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Specialised eCommerce SEO Services that improve organic visibility and drive valuable traffic for small to enterprise level e-comm businesses in Australia.

Whether you’re looking to dominate your niche or push into new markets, our customised SEO for eCommerce sites provides a scalable, long-term solution for lasting organic growth.

  • Customised e-commerce SEO strategy
  • Drive sales, not just traffic.
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Whether you’re a bricks and mortar retailer transitioning to online sales, or you’re an established online eCommerce store, you’ll know that building your organic search presence is hard work. Without the right strategy and guidance, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Australia’s eCommerce market continues to surge. In 2024, online shopping is expected to surpass 20% of all retail spending for the first time. And with e-commerce SEO spending climbing at close to double digits each year, now is the time to cement your place in the market.

Safari Digital is an experienced e-commerce SEO agency. We work with small, medium, and enterprise level online businesses to generate strategic search engine optimisation solutions that drive revenue – not just organic traffic. With the right strategy, we help e-comm businesses of all shapes and sizes to dominate their niche and push into new markets with cost-effective and scalable solutions that drive long-term growth.

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce search engine optimisation (SEO) is about maximising your organic search presence to ensure your target audience can find you online. SEO isn’t just about more clicks or online impressions, e-comm SEO is part of a holistic digital marketing strategy that enhances the user experience and ensures their online shopping experience is as seamless as possible.

For businesses that sell products online, eCommerce search engine optimisation is an effective way to build brand trust and drive relevant visitors to those valuable product and category/collection pages on your website.

In practice, SEO for eCommerce websites is about understanding the way your target market uses search engines to shop your products. Armed with this intel, search engine optimisation professionals can develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that meets SEO best practices and ensures your products appear in front of your target market online.

what is ecommerce SEO?

Our eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce search engine optimisation services to suit the most popular e-Comm platforms.

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Magento SEO

Magento (now Adobe Commerce) is a powerful, scalable ecommerce CMS for businesses that require large-scale solutions. Our ecommerce SEO experts understand the complexities of the Magento platform, the common SEO mistakes, and how to effectively guide best practices with your internal development team to drive online growth.

Shopify SEO logo

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO specialists that empower small to large businesses on the Shopify platform to reach more people, more efficiently with customised search engine optimisation strategies. Implement product page best practices and elevate your collections for valuable, relevant search terms that build brand awareness and drive high-value transactions.

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WooCommerce SEO

Our SEO experts can help you cut through the noise and reach your target audience more efficiently with WooCommerce SEO services. Whether you’re expanding your existing WordPress website with an eCommerce extension, or you’re establishing an ecommerce store from scratch, WooCommerce is a powerful, proven CMS for ecommerce.

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BigCommerce SEO

SEO solutions for BigCommerce websites that are serious about online growth. Our e-comm SEO specialists provide expert strategies that maximise your online visibility, improve targeting, and generate more online revenue. Navigate the nuances of the BigCommerce
Platform and implement on-site and technical SEO best practices.

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Advanced e-Commerce SEO solutions for businesses on the Wix eCommerce platform. Prioritise the SEO tasks that move the needle and address any technical shortcomings holding you back. Keyword research, category page optimisation, product optimisation, and technical guidance that improves search engine rankings and drives online sales.

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Squarespace SEO

Simple, actionable ecommerce SEO strategies for Squarespace websites looking to sell products, services, or drive online bookings. Our SEO consultants make it easier to reach your customers online by identifying search behaviour, target keywords, and creating ecommerce templates that make it easier to convert organic traffic.

how is ecommerce SEO different to normal seo

How are eCommerce SEO services different to regular SEO?

Traditional SEO services and eCommerce SEO services are two sides of the same coin.

While the KPIs and desired outcomes are different, the route that we take to get there is largely transferrable. In traditional SEO, the goal is to build brand awareness and drive visitors towards a desired outcome. Whether that’s making a phone call, booking a service online, or entering into a funnel – the goal is to progress towards a transaction.

With eCommerce SEO, the KPIs are slightly different. In most cases, the goal is to drive a sale through the online store. Of course, some businesses will measure success in new subscribers or in other ways, but by and large, the goal is to drive online sales.

We work with our e-comm clients to understand the products and ranges that they want to push. From there, we create strategies that put the business in front of the right customers.

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Ecommerce SEO Case Study


Safari Digital partnered with Korean Beauty specialists BONIIK to increase monthly organic traffic from 9,000 monthly visitors to 45,000+ monthly visitors over the course of two years. Leveraging a strong product range and growing market opportunity, our SEO campaign aimed to bring awareness to the K-Beauty segment in Australia.

  • 358% Increase in organic traffic

  • 501% Increase in SERP visibility
  • 1051% Increase in Page #1 keywords

Understanding Search Intent for eCommerce SEO

Understanding and optimising keywords in-line with search intent is essential for generating sales, not just website traffic. Search intent is the reason that someone opens up Google (or other search engines) and conducts a search.

By understanding the psychology behind different search queries, online retailers can successfully market their products to buy-ready customers. Organic search keywords can be categorised into one of four different categories.

Our eCommerce SEO Strategy

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