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Looking for a Cheap SEO package for your business? Read our cheap vs. affordable SEO guide before you take the plunge.

In theory, “cheap” and “affordable aren’t so different. In fact, as adjectives, they are often interchanged without much thought. However, when it comes to marketing a business or service, specifically an SEO company or package; the two describing words couldn’t be more different.

There is an enormous distinction between cheap and affordable SEO in Melbourne. It’s very important that small looking for SEO services understand why.

Affordable SEO services are search engine optimisation services that are offered at a reasonable price, with a reasonable assurance of quality. Affordable SEO services deliver competitive pricing and tangible results that will improve the organic visibility and traffic that your business receives.

On the other hand, ‘Cheap SEO’ refers to services in which the overall quality is compromised to make up for the low cost. For the purpose of this article, every time we mention the word “cheap”, think of those cold emails that your business has received offering to deliver SEO services for a few hundred bucks a month.

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“Cheap” Melbourne SEO – What is it?

Firstly, let’s begin by breaking down what a cheap Melbourne SEO company actually is.

Cheap SEO refers to a package created by a company or consultant that offer SEO services for well below the average price.

To put a number on “cheap”, companies that offer ‘flat rate SEO services’ based on the number of keywords tracked are likely to be operating on a churn and burn business model.

Not every SEO company is created equal. The only reason these companies can afford to offer their services at this price is because they are skipping important aspects that are required for a successful SEO campaign. Don’t forget, SEO takes time and money to see results. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight – SEO takes time and patience.

As with most products and services, the adjectives ‘cheap’ and ‘high-quality’ rarely go together. Cheap SEO opens the door to allow for spammy and untrustworthy SEO agencies that can cause harm to your business, your reputation, search engine visibility and your overall online presence.

The reality is, while SEO prices in Melbourne can be hugely inconsistent, it’s important to understand what you’re signing up for.

SEO companies that offer low cost SEO services are usually operating on a ‘churn and burn’ business model. That means they are relying on a high-volume of low-cost accounts that are given little (or no) attention each month. Because each account is worth only a few hundred dollars, they spend a lot of time onboarding new businesses, but very little time maintaining them and delivering on their promises.

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Here’s what you can expect from the average cheap SEO provider:

1. Poor Quality

Companies offering cheap search engine optimisation obviously don’t put any value on their work, hence it being offered at such a low price. The problem with cheap SEO is that it means a compromise on the quality and quantity of work being done; resulting in a poor-quality SEO campaign.

This can be because of a few things. Either they have no idea what they’re doing, they don’t care to put any effort into your campaign, their inexperienced, or they’re very, very bad at their job. Cheap search engine optimisation services are never high-quality SEO services. With such a low price point, there is no room for high-quality work.

2. Short-sighted SEO Tactics

Cheap services are directly linked to the use of black hat techniques. In case you’re unaware, black hat SEO relies on tactics that are deceitful, manipulative, and go directly against Google’s guidelines.

Legitimate SEO Success will take months of strategic work. Black hat SEO will get you short-term traffic overnight from robots. Not only are black hat methods unethical, but they will almost certainly get you into a lot of trouble with Google.

3. Consequences: Google Penalties

While the initial price of cheap Melbourne SEO is low, the consequences of using Cheap SEO can end up costing your business thousands.

Once Google catches wind of the use of your black hat SEO, they will respond by giving your website a penalty. Google penalties are easy to obtain, and difficult to mitigate.

Getting your website and company reputation back on track after a Google penalty can sometimes take years and will often be very expensive. The best way to avoid a penalty is to steer clear of companies using black hat practices.

4. One-Size-Fits-All SEO Campaign

Cheap companies do not have the necessary resources, time, and money to personalise an SEO campaign for a business. In order for to properly increase visibility, build meaningful backlinks, and execute perfect content marketing, an SEO campaign needs to be customised to fit the requirements of the industry and business.

Cheap SEO will not allow for a personalised and tailored SEO campaign. Low quality services have no regard for the business, its goals, and what it may individually require in order to see results.

5. Broken Promises

Have you ever come across one of those SEO companies that offer “guaranteed number 1 rankings for just $99”? If you haven’t, you’re likely to be targeted with a cold email next.

Cheap SEO companies will make promises they can’t keep. There is no shortage of low-cost SEO companies that claim to be the best, the most elite, and know all the big SEO secrets.

A legitimate Melbourne SEO company will not guarantee you a top 3 ranking position or a 400% increase in traffic – that would just be irresponsible. If you come across an SEO package making grand promises that seems too good to be true, that’s exactly what it is.

6. Short Term Results

The reason there are still an abundance of cheap marketing companies is because often their services will work… For about 3 days, before the rankings go plummeting. Results from cheap services are always short lived.

This is because there is nothing sustainable about their campaigns whatsoever. They are all playing the same game – one that is very short term. Their methods focus on creating a fast result, regardless of whether it is real or will last.

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The bottom line is, for SEO to actually work, there needs to be time, money, experience, and resources. None of these mentioned needs can be met under such a small price bracket, that’s a fact.

It is possible however, for Melbourne SEO to be affordable. The difference? A legitimate business offering SEO services at a reasonable price for small businesses.

What is “Affordable” Melbourne SEO?

Affordable, on the other hand, implies that there are low costs involved, with a measure of quality retained. SEO services that are affordable will cost more than cheap search engine optimisation Melbourne services, but still hold competitive Melbourne prices.

It is very possible to find SEO services in Melbourne that maintain quality and won’t break the bank.

Working with an affordable SEO company, you can expect:

1. Strategic SEO Work

Affordable SEO does not mean a compromise on quality. It means a high standard of quality, at a reasonable cost. These are legitimate companies that are working to provide exceptional SEO services for small businesses with limited budgets.

This standard of quality will mean a steady incline in visibility, meaningful backlinks, increased organic search traffic, and great content creation. Working with a trustworthy agency all means being able to communicate these standards effectively.

2. White Hat SEO

Affordable SEO companies in Melbourne that are trustworthy will not go anywhere near black hat SEO tactics. This means benefiting from white hat SEO strategies that will create a healthy relationship with Google’s algorithm.

what is white hat SEO?

3. Campaign customisation

It is crucial for an SEO campaign to be tailored to the business for it to be successful. An affordable and reputable Melbourne SEO company will take the time to personalise and tailor an SEO campaign around the needs and requirements of each business.

Cookie cutter approaches to SEO deliver predictably poor results. Each campaign is unique and each client is different.

4. Reasonable Goals

Affordable SEO will allow for the company to be level-headed with you, effectively communicate what is realistic and let you know what is unreasonable with your budget.

A Melbourne company offering affordable SEO will not make ridiculous promises and guarantee Google rankings. They will, however, set realistic goals for your business that they can achieve with strategic optimisation.

5. Long-Term Strategies

Cheap SEO may offer you short-term SEO rankings, however, they will not last. Affordable and legitimate SEO will take a little bit longer, but the results will be long-term and will continue to last.

Good SEO will provide your website with long-term methods that will continue to help increase traffic, visibility and search rankings, long after the campaign has concluded.

The difference between cheap and affordable SEO will be the sustainability of the results. While cheap SEO can provide quick and fast traffic, it is short lived. Affordable SEO means relying on high quality SEO solutions that are long-term driven and will continue to keep on giving.

6. Analytical Tools

Working with a reputable and affordable SEO company will give you access to data that will help track the success of your SEO campaign.

Cheap SEO companies do not have the time or resources to be able to work with tools to analyse an SEO campaign. Engaging with a real SEO company will mean having access to analytics and data measurements that you can measure the progress of the campaign with.

7. High Return on Investment (ROI)

A huge difference between cheap SEO and affordable SEO will be what you get from the investment.

Cheap SEO offers little or no return on investment, as the quality of work is always dismal, short-term, and it uses tactics that go against Google’s guidelines.

Affordable SEO opens up the door to good SEO methods, at a reasonable price. This allows for a standard of work to be measured, without compromising quality. The long-term work being put into good SEO will see that overtime; ROI will completely overtake initial investment.

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Final Thoughts

Like we said, it is entirely possible for a small business to be able to afford SEO services. All it takes is an increased understanding into the different price packages offered by SEO companies.

There is no shortage of spammy SEO companies looking to make a quick buck (just check your email spam folder to see a few). The best way to decipher the cheap from the affordable is becoming aware and thoroughly analysing all prospective agencies.

Before putting your business in the hands of someone untrustworthy, consider the value of your website and what you want to achieve with SEO. If you genuinely can’t afford the costs of marketing services, no SEO is better than cheap SEO.

The main question you need to ask yourself is, how much are you willing to invest in your business?

Because ultimately, that’s what SEO is: an investment. Ready to talk about your SEO project? Get in touch on our contact page to talk about your project.