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From Belconnen to Queanbeyan and everywhere in between, our Canberra SEO specialists provide revenue-first SEO management services. Take your search engine optimisation to the next level with industry-specific solutions. Book a free SEO consultation with one of our SEO consultants to find out how we can help your business grow in 2023 and beyond.

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We get it, finding an SEO agency in Canberra that you can trust can be hard work.

Today, the SEO industry in Canberra is badly overcrowded. Large digital agencies that offer every digital service under the sun are monopolising the industry and taking advantage of unsuspecting small to large businesses.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies in Canberra, we don’t dabble in search engine optimisation; it’s all we do. We don’t do Google Ads, SEM, or Facebook marketing. At Safari Digital, we are different. Our team is made up of SEO professionals that understand search marketing.  We put 100% of our time, energy, and resources into creating SEO strategies that stand out from the crowd. We only work with companies that are the right fit for our services and for organic marketing.

Just like the Google search ranking algorithm is always evolving, so is the way that we deliver our services. We are constantly refining our techniques, implementing testing, and ensuring that we stay on the cutting-edge of organic search. As a dedicated team of SEO Canberra consultants, it is our job to understand how changes to Google search will impact our clients.

With Safari Digital SEO agency in Canberra your campaign will be geared towards one key metric – return on investment (ROI). Generating more traffic for your website is one thing, attracting leads, enquiries, and driving conversions is a different thing altogether. Each digital marketing decision that we make is about delivering a substantial return on your investment. If we do not believe that we can deliver a real, substantial ROI for your business, we won’t work with you – it really is that simple.

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The Process & Value of SEO

The Value of SEO

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Build topical authority
  • Attract qualified leads
  • Outrank & outperform competitors
  • Drive enquiries, conversions, revenue
  • Reduce paid advertising spend
  • Build sustainable long-term organic traffic

SEO Recipe for Success

  • Initial website audit & analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitor review & assessment
  • On-site SEO strategy
  • Off-site SEO strategy
  • Helpful content
  • Ongoing optimisation

The Value of Outsourcing SEO

  • Partner with industry experts
  • Leverage years of experience
  • Avoid common SEO mistakes
  • Leverage SEO tools & resources
  • Clear action plan and market insights
  • Scalable SEO plans and pricing
  • Focus on your business – not your marketing

What’s Included with SEO

  • 360-degree market insights
  • Competitor analysis & insights
  • Ongoing on-site SEO implementation
  • Ongoing off-site SEO & link building
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Reporting & advanced goal tracking
  • Expansion & growth support

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Why Choose Safari Digital?

Because your company deserves to work with a team of SEO consultants that take the time to understand your competitors, unique challenges, and point of difference within the market.

  • SEO Agency that leverages a wealth of performance data and industry insights to make data-backed decisions for your business.
  • We carefully examine your competition to understand what they are doing and what we can implement for your business.
  • We are a specialist team of SEO experts – not another digital marketing agency trying to do it all.
  • We spend 100% of our time and effort on studying the latest changes to Google’s search ranking algorithm.
  • We’ve made countless mistakes over the years, so you don’t have to make them for yourself.
  • We employ white hat, long-term SEO strategies that will drive growth for years to come.
  • We only work with one client in the same industry and location at once – so we’ll never work with your competition.
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Pioneering SEO Insights & Thought Leadership

Founded in 2018 by Liam Ridings, Safari Digital started with a simple mission – to make SEO cost-effective and transparent for small to enterprise level companies. In that time, Safari Digital has successfully helped more than 250 businesses across Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom to achieve, on average, a 189% increase in organic search traffic over a 12-month campaign period.

When we started, we knew that being the best SEO specialists meant focussing on pioneering SEO research & proving the effectiveness of our SEO strategies with real world results. As a result, we spent less time entering meaningless marketing awards than we did refining our craft and ensuring that we remained at the forefront of search engine optimisation developments.

Today, our trophy case isn’t filled with vanity statues or meaningless third-party, pay-to-play awards. Instead, we’ve been cited online and in print by global leaders who endorse our work and credibility to millions of readers around the world. Here’s a handful of those international leaders that cited our SEO research and thought leadership.

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Our Proven SEO Process

We use proven SEO techniques to drive highly-motivated leads straight to your front door.

A Considered Approach to What Matters

SEO is always changing, as a dedicated team of SEO experts; it is our job to understand where the Google algorithm is headed and make adjustments to your site that will increase your organic search visibility.

The most recent SEO data reveals that keyword usage on-page continues to be the most crucial on-site ranking determinant. If you want to appear at the top of Google, it’s vital to carry out careful keyword research and implement the findings across your website. Various factors such as keyword intent, difficulty, search trends, and competitor keyword analysis will influence which keywords we choose to target for your SEO Canberra campaign.

We deliver SEO results that will continue to benefit your business for years to come. We aim to assist you in attracting high-converting, relevant, and profitable visitors that are genuinely engaged in your offerings as a company. Our Canberra SEO services concentrate on empowering your future success long after you have finished working with us. We will create a plan for your company and produce an on-site structure that you can continue to adjust and scale as your organic traffic and company grow.

On Site SEO Explained

On-site optimisation involves improving the on-page elements of your website to increase organic search visibility. In the simplest terms, on-site optimisation SEO is a process whereby we tweak all of the on-page factors that impact the way that search engines crawl and interpret information and data on the page. Our job is to create high-quality content that search engine robots can easily crawl and read. In addition to producing high-quality content that search bots can quickly crawl, we also produce content that retains users.

On-site optimisation is the initial step in every SEO Canberra campaign that we undertake. Before we start to look at ways that we can improve your website with off the page, we begin by creating a structure for your website by providing all of the necessary on-page elements to facilitate organic traffic growth.

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Keyword research, strategy, and implementation are the most essential steps in delivering a successful SEO campaign. Choosing the right keywords for your campaign involves separating informational and transactional search terms into disparate categories and planning out which pages will be targeting which keywords. At Safari Digital, we take the time to understand how your competitors are generating organic traffic and ensuring that we are targeting the most valuable search terms for your niche.

We use industry leading keyword research tools to make an informed keyword strategy that drives conversions – not just traffic. Keyword strategy comes down to understanding the varied intent behind different keyword searches. We target competitive, high-value search terms, as well as uncover low-hanging fruit that your competition may be missing out on.

Keyword strategy is contingent upon the unique goals of each of our clients. In the first two-weeks of your campaign we will put forward an exhaustive list of keywords for your niche and a strategy for how we can win top 3 rankings for those search terms.

Meta data plays a key role in how search engines understand the content and context of your web pages. SEO meta data is used by search engines to determine which search are relevant to the information on your website pages. Google uses meta data to build relevancy, context, and to rank content for the right set of search terms. Your meta data must be aligned with the search terms that you want to appear for in Google.

When it comes to creating a winning strategy for meta-data, these are the elements that we focus on:

• Meta title
• H-tags
• Geo tags
• Image alt attributes
• Robots.txt
• Social tags
• Meta description

Over the years, we have refined and improved our strategy for how we use meta data to ensure that web pages are not overoptimized for search, and so that search engines can easily establish web page context.

Contrary to popular belief, meta descriptions (different to the all-inclusive term ‘meta data’ used above) do not directly affect your search engine rankings. More than a decade ago, Google verified that they do not incorporate meta descriptions as a ranking factor. Despite that, meta descriptions still play an essential role in getting users from Google to click through to your site. Just because meta descriptions do not directly improve where your website appears in the search engine results doesn’t mean that they don’t have a meaningful impact on how many users click through to your site.

As we have mentioned above, on-site content plays an indispensable role in the way that your site ranks in the organic search results. The most recent studies reveal that the medium length of content for webpages that appear on the first page of Google is 1,890 words. For websites with hundreds of webpages, the job of creating that much content is terrifying. As an SEO Canberra consultant, we look at ways that we can get the most out of your content marketing and guide you in creating scalable, high-quality content marketing assets.

User experience (UX) and SEO are a match made in heaven.

Websites that provide a poor user experience will experience a higher bounce rate, lower number of pages per session and fewer returning visitors. Together, this means less enquiries, less conversions, and missed KPIs.

User experience simply refers to the way that users interact with a website. Sites with a positive UX design are easy to navigate, provide a clear path to conversion, and allow users to easily navigate to their desired location. This can be through:

  • Information hierarchy & site structure
  • Interactive on-site design & navigation
  • Clear visual journey design
  • Seamless navigation to related pages

SEO and UX are not the same thing. However, they are complementary activities that work together to create a site that performs well in the search engines & in front of users. As such, we take a considered approach that ensures UX is an underlying consideration in our Canberra SEO strategies.

Page speed refers to the performance of a single web page, site speed refers to the speed and overall performance of a website. Hand in hand, this ensures that your website loans quickly for visitors (Google’s cut off is 3-seconds or less) and is accessible from different devices in different locations.

Google continues to double down on-site speed as a ranking factor and has released a number of updates in recent years in conjunction with the page speed insights (PSI) report to guide better site speed. As an SEO agency, we work across multiple different CMS platforms to ensure our client’s sites load quickly and meet Google’s page speed criteria.

How your website appears in search engine results can be influenced by a wide variety of technical SEO factors. Identifying, addressing and fixing each of these technical SEO elements plays a huge role in the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. When we begin working on a website, some of the main technical SEO concerns that we address include (but are not limited to):

• Website speed and page load time
• Hosting suitability
• Duplicate content issues (on-site + competitors)
• HTTPS status and SSL security layer
• Robots.txt file settings
• Broken backlinks
• Sitemap readability
• Website crawlability
• Broken pages
• Broken internal links
• Structured data (schema mark-up)

To name a few. Generally speaking, these are the most common technical SEO issues that need to be addressed. We typically work to rectify any prominent issues within the first month of your SEO campaign. In rare circumstances, it can sometimes take a little longer to comprehensively address all SEO technical components.

Local search engine optimisation Canberra (Local SEO) is one of the most important steps any business can take to attract highly-motivated leads. For small to medium business, local SEO is a chance to take charge of your local search visibility and become competitive within your area and niche. At Safari Digital, local SEO campaigns are our specialty. We love doing local SEO for our clients because they produce an insane ROI and turn small companies into major local businesses in a short amount of time.

Off Site SEO Explained

Off-site optimisation applies to everything that occurs off your site that impacts your search engine visibility. Google (and other search engines) use hundreds of different ranking factors when determining where websites will show up in the search results. Optimising your site for enhanced visibility means building an online presence for your website that will increase its authority, relevance, and reputation.

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As of 2023, backlinks account for roughly half of how your website appears in the organic search results. When it comes to off-site ranking factors – backlinks are number 1. Gaining relevant, high0authority backlinks are at the heart of each successful off-page SEO campaign. Each time that a website receives a reference from another website in the form of a backlink, it acts as a trust signal or a vote of authority with Google. The more high-authority links that you get, the more likely you are to appear at the top of the search results for your desired keywords.

There are a number of important factors that we consider when building links for our clients including:

The website traffic from the referring page
The authority (domain authority (DA), domain rating (DR)) of the referring page
The number of outbound links on a referring page
The age of the page where the referring link is placed
The relevance and context of that link
At Safari Digital SEO Canberra, we like to think of backlinks like job references. We think that getting a reference from a website with similar metrics to your website is like getting a reference from someone who worked in your department. The types of links that we aim for are the ones akin to getting a job reference from your CEO – a powerful vote of confidence.

Local Citations or name, address, phone number (NAP) links are an important want to build a consistent off-site web presence. Search engines like Google use citations to verify the trustworthiness and legitimacy of a local business. Websites with consistent business information across a broad range of platforms (including social) are more likely to build trust and authority with Google.

It’s important to remember that NAP link building is not what it used to be. Three to five years ago, NAP links were an overused (and abused) element of an SEO campaign and since thing, search engines have reduced the weighting or emphasis that they place on these types of links. With that being said, NAP links are still an important element in a a cohesive SEO strategy and should be used to build trust and authority.

Brand mentions or unlinked brand mentions are, as the name would suggest, mentions of your website that do not include a link to it. In recent years, Google has made a number of revealing hints that suggest unlinked brand mentions may become a ranking factor in the coming years.

For now, we actively monitor unlinked brand mentions on behalf of our clients and reach out to sites to claim links back to their sites. Brand mention link building ensures that ‘low hanging fruit’ is captured and our client’s claim valuable referring authority that contributes to rankings and domain authority.

Google My Business (GMB) performs an essential role in how your site appears in the local search results. Google My Business (GMB) continues the legacy of crowdsource review websites like Yelp, Foursquare and TripAdvisor. Optimising your Google My Business listing is an important part of controlling your local visibility and digital marketing strategy. Google My Business is the most crucial citation that your business can receive.

Social signals are not a direct SEO ranking factor. However, it stands to reason that websites with a strong social media presence also benefit from a myriad of other benefits (including links) that may provide valuable hints to search engines about the quality of their content. As such, we ensure that clients are leveraging the power of social signals to bolster our SEO strategy.

Reviews or social proof through third party platforms such as Google Business, Yelp, and Facebook is a valuable trust signal for prospective customers. We work with our SEO clients to ensure that they are building these trust signals through innovative strategies that abide by Google’s review guidelines.

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