How Much Does SEO Cost?

If you’ve come to this page looking for an SEO price list, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news for you – it’s not here. Not because our prices are scary or because we want to drain your marketing budget, but because each client that we deal with is completely unique.

The amount of work that is going to be required to deliver a solid ROI for your business is based on a multitude of factors. Your current position, goals, website history, previous SEO work, and a host of other factors must all be considered to give an accurate SEO quote for your business.

Offering an SEO price list is a lot like a builder offering to build a home based on how many bedrooms you want. There’s so much more that goes into building your SEO strategy than the size of your website or number of keywords you want to target. We need to assess where you are and what is required to get you to where you want to be.

We’re an ROI driven SEO team. That means for every $ that you invest in SEO for your business, you will get a real, tangible return on your investment. If we don’t believe that we can get a positive ROI for your business, then we won’t work with you – simple as that.

On-site SEO ranking factors explained

We’re Not a $499 P/M SEO Rogue

There’s plenty of so called “SEO Specialists” who will talk big game for a minimal monthly investment – we’re not one of them. It’s unrealistic to expect big results without some level of financial commitment.

On the other end of that spectrum, there’s “full service “digital marketing agencies that have a minimum monthly retainer of $5,000+ who will outsource your entire account. They’ll purchase a few links and run some reports for you, and you’ll be just another number on the books. That’s not our style.

We’re a small, but powerful team of SEO professionals. We only work with clients who we believe we can help achieve a positive ROI. We’re realistic about the financial commitment, and we won’t underquote and then bump up the price once we’ve got a commitment from you.

Working with Safari Digital means that you’ll have a professional, committed SEO professional who walks beside you every step of the way. You’ll work directly with an SEO professional, not an account manager, to achieve results that deliver a positive ROI for months and years down the line.

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We Deliver Lasting Results

Cheap SEO looks appealing on paper. We get it, someone is offering immeasurable results for less than $1,000 a month – what could go wrong?

Agencies, freelancers, or individuals offering cheap SEO services operate on volume of sales, not the success of your business. Because you’re paying them so little, they need to be managing a lot of accounts (usually 100’s) just to keep the lights on. That means that the churn and burn rate is huge, and your account is treated more like an invoice than a business.

Some of the risks of working with a ‘cheap SEO’ provider include:

  • They use short term strategies that cause long-term damage

  • They outsource the majority of work for a fraction of the cost

  • They use Black hat strategies that can lead to a Google penalty

  • They do nothing. Literally nothing – it’s far more common that you would think

off-site SEO ranking factors explained

To be clear, just because you’re spending $5,000+ a month on SEO doesn’t mean you’re not exposed to the same risks as cheap SEO. Your SEO provider should be transparent, upfront, and be able to articulate the process to you with realistic timelines.

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SEO Prices By City

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