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Outsmart and outranking your competition with customised Canberra SEO solutions that address your unique needs. Our team of dedicated SEO specialists take the time to understand your business, your challenges, and your goals to create an SEO campaign that aligns with your business growth strategy.

  • Customised SEO plan for your business

  • Upfront, affordable SEO pricing

  • Specialist SEO Agency – not digital marketing generalists

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Work with an SEO company that takes the time to understand your business, your industry, and your business unique goals.

Today, the SEO industry in Canberra is badly overcrowded. Large digital agencies that offer every digital service under the sun are monopolising the industry and taking advantage of unsuspecting small to large businesses.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies in Canberra, we don’t dabble in search engine optimisation; it’s all we do. We don’t do Google Ads, SEM, or Facebook marketing. At Safari Digital, we are different. Our team is made up of SEO professionals that understand search marketing.  We put 100% of our time, energy, and resources into creating SEO strategies that stand out from the crowd. We only work with companies that are the right fit for our services and for organic marketing.

Just like the Google search ranking algorithm is always evolving, so is the way that we approach SEO services. We are constantly refining our techniques, implementing testing, and ensuring that we stay on the cutting-edge of organic search. As a dedicated team of SEO Canberra consultants, it is our job to understand how changes to Google search will impact our clients.

With Safari Digital SEO agency in Canberra your campaign will be geared towards one key metric – return on investment (ROI). Generating more traffic for your website is one thing, attracting leads, enquiries, and driving conversions is a different thing altogether. Each digital marketing decision that we make is about delivering a substantial return on your investment. If we do not believe that we can deliver a real, substantial ROI for your business, we won’t work with you – it really is that simple.

SEO Experts, not digital marketing generalists

There are more than enough digital marketing agencies in Canberra offering SEO as an add on service. That’s not really how we do things. Safari Digital is a specialist Canberra SEO agency that provides dedicated SEO services.

Because we’re not digital marketing generalists, we’re always on top of the latest SEO changes and Google’s relentless algorithm updates. As a result, our clients stay ahead of the curve and get to consult with search engine optimisation specialists that understand the nuances of on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.

In the same way you wouldn’t hire a roofer to do your electrical work, you shouldn’t hire a TikTok/Facebook/Print marketing agency to take care of your SEO. Search engine optimisation is simply too nuances to do it as a side hustle. The best results come from working with an agency that is completely obsessed with getting you the best possible SEO results.

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Our Blueprint for SEO Canberra

The Value of SEO

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Build topical authority
  • Attract qualified leads
  • Outrank & outperform competitors
  • Drive enquiries, conversions, revenue
  • Reduce paid advertising spend
  • Build sustainable long-term organic traffic

SEO Recipe for Success

  • Initial website audit & analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitor review & assessment
  • On-site SEO strategy
  • Off-site SEO strategy
  • Helpful content
  • Ongoing optimisation

The Value of Outsourcing SEO

  • Partner with industry experts
  • Leverage years of experience
  • Avoid common SEO mistakes
  • Leverage SEO tools & resources
  • Clear action plan and market insights
  • Scalable SEO plans and pricing
  • Focus on your business – not your marketing

What’s Included with SEO

  • 360-degree market insights
  • Competitor analysis & insights
  • Ongoing on-site SEO implementation
  • Ongoing off-site SEO & link building
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Reporting & advanced goal tracking
  • Expansion & growth support

Our Canberra SEO Strategy

We use proven SEO techniques to drive highly-motivated leads straight to your front door.

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On Site SEO Strategy

On-site optimisation involves improving the on-page elements of your website to increase organic search visibility. In the simplest terms, on-site optimisation SEO is a process whereby we tweak all of the on-page factors that impact the way that search engines crawl and interpret information and data on the page. Our job is to create high-quality content that search engine robots can easily crawl and read. In addition to producing high-quality content that search bots can quickly crawl, we also produce content that retains users.

On-site optimisation is the initial step in every SEO Canberra campaign that we undertake. Before we start to look at ways that we can improve your website with off the page, we begin by creating a structure for your website by providing all of the necessary on-page elements to facilitate organic traffic growth.

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Off Site SEO Strategy

Off-site optimisation applies to everything that occurs off your site that impacts your search engine visibility. Google (and other search engines) use hundreds of different ranking factors when determining where websites will show up in the search results. Optimising your site for enhanced visibility means building an online presence for your website that will increase its authority, relevance, and reputation.

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Latest SEO News

From the latest developments in the SEO industry, to the basics – the Safari Digital blog is a comprehensive SEO guide worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? Here are the questions that we answer most often.

What is SEO Canberra?

SEO Canberra is a search term used by businesses in the ACT to find local search engine optimisation agencies that can provide SEO services for their business. According to the latest data from third-party SEO reporting tool Semrush, 390 web users in Canberra conduct this search each month. In addition, a further 140 search for SEO services Canberra and SEO Company.

Safari Digital is a local search engine optimisation provider partnering with businesses in the ACT to deliver holistic SEO marketing services including website audits, keyword research, market analysis, content marketing, technical optimisations, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. If your target market uses search engines to find your goods or services, then SEO can help you to increase the quantity and quality of leads that you receive online.

Who can benefit from SEO services?

SEO services are suitable for any business in Canberra that is looking to increase their organic exposure through search engines. If you have a product or service to offer in Canberra, SEO services are an effective way to reach your target market.

While it is fair to say that almost any business can benefit from search engine optimisation, there are a number of industries that are very good candidates for SEO. Some of the industries that can see extreme growth with SEO include professional services, home repairs services, medical, e-commerce, multi-location business, SAAS, and legal.

Our team of Canberra SEO professionals will work with your business to identify how your target demographic is using organic search. Once we understand how your target market thinks and behaves, we can then optimise the on-site and off-site elements that matter most for organic visibility.

There are hundreds of small factors that influence how your website ranks. The overarching goal is to make changes that will enhance the on-site experience, while ensuring that search engines can discover your content. In essence, search engine marketing is about helping search engines to present the best possible result for users.

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, but it is going to take time and a little bit of patience.

SEO is not an overnight task. Unlike pay-per-click marketing activities like Google Ads or Facebook Marketing, there is no overnight solution to reach #1 in the SEO rankings. It takes time, patience, and a lot of know-how on our end.

SEO marketing is a long-term solution for companies that are serious about their long-term business growth and sustainability. SEO is an investment that can set your website up for long-term growth and sustainable leads when done correctly.

Our SEO Canberra services are suited to businesses that are looking for a long-term solution. If you want to receive enquiries, leads, and sales in months and years to come – SEO is the right solution for your business.

Is SEO a one-off activity?

Getting your website set up to rank in Google is the first step towards search engine visibility. Our SEO services will put all of the pieces in place for you to achieve long term success.

Here is what most SEO companies are not telling you when they are trying to get you onboard as a client. SEO is not a three month or six-month project – it requires constant care and attention. Search engine algorithms, competitor activity, and changing user behaviour all mean that SEO requires constant work and attention to achieve outstanding results.

Working with an SEO provider means that you will have someone in your corner when Google makes an algorithm change, or your rankings are in a state of flux. Our team will be there to guide you through the process and ensure that your website continues to grow while your competitor’s wilt.

How long until I see results from SEO?

The answer is a rather frustrating one – it depends.

Several key factors will influence the timeframe that it takes to see results from SEO services. Firstly, how much SEO work has been done on the website in the past. Is your new agency picking up from another proficient SEO Agency or are they cleaning up the mess and destruction of a cheap SEO provider? The amount of content you have, your backlink profile, and your website domain’s age will have a key impact on the amount of time it takes to rank on Google.

No two websites are the same, which means that the time frame to see results will be completely unique.

Generally speaking, the amount of time to see good results from SEO can range from two to four months. If you do not see a positive uptick in your website traffic, leads, and sales after the four-month mark, you may be on the wrong track.

What SEO services do you offer?

We offer a range of different SEO services to suit different business types and different goals. Some of the most popular SEO services that we offer include:

• Enterprise SEO
• E-Commerce SEO
• Local SEO Services
• White Label SEO Services

We work with companies and brands across dozens of different industries. If we believe that we can provide value and your target market is using search engines to find your products or services, then we’ll work with you. If we believe that your digital marketing budget is better used elsewhere, then we’ll point you in the right direction – no hard feelings.

SEO vs. Google Ads – which is best?

Paying for advertising is expensive. 84% of Google’s revenue in 2018 was derived from advertising. Those ads that appear in the middle of articles and scattered throughout organic search results, that’s all Google Advertising.

The scary thing is, Google Advertising (AdWords) is getting more expensive by the day. In order to reduce paid advertising and create a lasting and sustainable revenue stream for your business, you need SEO.

To get seen by potential customers, your site and its content need to be optimised so that Google can read it and visitors can enjoy it. SEO is a delicate balancing act; your website needs to appeal to Google without sacrificing the user experience.

Google doesn’t want to show just any website to its searchers, it wants to show websites that are valuable to the user. Search Engine Optimisation is about understanding how to curate information in a way that search engines can understand, and users can enjoy.

Why should I invest in SEO?

SEO is the most powerful inbound marketing strategy.

Unlike traditional advertising models which involve reaching out to customers even when they’re not interested in your products or services, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that makes it easy for your audience to find you.

Search Engine Optimisation is customer-centric. You’re not cold calling, sending spam emails or interrupting with annoying pop-up ads, you’re appearing in front of potential customers organically in the search engine results pages.

SEO is more convenient and less intrusive for consumers. Instead of bombarding an unwilling audience with irrelevant information, you’re providing a valuable resource that is addressing their specific search query. We’ll find out what your potential customers are searching for and put your business in front of them at exactly the right time.

How long does SEO last?

Unlike PPC (pay per click) and other paid advertising mediums, organic search engine marketing provides a lasting, long term digital asset for your business. Long after paid marketing campaigns have finished, SEO is working behind the scenes to deliver high quality leads to your business.

Search engine optimisation continues to deliver a return on investment for the weeks, months and, years after your investment has finished. Unlike paid digital marketing strategy, your business can continue to repurpose content and digital assets for years to come.

Safari Digital is committed to delivering the best SEO Canberra has to offer. We’ll build a framework that drives your immediate business objectives and gives you the space to grow and evolve down the line as your website traffic grows and business expands.

How often do rankings change?

Your search rankings will fluctuate every single day.

Google rankings fluctuate by the minute, and there are more than 200 individual factors that will influence how a website will rank in Google. Like we say to our clients, do not get caught up with daily rankings – worry about long term traffic growth. Vanity metrics and temporary ranking positions are great confidence boosters – but it’s essential to look at the long-term results.

Some of the most common reasons why your SEO rankings are fluctuating each day include:

• Google has made a slight tweak to their algorithm
• The weighting of ranking factors is slowly shifting
• New competitors are conducting effective SEO strategies
• Your SEO momentum has changed – links or content may have stopped
• No reason at all – it’s just a temporary movement that will have no long-term implications

The most important thing to remember about SEO is that it is entirely dynamic. Nothing is ever where you left it, and you need to become accustomed to the idea of constant ranking changes.

Is there a faster way to rank on Google?

Fast, cheap, effective – you can only choose two.

SEO is a long-term strategy. If you are looking to generate X number of leads in the next 30 or 60-days from search engine optimisation – you’re barking up the wrong tree. Effective SEO requires a long-term vision to understand how the content you build and the links you acquire can garner long-term traffic.

The truth is, ranking for low competition keywords does not take long. On the other hand, if you are looking to rank for a range of long-tail keywords with little or no search volume, then you can theoretically achieve this in a matter of weeks. However, there is a very good reason that these search terms have no search volume – because they do not generate meaningful traffic.

There are no shortcuts to SEO success. Sure, some SEO providers will offer short-term, quick-win SEO strategies that may catapult you to the top of Google for a very short amount of time. However, these results will be short-lived in most cases, and it can take a reputable Canberra SEO company months or even years to recover the mess.

Our SEO services are designed to generate long-term traffic for your business.

Can I just use AI tools to write my content?

At first glance, using an AI writing assistant may seem like a fast and effective way to supercharge your content writing efforts. As marketers, no one was more excited by the possibility of writing huge amounts of content in a fraction of the time. But, before you get a bot to write your website content and blogs, let’s take a quick step back.

Here’s the facts, AI content writers have been around for 5+ years at this point. In some form or another, AI content writing assistants have been around for years.

In theory, the notion of being able to generate huge amounts of helpful content is extremely appealing. However, in reality, Google can quickly detect AI written content and (at the time of writing) are not treating it favourably. In spite of recent updates to their search guidelines that state AI content is no longer against Google search guidelines, the reality is that content written by artificial intelligent tools does not receive the same treatment in Google.

Yes, this may change in the future, however at the moment we would strongly recommend all website owners and marketers to give AI content writers a wide berth and stick to writing content.

How much does SEO Canberra cost?

Asking how much SEO costs is a lot like asking how much a holiday costs. It depends on where you want to go and where you are departing.

Your website history, previous SEO work, current rankings, and desired SEO results all play an indispensable role in determining how much SEO costs your business. We provide fair, transparent pricing that directly reflects the number of resources required to help you achieve success. Of course, we do not pretend to be the cheapest. But we firmly believe that we deliver the best value SEO service in Australia.

To get a quote for your business, you can speak to one of our SEO specialists. We will consider your unique circumstances and provide a customised SEO plan with pricing for your website.

How do some companies offer cheap SEO services?

Just like any service or product – you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are countless churn and burn SEO agencies out there, with hundreds of clients on the books paying next to nothing for ineffective SEO services. They may promise a 500-word blog article or X number of new backlinks per month – but that doesn’t mean that they will get you results.

Most of the cheap SEO agencies will outsource their work to offshore companies that use short-sighted tactics to fool clients into thinking they are on the right track. Most cheap SEO company clients do not realise that their monthly retainer is being used to run an automated SEO tool that isn’t worth the bandwidth that it occupies.

The other thing to note about companies offering cheap SEO services is the way that they sell them. Most of these companies will run aggressive Facebook Advertising or Google Ad campaigns to lure in unsuspecting businesses. Any SEO agency worth their salt will market their organic marketing services with (you guessed it) SEO.

Can I do my own SEO?

Of course you can!

But, by the same logic, you can also build a house or repair a broken car – so long as you have the time, tools, and expertise to make it happen.

Like any professional service, hiring an SEO Agency means working with qualified SEO experts who understand how to get results. We spend all of our time researching and understanding how SEO works, which means that we can implement changes and improvements in a fraction of the time as someone that does not know what they are doing.

If you are willing to devote all of your time to learning SEO, you can certainly do it yourself.

Why should I work with Safari Digital?

• Because we work with a small number of clients to ensure that we maintain quality SEO services without ever compromising on the quality.
• Because we will never work with two companies in the same industry and area at the same time – so you won’t have to worry about us working with your competition.
• Because we are a specialised SEO company. We spend 100% of our time, effort and resources on SEO which means that you’ll always be up to date with the latest developments.
• Because we do not take on clients that we do not believe we can help. If we do not think that you are going to be the right fit for our services – we will tell you.
• Because we have in-house web developers to solve many of the technical SEO pitfalls that other SEO companies are not equipped to handle.
• Because we give a stuff about your success. One client will not change our business but working with the right SEO agency can change yours. We understand the trust that you are placing in us and we do not take it lightly.

Can you provide a timeline for SEO results?

We take a process driven approach to SEO that focusses on completing actions that have a proven track record of improving SEO visibility. Based on your website history and current position in the market, we will be able to provide a rough estimation of when you can expect to see results, however, the timeline for your results will ultimately be determined by Google.

As an SEO provider, our job is to implement an SEO strategy that aligns with Google’s best practice guidelines. Timelines and campaigns are scheduled into deliverables that you can track in real time. If you are shopping for SEO, we recommend looking for a company that prioritises long-term results over short term gains.

How do I get started?

Simply use the contact form below or the contact page on our website to arrange a follow up with your Canberra SEO consultant from Safari Digital. Business owners and marketing managers are welcome to book an appointment with an SEO expert from Safari Digital.

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