it’s one that you need to know when investing in SEO. If you’re going to invest in SEO for your Geelong business – you need to do it right. Getting to page 2 or 3 of Google is enough – you need to be in the top 3 page one results.

In 2024, users are more in tune with paid advertising results than ever before. According to the latest SEO data, search engine optimisation Geelong is around 5.66 times more effective than paid digital ads. According to the world’s top marketers, search engine optimisation is considered to be the most effective digital marketing channel. It is inherently unobtrusive, and it provides a solution to problems – what more could you want from your digital marketing.

Furthermore, Users are more trusting of organic search results in Google. You can’t buy your way to the top of Google; you can buy your way to the top of Google ads. There is a difference that users understand, and it is reflected in their trust.

There are a myriad of factors that will dictate your organic search appearance. Here are some of the most important search engine optimisation SEO factors that we focus on.

Customised SEO Reporting

Measuring the growth of your business and the effectiveness of our SEO Geelong services starts (end ends) with reporting. We will use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and a range of third party digital marketing tools to measure baseline organic traffic. As we progress with your SEO campaign, we will measure the effectiveness of our SEO Geelong services based on the growth that we see from this initial reporting period.

There are more than enough SEO companies sending off generic reports each month. We don’t do generic. All of our search engine optimisation reports are custom designed with your business and your KPIs in mind.

In general, here are some of the things that you can expect to see in your monthly SEO report from Safari Digital:

• Baseline traffic vs. more recent traffic
• Month over month traffic clicks and impressions
• Year over Year clicks and impressions
• Number of impressions you received
• Number of organic clicks your received
• Organic click through rate from Google
• Best performing keywords
• Best performing web pages
• Work completed during the most recent billing period

For us, it’s about creating a digital marketing SEO report that reflects the KPIs that matter most to you. Your customised report will show the numbers that matter most to your business and reflect your unique goals.

Google My Business Optimisation

One of the most fundamental aspects of SEO Geelong is verifying and optimising a Google My Business (GMB) listing. A free digital marketing tool provided by Google, GMB can go a long way in building trust and gaining local visibility.

When searching for your business, the first thing customers will come across online is your GMB listing. Setting up and managing your GMB profile is one of the foundational aspects of managing a local business. Online searchers will use the presented information to find your business’s location, important contact details, website URL and reviews from preceding customers.

More than half of all businesses are yet to claim and manage their free Google business listing. Organisations who have not claimed or optimised their free profile will miss one of the most primary components of interacting with local customers. As an SEO Geelong agency Geelong, our Google Business optimisation includes cleaning up all information, optimising categories and titles, and regularly updating the profile with new Google Posts and photos to ensure locals know the business is thriving.

On-Page SEO Strategy

Tampering with and tweaking the on-page elements of a website can significantly enhance organic search engine rankings. While we do not know the exact formula behind Google’s ranking algorithm, we understand that adjusting certain on-page features of a website can strengthen relevancy signals and create a better crawling experience for search engine bots.

Detailed and optimised landing pages will make your business a leader – not a follower. As an SEO company Geelong, our on-page SEO services include thorough competitor analysis, heavy keyword research, and implementation strategies to get your website noticed in search. On-page content optimisation will address title tags, metadata, keyword saturation, and ways to enhance user experience.

Mobile Usability for SEO

In a world where we are all glued to our phones, it should come as no surprise that mobile search is now the most common way for people to interact with Google and the internet. As such, not optimising your site and pages for mobile usability can significantly tarnish your business’s value online.

Google has made it very clear that users who cannot read or browse content effortlessly on their mobile phones will inevitably give up and abandon the site altogether. Furthermore, more than 59% of all users will not recommend a company with a badly designed mobile website. In 2024, optimising your site for mobile is one of the most critical aspects of being online.

The latest search studies reveal that over 30% of all mobile phone searches were made right before visiting a store to make the purchase. If people cannot easily access your website on their phones, they are less likely to purchase your business. Even if you run a brick and mortar physical storefront – mobile phones will play a pivotal role in how potential customers engage with you online.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a key aspect of any SEO campaign that can considerably affect how your website appears in the search engine result pages. Identifying, understanding and correcting all on-site technical concerns. The most common technical SEO problems that we come across include (but are not limited to):

• HTTPS status and SSL security layer
• Website speed and page load time
• Website crawlability
• Broken pages
• Sitemap
• Hosting suitability
• Broken backlinks
• Duplicate content issues (on-site + competitors)
• Robots.txt file settings
• Broken internal links
• Structured data (schema mark-up)

Just to name a few. These are just some of the main technical SEO issues that we rectify. In general, we have these outstanding technical concerns addressed within the first month of any SEO campaign. However, in exceptional circumstances, it can take a couple more months to rectify all technical SEO concerns on a website.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content production increases indexation rates by more than 434%. Google loves websites that are regularly updated with fresh content. To pass that appreciation back to website owners that consistently update content, Google will rank their content higher and index their pages in quick succession.

Almost 60% of SEO professionals rank content creation and content marketing as the most effective way to drive results in online marketing efforts.
Once you’ve created a healthy backlog of content, updating existing content with fresh images and strategic copywriting can boost organic traffic by 111.3%.

Internal Link Strategy

Links are one of the most foundational components of all SEO Geelong strategies. However, the value of internal links is generally under appreciated, and an internal linking strategy often goes overlooked in an SEO campaign.

Internal links can be a significant help for organic search visibility. Linking internally refers to links from one page on a website to another page on the same website. When executed well, internal links signal to search engines which page acts as a more superior and parent page. Internal links connect content and provide Google with an idea of the website structure for long term results.

Local SEO Geelong – Skyrocket Local Visibility

As a Geelong SEO Company, we specialise in helping small businesses build their local profile. As a service-based or product-based operation, there is an enormous opportunity for you to find your most lucrative customers, nearby. Almost half of all searches are related to location. This is an important SEO statistic that highlights local optimisation value for Google searches in the long term.

78% of location-specific searches on mobile result in an offline transaction or purchase. Instant gratification means that brick and mortar style companies are very much alive and well. Local search studies suggest that users making local searches on their mobile are even more likely to convert to paying customers than a desktop searcher – 90% of these purchases will occur in a physical store location. Getting your local SEO right can go a long way in getting your local market to notice and support your businesses SEO results.

Page Title Optimisation

The title of a page is one of the most relevant signals for search engines to rely on. Search engines use page titles to determine a page’s purpose and how it might relate to specific search queries.

Not only are page titles a search ranking factor, but title tags also change the way your site presents in the search engine results. Page title optimisation plays an essential role in getting searchers to click through to your website.

Link Building

Acquiring and securing meaningful backlinks is an essential part of any comprehensive SEO Geelong campaign. Links communicate to search engines that a website thinks another website is trustworthy, authoritative, and provides insightful and worthy information. External links coming from relevant and authoritative websites also provide increased brand awareness, referral traffic, and can directly enhance a website’s visibility.

In 2024, more than one-third of businesses are allocating more than $1,100 each month towards their website link building efforts. While in the past, backlink building centred on attaining high quantities of spammy links, today’s backlink building practices are much more advanced. In fact, backlink building has been ranked as the most complicated and unpredictable element of search engine optimisation today.

Our SEO Geelong services focus on building transparent, sustainable, and appropriate links that will remain safe and untouched through Google’s future algorithm shifts.

SEO Geelong for Lasting Results

Search engine optimisation is essentially implementing strategic practices that generate traffic to your website in the long term.

While increased rankings are great, our services focus on getting your website to rank in the right places, for the most relevant keywords.
Safari Digital will work with your business to dramatically enhance your organic search visibility.

Remember, you don’t need to rank #1 for every keyword in your niche; you just need to rank well the right ones. Our SEO services in Geelong are all about identifying what your customers are looking for when they search Google and ensuring your website shows up at the right time. We deliver straight forward SEO results that will grow your business.

Call us today on (02) 8006 9002 or head to the contact page to arrange your consultation with a Geelong SEO professional.

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