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Partner with Brisbane’s leading SEO Agency and leverage what we’ve learned through 240+ successful SEO campaigns across Queensland and Australia.

In an industry that is overrun by “gurus” and “experts”, how do you find an SEO company Brisbane can actually rely on? At Safari Digital, we are committed to providing a no-nonsense approach to SEO in Brisbane. Over the last five years, we have continued to refine our approach and evolve our SEO services offering to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the 8-ball. To deliver the best SEO Brisbane has to offer, we need to continually refine our approach in-line with Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

We know that search engine optimisation services are an effective and proven way to increase your online reach – but that doesn’t mean that we’ll work with everyone. Our SEO consultants will provide a free, no-fuss consultation where you’ll get a 30,000 foot view of your niche, your competitors, and what they are doing right. From there, we’ll outline a customised strategy that considers your unique challenges and how we can work together to achieve your goals. If you’re the right fit for our services, we’ll work with you. If we believe that your digital marketing budget is better invested in other channels – we’ll be the first to let you know. No hard sales, no pushy follow-up calls.

Leading SEO Services

The Value of Search Engine Optimisation

Value Proposition

  • Higher organic search rankings
  • Unlimited traffic potential
  • Build brand presence & trust
  • Grow topical authority & leadership
  • Reduce paid marketing spend
  • Build a sustainable sales funnel
  • Outrank competitors & take their traffic

The Process

  • Initial website audit & insights
  • Marketing analysis overview
  • Implement technical improvements
  • Implement on-site SEO strategy
  • Begin off-site SEO efforts (backlinks)
  • Ongoing reporting & KPI tracking
  • Refine strategy based on data & insights

Value of Outsourcing

  • Consult directly with industry experts
  • Industry experience across multiple niches
  • Defer questions to experts

  • Avoid common, costly mistakes

  • Fast track your results with proven strategy
  • Flexible solutions as you grow
  • Work on your business – not in it

What’s Included

  • Customised strategy

  • 360-degree market insights

  • On-page SEO solution
  • Off-page SEO (backlinks)
  • Content writing from humans – not bots
  • Conversion tracking & insights
  • Integration with other digital marketing

Why Choose Safari Digital SEO Agency?

  • You work directly with an SEO consultants – not a middleman or account manager

  • We work closely with your business to understand your goals and where we can provide the most value.

  • We take the time to learn your pain points and exploit weaknesses in your competitor’s approach that we can use to skyrocket your growth.

  • We are a dedicated search engine optimisation agency which means we have the time to study and understand the 200+ ranking factors used by Google.

  • We never work with two Brisbane businesses in the same niche at the same time – so we’ll never share your secrets with competitors.

  • We are constantly improving and evolving our strategies in-line with the latest updates from Google.

  • We prioritise conversions and return on investment in each of our Brisbane SEO campaigns.

Safari Digital team working

Industry Recognition

Thought-Leading SEO Specialists

Safari Digital is a boutique SEO agency that has been wrapped up in the success of our clients over the last five years. In that time, we’ve helped more than 250 businesses across Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to achieve an average organic traffic growth of 189% over the course of the average 12-month campaign.

To be the best SEO consultants, we knew that focussing on industry-leading research and SEO through hands-on experience was the key to helping our clients to grow. As a result, we didn’t spend all of our time entering meaningless awards. Instead, we spent our time refining our craft to ensure we were delivering the best SEO services for our clients, not filling our trophy case with vanity statues.

To find out how influential our SEO work has been, here is a small handful of the global companies that have featured our research and cited our work along the way. We didn’t pay them, so we’ll let their endorsements of our credibility, and the 100,000+ page 1 rankings that we have achieved for 250+ businesses do the talking.

Types of SEO Services Offered in Brisbane

Our SEO services are tailored towards the unique needs of each client. Here is an example of some of our most popular SEO services in Brisbane.


Service Area

for local, area-focussed business types

Increase local reach & visibility

The Solution

Local strategy for local search

Target multiple locations

Harness the power of local SEO

Improve Google Map rankings

Become your local search leader

Small Business

Small to Medium

for growing small to medium sized companies

Increase trust & search visibility

The Solution

Leverage, free SEO traffic

Build brand trust & recognition

Reduce PPC dependency

Understand your competitors

Leverage KW research & trends

Enterprise & International


for enterprise & international level-companies

Solutions for complex problems

The Solution

Technical SEO assistance

Tailored SEO strategies

Support for complex CMS issues

Leverage proven growth strategies

Scalable with your business

White Label


for growing agencies & consultants

Defer your SEO needs to the experts

The Solution

Outsource your SEO to experts

Improve customer retention

Maintain strong relationships

Leverage our tools & knowledge

Grow your services overnight

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On Site SEO

On page SEO involves optimising the onsite elements of your website to improve organic search visibility. In the simplest terms, on page SEO is a process whereby we will fine-tune all of the on-page factors that affect the way that search bots crawl and interpret content and information on the page. It’s our job to produce content that search bots can crawl and easily understand. In addition to creating content that search bots can easily crawl, we also want to produce content that meets important user experience metrics.

On-page is the first step in every SEO Brisbane campaign that we undertake. Before we begin to look at the off page work required to improve your organic visibility, we start by creating a foundation for your website by getting all of the on-page and technical elements correct.

on site SEO ranking factors image

Keyword planning and keyword usage goes beyond using Semrush, Ahrefs, or any other third-party tool to find the most searched for keywords in your industry. Instead, it requires a considered approach to ensure that we are targeting keywords that align with the right intent (transactional) and do not overlap with other pages on your website and cause keyword cannibalisation.

At the beginning of each campaign, our team of SEO consultants will carefully map out all of your prospective keywords and sort them into keyword groups to ensure that we know exactly where we plan to target them on your website. This approach means that we are not repeating keyword usage, and that we have a targeted approach that can then be complemented by our off-site efforts. We are meticulous in planning which keywords to select and have at-length consultation with our clients so that we can best understand how your target audience things, and what we can do to put you in front of them at the various stages of their journey.

The quantity and quality of content creation on your website plays a significant role in ranking your site higher in search engine results. A recent study revealed that the average length of content for pages that appear on the first page of Google is 1890 words. If you are a website with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of landing pages, the prospect of creating that many words per page to show up on page 1 of Google is nothing short of scary.

Our SEO Brisbane consultants will use keyword research to identify transactional, navigational, and informational search terms that we can target across various pages on your site. The secondary advantage to building high-quality content is that you will naturally earn backlinks which will, in turn, increase your overall domain authority and make it easier to rank content in the future.

One of the most overlooked elements of a successful campaign is creating relevant web pages and content. Generating website clicks is one thing, but generating website clicks that drive conversions and revenue for your business is another thing altogether. At Safari Digital, we focus on building relevant, on-brand content that will increase your organic search visibility for the right keywords.

Content should be relevant, purposeful, and easy to read so that users understand how each web page fits into your brand identity. Google uses authority, relevancy, and trust to assess website quality and ensure that the best websites appear at the top of the search results. As SEO specialists, it is our job to create relevant content that generates relevant website clicks and increases the quantity and (most importantly) the quality of leads that you generate through organic search.

Title tags or Page titles are one of the most crucial relevancy signals for SEO Brisbane. Page titles must communicate the purpose and content of your webpages. Your page titles need to convey an accurate representation of what is on your webpage using your most important keywords. In addition to being one of the most important onsite ranking factors, page titles also play a significant role in how your website appears in the search results, which can significantly influence how many users click through to your site.

Meta data plays an important role in the way that search engines understand the content on your website. We optimise the meta data elements like descriptions, heading tags, image alt tags, and robots tags – just to name a few.

Internal links play an essential role in establishing information architecture and site structure so that search engine scan crawl and index different pages on your website. The more organised your internal link structure is, the easier it is for Google to understand the context of various web pages and (in turn) rank you for the correct search terms.

Our content marketing team will use content hubs and topic clusters to group your content, improve relevancy. We can effectively improve pages per session by grouping similar resources and ensure that users follow your conversion funnel.

We will assess your website, identify essential pages, and create an internal linking structure that promotes faster indexing and crawl rates. Like technical SEO, internal linking is an underutilised but highly efficient way to increase your search visibility, index rate, and overall online presence.

Technical SEO refers to the technical aspects of your website that affect the way that it appears (and ranks) in Google. Making your website fast, accessible, easy to render, and crawlable for Google search bots are the three pillars of effective SEO. In the first month fo your campaign, we’ll look at the technical factors that matter to your website and implement the necessary fixes and improvements.

Some of the technical aspects that we will address when conducting a technical SEO audit of your website include:

• Website Speed
• Accessibility
• Broken Pages (3XX/4XX status codes)
• Robots.txt File
• Sitemap
• Dead Backlinks
• Duplicate content (onsite and offsite)
• Keyword cannibalisation
• SSL certificate and website security
• Structured data

… Just to name a few! Technical SEO is an all-inclusive process that includes any technical aspects that can inhibit (or enhance) your website’s ranking potential.

Google’s recent Page Experience Update was another step towards creating a user-centric experience. Google’s page experience metrics summarise user experience metrics for individual URLs on your website. To appear at the top of Google, your core web vitals need to be addressed. Our SEO consultants will focus on the following key metrics when assessing your core web vitals:

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): Whether on-page elements move around while a page loads
LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): How long it takes for all visible elements to load
FID (First Input Delay): How long it takes for web pages to measure the first click

Our SEO specialists will assess your core web vitals and implement improvements to images, minification, and lazy loading settings on your CMS to improve your core web vital scores.

Google uses mobile-first indexing when crawling and ranking websites in Google search. That means that search engines will (for the most part) use the mobile version of your page when determining where your page shows up in the organic search results.

Mobile-first indexing means your mobile site needs to be fast and responsive on mobile devices to give you the best possible chance of ranking. Google’s mobile usability tool is an excellent reference to see how Google grades the mobile usability of your website.

Our Brisbane team will assess the mobile usability of your website and make a list of actionable recommendations to implement for improved mobile usability and mobile performance.

Page speed is a direct ranking factor and can significantly influence how a website ranks in the search results. Over the couple of years, Google has pushed through important updates that lament the importance of on-site user experience.

In this day and age, users expect to be able to navigate through a website with minimum lag and lightning-fast page load times. Your hosting, page size, file size, and a myriad other factors can all influence how quickly your pages load. We use Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom, and GTmetrix to measure web page load time and ensure that your website is loading quickly for users. Like any good Brisbane SEO Agency, we will put forward a list of recommendations to improve page speed and ensure that you are not losing visitors or causing friction as users move through your website.

Off Site SEO

Off-site SEO optimisation is a critical aspect of a successful SEO campaign. Off-site strategies apply to everything that occurs off your site that can influence your Google search engines visibility.

Google uses more than 200 different ranking factors when deciding where websites will appear in search and SEO results, optimising your website for off-site search involves creating an online presence for your website that will improve its trustworthiness, relevance, and popularity. Over time, we will optimise the off-site aspects of your business SEO strategy that impact the way that Google ranks and prioritises the content on your website.

Off Site SEO Brisbane

Backlinks are crucial for your online visibility. The most recent data suggests that backlinks account for around fifty per cent of where your website appears on Google. We will help your website attain relevant, high-quality links that dramatically improve your organic visibility and site authority. Link building must be white hat SEO, permanent, and should continue to form the backbone of your organic visibility for years to come. We focus on high-quality links that build trust with Google – not ones that try to manipulate the search engines for short term gain.

Some of the most important factors that we consider when building backlinks for our clients include:

• The authority of the referring domain
• The age of the referring domain
• The number of outbound links from the referring domain
• The anchor text used in the link
• The trust and authority of the referring website
• The age of the page where the link exists

Unlike some of our competitors, we do everything in house. In truth, there is a long list of factors that our local link building team considers when working on the off-site elements of our clients’ websites. If you ever have a question about your link building strategy or one of the links that we have acquired for your website, you’ll be able to speak directly to the head of links that has got that link for you.

Years of industry experience tell us this; Yes, your website must contain high-quality content relevant to your target audience. But to get the best results, your website content is not enough on its own. Quality links are the element that will push your content marketing to the next level. Your domain name strength relies on the number of links that search engines see going to your website. To get results, your quality content needs to be supported by quality links.

Brand mentions can be in the form of backlinks, or unliked brand mentions. Google has previously indicated that unlinked brand mentions would, in the future, play the same role as traditional backlinks in an SEO campaign. Linked mentions will (of course) contribute to your overall website authority in the way that backlinks do.  We will monitor your brand mentions and ensure that we are claiming a link on your behalf each time your brand is mentioned. We use third-party tools to track new brand mentions and put your link in each article where possible.

Citation building or NAP (name, address, phone number) link building refers to online mentions of your business across various websites. Citations can be very beneficial for local businesses, particularly those focusing on building a local presence. Some examples of citation links include:

• Social profiles (Facebook, Linkedin)
• Yellow Pages
• Trip Advisor
• Yelp
• Foursquare

On their own, citations have a very small impact on your rankings. However, dozens of different, high-quality citations can increase legitimacy, improve local SEO rankings, drive referral traffic, and provide reference points (such as reviews) that customers can use in their decision-making progress.

Social signals or social media mentions are not a direct ranking factor for your SEO results. In spite of what some SEO gurus may tell you, there is no definitive link between your SEO and your social media activity. By virtue of a successful social media presence, you will not have a strong organic search presence – and vice versa.

With that said, there are still a number of invaluable ways that social signals can be used to double down on your SEO and build brand popularity which can, in turn, lead to positive results by:

  • Improving brand recognition
  • Increasing organic links to website content
  • Improving indexing rates on new content
  • Increase the lifespan of your on-site content resources

While there is no direct link between social media popularity and SEO visibility, we do take steps to ensure that your social channels are being used to effectively enhance our SEO strategy for your website.

Claiming and optimising your Google My Business listing plays a vital role in improving your online presence in the local search results. Google My Business (GMB) takes over from where successful crowdsource review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp left off. Optimising your GMB listing is a crucial aspect in controlling your local visibility.

GMB is the most powerful citation that your business can receive and is an effective way to grow your business locally with free organic traffic. It is free to register and manage your GMB listing for business owners. Google business also provides a method for businesses to succinctly communicate updates to trading hours, new promotions, or change of address to customers.

Reviews plan an essential role in the way that users perceive your business. In fact, the latest data shows that a whopping 88% of prospective customer will check for reviews online before they transact with a business. As such, it’s important that we implement strategies that will make it easier for users to leave reviews and provide the type of social proof that is needed to boost conversion and brand trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Brisbane?

SEO Brisbane refers to search engine optimisation services offered by digital marketing agencies in Brisbane. On average, the keyword ‘SEO Brisbane’ is searched around 1,900 times each month with a peak of 2,821 occurring in June 2021. The search term is a high-value search term for digital agencies and is a good litmus test of the ability of a digital agency if they are able to rank for this keyword amongst other SEO providers in the region. As a good rule of thumb, the Brisbane SEO agencies that are able to rank on the first page of search engines for this keyword are the highest ranked agencies in the city.

What is the purpose of SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that is designed to win free, organic traffic from search engines. Through effective optimisation, businesses can effectively appear in front of more customers who are interested in their goods or services online.

The strategy and implementation of each campaign is unique and will depend on the goals of the client, their competition, and a whole host of other factors. With that said, the underlying goal of each campaign is the same – to expose businesses to more potential customers in the organic search listings.

With more than 92% of all online experiences beginning with search engines, SEO is designed to capture engaged and interested audiences at the right moment – from information gathering, right through to the final transaction.

How does SEO work?

As we touched on above, each approach is unique to the business, the goals, and the industry in which you operate. At its core, the process relies on the four pillars:

• On-site
• Off-site
• Technical
• Content

In each campaign, we work with clients to understand their unique goals and determine where we can deliver the biggest impact. With this strategy in mind, our team of experts get to work creating a customised plan that considers and optimises for the four pillars of SEO.

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, SEO continues to be a highly effective digital marketing stategy for businesses that are looking to improve their online presence.

Digital marketing companies that proclaim that SEO is no longer effective simply have not adapted their approach. Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird made it more difficult than ever to ‘cheat the system’ – which is a good thing.

Google algorithm updates are designed to weed out low quality sites, and reward websites that prioritise the user experience over manipulative tactics.

The truth is, ranking #1 in Google is more complex than ever before. The short sighted tactics that were used three years ago or even two years ago are no longer effective. In 2023, our Brisbane SEO services prioritise a long-term approach to organic visibility and traffic. We put the user at the forefront of each decision that we make and ensure that our approach is inline with Google guidelines and future proof against algorithm updates.

How long does SEO take to work?

There are a number of factors that will influence how long it takes for SEO to work and the timeframe to achieve results from an SEO campaign. In general, the timeframe for SEO results will range from 4 to 12-months, however there are number of determining factors such as:

• The age of the website
• Previous work carried out (for the better or worse)
• Competition in your industry
• Your goals and ambitions
• Budget
• Baseline website traffic & authority
• The quality of the work carried out

To get a better idea of timeframes for SEO results, we will will assess your business, your starting position, and your market to provide a more accurate estimation.

How long do SEO results last for?

Unlike pay per click marketing, the impact of an effective campaign will continue to benefit your business for months and years into the future. The competition in your industry, the strength of your competitors, and the work that went into your SEO campaign will all impact how long you can expect to maintain your position on the first page of Google.

Every dollar that you spend on SEO is developing your business for the future. Unlike Pay Per Click advertising strategies through Google Ads or social media channels, the advantages that you gain from working with an experienced specialist will proceed to help your company for years after you’ve paid your last invoice.

Can’t I just use AI tools to write my content?

In theory, the ability to pump out content at scale may seem appealing, however, as an SEO Agency that has been playing with these tools for almost two years we can save you the run around – it doesn’t work.

AI generated content falls into the same category of ‘web spam’ that Google actively aims to eliminate thorough their search ranking algorithm. A fact that was confirmed by Google’s John Mueller in April 2022:

“For us these would, essentially, still fall into the category of automatically generated content which is something we’ve had in the Webmaster Guidelines since almost the beginning.”

As an SEO company, we are now helping businesses that went down this road through other agencies or through their internal teams to recover their website rankings and traffic. For anyone thinking of going down this road, we would implore you to think twice.

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimisation services are the most powerful way to improve your business at scale. As Australia’s fastest growing SEO agency, we help businesses just like yours to reach potential customers and acquire lucrative leads that drive your business forward.

If you arrived on this webpage, you are experiencing the power of organic search marketing first-hand. Ranking for the search term “SEO Brisbane” is one of the most challenging keywords in Australia. Think about it; all of our competitors are marketing professionals and competing agencies who are all vying for your business. If we can rank Safari Digital at the top of the Google search results in the most competitive industry in the country, just imagine what we can do for your business.

A lot of agencies talk the talk, but if they can’t rank their own digital marketing website, it’s hard to believe they can do it for their clients. If you want to better your competitors, it makes sense to work with the best SEO agency who understand the ranking factors behind your current search position.

Why hasn’t my SEO worked in the past?

If you’ve worked with a digital marketing agency in the past, then you probably have a jaded view of things – which may well be justified.

The truth is most of our clients have already worked with an agency in the past. Most of them have had a negative experience and, as a result, enter the process with a justified level of scepticism.

There are hundreds of different factors that will influence your SEO results. Some of the most common reasons why your SEO hasn’t worked in the past include:

  • Poor strategy with outdated techniques
  • Poor strategy implementation or lack of consistency
  • Incorrect selection of focus keywords
  • Poorly written or machine generated (AI) content
  • Low quality, black hat backlink strategies
  • Poor technical strategy & implementation
  • Poor site structure and information hierarchy
  • Overoptimised web pages with questionable keyword stuffing

Just like any industry, the SEO industry has good and bad practitioners. The best consultants and specialists have the ability to transform your business and have your phone and email inbox inundated with enquiries. The bad agencies in Brisbane have the ability to leave you tearing your hair out and stressing about your business.

Do you offer guarantees?

No, we don’t. In fact, when you Google ‘guaranteed SEO results’ this article that we wrote comes up in first place. Google explicitly warns against providers that provide guarantee results and state that “If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

Guaranteed results are a common tactic by some agencies to lure in new clients. The premise is simple – guarantee rankings for keywords. The catch is that they select the keywords, and, in all cases, they are meaningless long-tail keywords that will not generate traffic or results.

What makes Safari Digital different?

Just like anything, different companies offer different levels of service and results. We are always disappointed (and disheartened) by other companies that offer SEO services without delivering any on-site or off-site changes that are going to benefit their clients. Generally speaking, most of the companies that we work with have invested in search engine optimisation in the past and have a mixed bag of result and experiences to show for it.

Companies that offer web hosting, website development, social media marketing, graphic design, AND search engine optimisation as a service are rarely going to be experts in any of these fields. Agencies that stretch their resources thinly across a broad range of disciplines end up being OK at a large number of things, without really specialising.

We do not get caught up with Google Ads or Graphic Design – we spend all of our time obsessing over SEO services and ensuring that we understand the process in a way that very few individuals in Australia do. Importantly, we also limit the number of clients we work with at any one time to ensure that we have the resources to provide the level of service that is required to get results. We do not stretch ourselves across hundreds of clients at any one time. We work with a select group of businesses that we know that we can help.

How often do search results change?

Search results change daily.

The most important thing to understand about SEO is that it is constantly changing. Nothing is ever where you left it and if you stand still – you will get left behind.

As a dedicated SEO Agency, we are able to spend more time understanding what these changes mean for business owners. While some agencies need to keep up to date with eight or ten different marketing specialists, we only need to focus on one. Our team keep an eye on changes that come through the major search engines and are able to pre-emptively implement on-site changes to suit.

The real winners are the companies the keep working at it. If you leave your website in a static state, you can expect that results will stay the same or go down over time. As such, it’s important that you keep working away to ensure that you stay ahead of your existing competitors, as well as the new businesses in your industry that crop up.

Why should I choose an SEO company on Page 1 of Google?

Ranking on page 1 is the ultimate litmus test for an SEO provider.

At Safari Digital, 100% of our enquiries and leads come through ranking for highly competitive industry search terms. We implement our own strategy to show up for some of the most competitive search terms in Australia.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t use Google Ads or Facebook marketing to push our search engine optimisation services. In fact, we believe that if an SEO company cannot rank their own website, then they should not be trying to pedal those same services to customers. It’s a harsh reality, but unless you are working with a company that knows how to rank their own website, then there is a slim chance that they will be able to help yours to rank.

Put it this way, if a digital marketing agency can’t rank their own website for industry relevant search terms, what chance do they have of helping you?

Does my business need an SEO consultant?

Here is what most companies won’t tell you.

The efficacy of SEO services depends entirely on your business model, your industry and your unique circumstances.

Your business may be a good fit, or there could be a more effective way to invest your digital marketing budget.

Transparency is the most crucial element of any successful partnership. However, it is hard to find when you’re dealing with an SEO Agency in Brisbane. The online marketing sector is overwhelmed by sales assistants and sharks trying to make a quick buck. The same companies are promising you Gucci and giving you Guess.

At Safari Digital, we don’t work with everyone – and we are proud of it. It could be the thing me from ever owning a really nice car (sad face) or buying a house in Sunshine Beach (double sad face). But, it’s the moral approach when it comes to offering online marketing services. Our specialist team will help you to generate meaningful, lasting organic traffic.

As a rule of thumb, around forty per cent of the businesses and individuals that we receive enquiries from are not the right fit for our services. Here are a few of the most common reasons that we will not work with all prospective clients.

  1. You have a revolutionary product or service that lacks widespread understanding. In the words of Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted; they would have said faster horses”. We can apply the same metaphor to innovative products and services marketed with SEO. Users must know that your product or service exists before we can help.
  2. Your industry may not be the right fit for our services. It does not matter if we are the best SEO Brisbane Company if your product or service does not have search demand. In some cases, businesses would be wiser to invest their digital marketing resources into Social Media or Google Ads.
  3. You need instant results. SEO is a compounding effort – the longer you are doing it, the easier it is to rank. The most challenging aspect of any campaign is the beginning when you are just starting to get recognition in Google. Some agencies will promise you significant results in the first 2-months, but we like to be upfront. If someone promises you substantial developments in the first few months of work, it may be worth thinking twice about the legitimacy of their claims.

Do you work with all business types?

If we believe that your business can benefit from a Brisbane SEO campaign, then we will work with you – it really is that simple. If we believe that you will get more value and a higher ROI from another digital marketing medium – then we will tell you.

Unlike most other agencies, we do not have a sales team. That means that when you talk to us on the phone, you will speak directly with the search engine optimisations specialists that will work on your website. Because there is no disconnect and our staff is not incentivised by selling SEO (don’t worry, we incentivise them in other ways!), it means that you will get an honest appraisal of your website.

A healthy working relationship begins and ends with transparency. Like you, we are tired of professional service providers that over promise and underdeliver. Our caveat for working with a business is very simple. If we can help you grow, we will work with you. If your customers are search for your goods and services through other channels, then we will point you in the right direction.

How does an SEO strategy work?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business or website who was searching for SEO in Brisbane. If that’s the case, you’re seeing the power of SEO first hand.

If you’ve been researching search engine optimisation services for your business or website, you’ve probably read a lot of conflicting information. The truth is, there are thousands of contradictory articles about. All you really need to know is that SEO is a repeatable process that is used to send signals to major search engines (such as Google and Bing) that your pages are worth showing in the organic search results.

Google uses a complex mathematical formula with over 200 signals to determine its ranking algorithm. As a dedicated team of SEO Brisbane specialists, it’s our job to understand and implement the most important ranking factors so that you can out-rank and outperform your competition with the right SEO strategy.

Unlike some of our competitors, we understand that what matters most to your business isn’t ranking charts or theoretical traffic. We are obsessed with ROI. We drive highly-relevant traffic to your website by targeting the most lucrative and profitable keywords and key phrases for your business.

Whether you are amongst the hundreds of business owners wanting to drive local, high-converting traffic to your business with a dedicated Brisbane local SEO strategy, or you’re looking to break into the national or international market, we can build the blueprint for your success.

How much does SEO cost?

Asking how much SEO costs is a lot like asking how much a car costs – it all comes down to quality and efficiency. Let’s start this off by saying that we are not the cheapest agency, but we are also not the most expensive. We are confident in saying that we deliver value above and beyond other SEO companies.

The cost of your campaign will depend entirely on the amount of resources, effort and time that is required to help your business to achieve exceptional results. We do not have an online price list and we do not offer pre-determined packages. Your personalised quote will be based on your objectives and a myriad of other factors that will impact pricing. Some of those factors include:

  • The age and history of your website domain
  • The health and starting position of your website
  • The amount of new pages and new content that needs to be created to help you reach your goals.
  • The competition of your location (especially important for local campaigns) and the competition within your industry.
  • Previous work that has been carried out on the website – building on the work of another provider could mean there is less work required from our end to help you reach your goals.

Providing the best SEO in Brisbane takes trust, patience, and belief from our clients. We are not the most expensive company, but we are also not the cheapest. If you are after for the cheapest SEO service, you’ll need to make your way to page three or four of Google to find them. There’s an excellent reason that you found us on page one of Google – we know what we are doing.

We’ve seen far too many companies that use cheap marketing services only to end up spending thousands of dollars and end up with less traffic than when they started. If you’re going to invest in SEO, work with a provider that talks about value delivered, not an arbitrary package or checklist.

How important is keyword selection?

Google uses keywords to determine which search queries your website should appear for in the search engine results.

Keyword research and keyword selection play an essential role in the way your website appears in Google. Before we can get started on building a lasting lead generation funnel for your business, we need to understand which keywords are going to drive your online presence, grow online visibility, and lead to major search engine visibility improvements.

Working with a dedicated SEO Brisbane company means that you’ll be working with dedicated SEO consultants who understand which keywords are going to drive your business forward and deliver a tangible return on investment for our campaigns.

SEO vs. Google Ads – which is right for me?

Paying for advertising is expensive. In fact, around 84% of Google’s is derived from advertising. Those ads that appear in the middle of articles and scattered throughout organic search results, that’s all Google Advertising.

The scary thing is, Google Ads is getting more expensive by the day. In order to reduce paid advertising and create a lasting and sustainable revenue stream for your business, you need search engine optimisation.

To get seen by potential customers, your site and its content need to be optimised so that Google can read it and visitors can enjoy it. SEO is a delicate balancing act; your website needs to appeal to Google without sacrificing the user experience.

Google doesn’t want to show just any website to its searchers, it wants to show websites that are valuable to the user. Effective SEO Brisbane strategies involve understanding how to curate information in a way that search engines can understand, and users can enjoy.

Tips for choosing an SEO provider

There are dozens (probably hundreds) of SEO specialists in Queensland who are all claiming to have the secret recipe for success.

The best digital marketing agency should treat your site and your business goals with the same care and respect as they treat their own site. The fact of the matter is this – the top providers have a dedicated internal marketing team that works solely on their own online marketing pursuits and another team that works on their client’s websites. Being the leading SEO company means giving the same level of care to client sites that you apply to your own efforts. It seems straight forward; however, the knowledge gap between the internal and external teams is often vast.

At Safari Digital, we achieve exceptional results for by executing the cutting edge strategies that allowed us to appear on the first page of the Google search results when you were looking for the best Brisbane SEO experts. To achieve outstanding results, we use techniques that employ a level of detail that is second to none. Each SEO campaign is tailored to the unique requirements of our clients by ensuring that we know their target audience and unique business goals.

Will SEO services increase brand awareness?

Yes. Increased brand awareness is one of the key benefits of an effective organic strategy. When done correctly, SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness at scale.

Think about it like this, if your business appears in Google for a myriad of search terms related to your industry, then you are going to build trust. Companies who appear for a broad spectrum of industry specific search terms can quickly become a leading authority in their industry.

You don’t have to have aspirations of global recognition in order to benefit from the increased brand awareness that you get through SEO. As a group of organic search specialists, our primary goal is to generate organic traffic and leads for your business. Our secondary goal is to establish your business as an industry leader so that users associate your brand or company with trust and authority.

Unlike other online marketing channels, the scope of SEO is only limited by the number of keywords that you wish to target. We can create hundreds of pages and resources that appear in front of your target market – it really depends on your aspirations.

Are ranking fluctuations normal?

The most important thing to know about SEO is that it is dynamic. Nothing is ever where you left it, and you need to continuously tweak and enhance your website to stay ahead of the opposition.

Google is continually scanning pages and updating rankings to serve content that best addresses the need for its users. Google processes thousands of updates each year. Most of them are imperceptible, while others can have huge ranking implications for a business.

We spend all of our time monitoring changes to search engines, keeping up with the latest algorithm changes, and staying on top of the SERPs. Unlike other digital marketing agencies who offer a whole medley of services, we focus solely on SEO services.

Is the Brisbane market competitive?

Brisbane is home to one of the most competitive digital marketing landscapes in Australia. As the country’s third largest city, you will be competing against some of the toughest competition in the country.

Depending on your industry, there are hundreds (or thousands) of businesses all competing for the number one spot on search engines. If you’ve noticed a competitor who is regularly appearing on page 1 for the same search terms that you want to be ranking for, they have likely worked with a digital marketing agency at some point in the life of their website. That means that they have implemented strategies that have helped them get to the top of Google.

If you want to catch and exceed them, you need to work with a team of SEO experts who understands why that business is ahead of you and why you need SEO to bridge the gap.

Do you offer other online marketing services?

No, sorry. We only offer SEO services.

At Safari Digital, we concentrate on executing white hat SEO strategies that will increase your search visibility for years to come. Our aim is to build a long term, sustainable and scalable model that will continue to serve your business for years after you have paid your final bill.

Safari Digital SEO Lead & Founder

Liam Ridings is the SEO lead and founder of Safari Digital with a background in copywriting and keen interest in the off-site and technical SEO elements that make a website tick. Liam’s SEO writing and research has been across a range of industry leading publications including HubSpot, Shopify, and Search Engine Journal.

Over the last six years, Liam has transitioned from SEO consulting services for small to medium businesses to leading Safari Digital on more than 250 successful SEO campaigns for small to enterprise level businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Across these campaigns, Liam’s strategies have been responsible for an average campaign organic traffic increase of 189% across 12-months, as well as more than 100,000 page one Google rankings.

Liam Ridings - Director & Founder of Safari Digital

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