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We’re here to change the way you think about SEO Services in Brisbane.

Finding a digital marketing agency in Brisbane that you can trust is not easy. A quick Google search will reveal there are literally hundreds of Brisbane SEO companies vying for your business. In an industry overrun by ‘quick-win’ SEO experts and ‘growth hackers’, how do you find an SEO consultant that you can trust?

At Safari SEO Company Brisbane, we are a little different to other SEO companies. For starters, we don’t dabble in every aspect of digital marketing. We won’t touch Web Design, Google Ads, or anything outside of SEO. There are enough full-service digital agencies who try to do a little bit of everything. We are proud to be different. We focus exclusively on delivering the best SEO services Brisbane has to offer.

The way we approach search engine optimisation has evolved over the years. With website that we work on, we learn, grow, and refine our SEO techniques. As of 2021, more than 200 factors are influencing Google’s search ranking algorithm. With so many factors at play, it makes sense to work with a dedicated SEO Brisbane company. One that lives and breathes search engine optimisation.

Everything that we do is geared towards growing your business and your bottom line. We are an ROI driven SEO Agency Brisbane. Our digital strategy is centred around, finding out how your target market researches your product or service offering. Once we know, we can put your business in front of them at the right moment.

Why Choose Safari for SEO Brisbane?

Safari Digital is a data-driven SEO company that leverages performance data, competitor research, and years of experience to create Brisbane SEO strategies that facilitate growth. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know how to generate meaningful website traffic.

We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate Brisbane search engine optimisation experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, impossible traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We deal in facts, figures, and delivering a return on your investment. We are motivated by helping companies to reach new heights.

Working with Safari Digital SEO Brisbane means that you will get all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the pitfalls and responsibility of a dedicated in-house team. We can work independently or collaboratively with your team and your business to set goals and implement organic digital marketing initiatives. Each step of your SEO campaign is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your website.

Liam Ridings - Safari Digital SEO Director

Time-Tested SEO Methodology

Proven SEO strategies that drive highly-motivated leads straight to your front door.

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Our Winning Strategy for SEO Brisbane

Search engine optimisation services are the most powerful way to improve your Brisbane business at scale. As the leading SEO company Brisbane, we help businesses just like yours to reach potential customers and acquire lucrative leads that drive your business forward.

If you arrived on this webpage, you are experiencing the power of search engine optimisation first-hand. Ranking for the search term “SEO Brisbane” is one of the most challenging keywords in Australia. Think about it; all of our competitors are SEO professionals and competing agencies who are all vying for your business. If we can rank Safari Digital at the top of the search results in the most competitive industry in the country, just imagine what we can do for your business. A lot of SEO agencies talk the talk, but if they can’t rank their own digital marketing website, it’s hard to believe they can do it for their clients.

If you want to better your competitors, it makes sense to work with the best SEO Brisbane agency who understand the ranking factors behind your current search position. We most trusted SEO company Brisbane has to offer, working exclusively with businesses who want to improve their organic visibility. We have worked with businesses across a wide range of niches, and we know the formula for more organic traffic and long term, sustainable white hat SEO results.

We spend all of our time monitoring changes to search engines, keeping up with the latest algorithm changes, and staying on top of the SERPs. Unlike other digital marketing agencies who offer a whole medley of services, we focus solely on search engine optimisation.

Depending on your industry, there are hundreds (or thousands) of businesses all competing for the number one spot on search engines. If you’ve noticed a competitor who is regularly appearing on page 1 for the same search terms that you want to be ranking for, they have likely worked with a digital marketing agency at some point in the life of their website. That means that they have implemented SEO strategies that have helped them get to the top of Google. If you want to catch and exceed them, you need to work with a team of SEO experts who understands why that business is ahead of you and why you need SEO to bridge the gap.

Google is continually scanning pages and updating rankings to serve content that best addresses the need for its users. If you can prove that your website shows more relevant information that follows the principles of search engine optimisation SEO — then you can outrank them.

If you’ve been looking for a way to grow your online visibility, working with a specialised Brisbane SEO marketing agency like Safari Digital is a step in the right direction. Every dollar that you spend on SEO is developing your business for the future. Unlike Pay Per Click advertising strategies through Google AdWords or social media channels, the advantages that you gain from working with an experienced SEO specialist will proceed to help your company for years after you’ve paid your last invoice.

Think about all the times that you have been scrolling through a website only to be interrupted by an annoying banner ad or pop up. Rather than reaching out to clients at a time when they’re not seeking for your product or service, SEO reaches customers at the exact moment that they are looking to learn more about your product or service. As a result, the conversion rate from major search engine traffic is higher and thus significantly more lucrative than traffic that comes from traditional outreach marketing.

At Safari Digital, we concentrate on executing white hat SEO strategies that will increase your search visibility for years to come. Our aim is to build a long term, sustainable and scalable model that will continue to serve your business for years after you have paid your final bill.

Brisbane is an incredibly competitive market, to get to the top of the search results, we first need to evaluate your opposition. We are the most upfront SEO Agency Brisbane has to offer; we don’t focus on taking you to the top of Google for random keywords so that will look good in a report that we send through. We want to get your business to page one for keywords that are going to grow your business further. The success of our Brisbane SEO campaigns is measured by how much we can grow your business.

SEO Services Brisbane – What Is Involved?

The most important thing to understand about SEO in Brisbane is that it is dynamic. Nothing is ever where you left it, and you need to continuously tweak and enhance your website to stay ahead of the opposition. SEO is continually changing, as a dedicated team of SEO experts; it’s our job to understand where the Google algorithm is going and execute changes for your website that are going to improve your organic search visibility.

The latest SEO statistics reveal that on-page keyword usage is still the most critical onsite ranking factor when determining where a website will appear in the search results. That means if you want to rank at the top of Google, it’s essential to conduct thorough keyword research and implement the findings across relevant learning pages. It’s critical to understand keyword intent, keyword difficulty, keyword trends, and to do competitor keyword analysis to know what the most profitable keywords are going to be for your business.

How We Improve Your Organic Visibility

When you choose to work with Safari Digital for your online marketing campaign, we will help you to attract high-converting, relevant, and lucrative visitors who are genuinely interested in your services or products. We do the heavy lifting to find out exactly what your customers are searching for and put your website in front of them at the right moment.

Our SEO campaigns are tailored towards ensuring your future success long after you have finished working with us. We will create a plan for your progress and plan an onsite structure that you can continue to develop and scale as your business expands. We are completely transparent with what we do; we want to give you the tools to succeed and enable you to take control of your organic visibility.

On-Page SEO Strategy

On page SEO involves optimising the onsite elements of your website to improve organic search visibility. In the simplest terms, onsite SEO is a process whereby we will fine-tune all of the on-page factors that affect the way that search engines crawl and interpret content and information on the page. It’s our job to produce content that search bots can crawl and easily understand. In addition to creating content that search bots can easily crawl, we also want to produce content that engages users.

On-page SEO is the first step in every SEO campaign that we undertake. Before we begin to look at the off page SEO work required to improve your organic visibility, we start by creating a foundation for your website by getting all of the on-page and technical SEO elements correct.

Ongoing Content Creation

The quantity and quality of content on your website plays a significant role in the way that your site ranks in the major search engine results pages. A recent study revealed that the average length of content for pages that appear on the first page of Google is 1890 words. If you are a website with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of landing pages, the prospect of creating that many words per page to show up on page 1 of Google is nothing short of scary. As Brisbane SEO experts, it’s our job to get the most out of your content. We will work with you to create a transferable template with SEO techniques that can be applied across multiple pages without being penalised for duplicate or similar content. Content selection is driven by keyword research. We will create a sustainable SEO work structure that you can follow if you choose to scale up your business in the long term.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the technical aspects of your website that affect the way that it appears (and ranks) in Google and other search engines. Making your website fast, accessible, easy to render, and crawlable for Google search bots are the three pillars of effective SEO. In the first month fo your SEO campaign, we’ll look at the technical SEO factors that matter to your website and implement the necessary fixes and improvements.

Some of the technical SEO aspects that we will address when conducting a technical SEO audit of your website include:

  • Website Speed
  • Crawlability
  • Broken Pages (3XX/4XX status codes)
  • Robots.txt File
  • Sitemap
  • Dead Backlinks
  • Duplicate content (onsite and offsite)
  • Keyword cannibalisation
  • SSL certificate and website security
  • Structured data

… Just to name a few! Technical SEO is an all-inclusive process that includes any technical aspects that can inhibit (or enhance) the ranking potential of your website.

Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most crucial relevancy signals for search engines. Page titles must communicate the purpose and content of your webpages. Your page titles need to convey an accurate representation of what is on your webpage using your most important keywords. In addition to being one of the most important onsite ranking factors, page titles also play a significant role in the way that your website appears in the search results which can have a significant influence on how many users click through to your site.

Meta Descriptions & Meta Data

Meta descriptions DO NOT directly impact your search rankings. Despite what many people think, Google announced confirmed back in 2009 that they do not include meta descriptions as a ranking factor. With that in mind, meta descriptions still play an essential role in carrying users from Google onto your website. Just because meta descriptions do not immediately affect where your website appears in the search engines results pages does not mean that they don’t have a meaningful influence on how many users click through to your site.

We’ve worked with multiple small to medium businesses in the past who have seen a notable improvement in their click-through rate just by adjusting their meta descriptions.

Local SEO Strategy

When it comes to delivering an effective Brisbane SEO campaign and SEO strategy, you do not need to be on the first page of Google (or other major search engines for that matter) for every keyword in your niche. Our SEO specialists prioritise optimising your website for the keywords that are going to drive your bottom line. Your unique SEO marketing campaign is designed to help your website rank higher for the keywords that will increase your search engine traffic and drive your local online presence.

Our Brisbane SEO Experts love doing Local SEO for one really good reason – it has the potential completely transform local Brisbane businesses. By conducting thorough keyword research to understand what your potential customers in local Brisbane are searching for, our SEO team can devise a local search engine optimisation SEO marketing strategy that increases relevant search engine traffic and puts your business on the first page of Google for highly competitive local search terms.

Internal Linking for Improved SEO Visibility

If you’ve worked with an SEO company or SEO consultant in the past or you have some experience working with search engine optimisation, then you know that backlinks play an essential role in the way that your website appears in Google. But did you know that you can use internal links (links between different pages on your site) to create a hierarchy for your content that search engines can use to show your most relevant content.

We will create an internal link structure for your website that will make sure search engine robots know what the essential content on your website is. Internal linking is an underutilised but highly efficient way to increase your search visibility, index rate, and overall online presence.

Off-Site Optimisation

Off-site SEO strategies apply to everything that occurs off your site that can influence your Google search engines visibility. Google uses more than 200 different ranking factors when deciding where websites will appear in search and SEO results, optimising your website for off-site search involves creating an online presence for your website that will improve its trustworthiness, relevance, and popularity. Off-site optimisation is a critical aspect of a successful SEO campaign. Over time, we will optimise the off-site aspects of your SEO strategy that impact the way that Google ranks and prioritises the content on your website.

Google My Business (GMB)

Claiming and optimising your Google My Business listing plays a vital role in improving your online presence in the local search results. Google My Business (GMB) takes over from where successful crowdsource review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp left off. Optimising your GMB listing is a crucial aspect in controlling your local visibility. GMB is the most potent citation that your business can receive and is an effective way to grow your business locally with free organic traffic. For business owners, it is free to register and manage your GMB listing. Irrespective of whether or not you choose to engage Brisbane SEO services, we would highly recommend that you take advantage of your free Google listing.

Link Building

Backlinks are crucial for your online visibility. The most recent data suggests that backlinks account for around fifty per cent of where your website appears on Google. We will help your website attain relevant, high quality links that dramatically improve your organic visibility and site authority. Link building must be white hat SEO, permanent, and should continue to form the backbone of your organic visibility for years to come. We focus on high-quality links that build trust with Google – not ones that try to manipulate the search engines for short term gain.

Years of experience as a Brisbane SEO agency tells us this; Yes, your website must contain high quality content that is relevant to your target audience. But to get the best results, your website content is not enough on its own. Quality links are the element that will push your SEO content to the next level. Your domain name strength relies on the number of links that search engines see going to your website. To get results, your quality content needs to be supported by quality links.

Sustainable Digital Marketing Solutions

For every SEO Brisbane campaign that we undertake, our core mission remains consistent — to significantly enhance your visibility and skyrocket the quantity and quality of leads that your business really need to be successful.

Want to get real results for your business? We highly recommend that you get started as soon as possible. Search engine optimisation is a complicated, but repeatable process. Each website and each client that we deal with is unique; however, the underlying principles remain the same for SEO results. It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a service or product-based industry. If you’re looking for a way to improve your local or national search visibility, then Safari Digital is here to deliver lasting, real results. We are a small, knowledgeable team of SEO experts committed to helping business owners grow.

Call us today on (02) 8006 9002 or head to the contact page to arrange your consultation. Once we have conducted an audit of your website, we can then put together a plan to drive more organic traffic to your website.

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