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We’re here to change the way you think about SEO Services in Australia.

Safari Digital SEO Services is a progressive digital marketing agency delivering expert search engine optimisation services to Australian businesses. Since 2018, we have been focussed exclusively on delivering the best SEO Australia has to offer. As a result, we do not dabble in Facebook Advertising, Social Media Strategy, or Google Advertising. We spent 100% of our energy and in-house resources on devising SEO strategies that deliver real, revenue-generating results for our clients.

We offer a range of SEO service plans that can be catered towards your unique business and business goals. Not every business is the same, and your SEO goals are going to be unique depending on your product or service offering, your location, and the competition in the industry.

As of 2021, the SEO landscape in Australia is dominated by large, publicly owned digital marketing agencies that care more about their IPO, then helping their clients to grow. At Safari Digital, we are privately owned and boast a small, dedicated team of SEO services professionals that are passionate about delivering great service. We don’t have a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum SEO service plan for you to choose from. We cut out the B/S and create tailored SEO solutions that are designed to help your business grow.

Each decision that we make is based on delivering a substantial ROI for our clients. If we do not believe that our SEO is going to take your business to the next level, we will not work with you. If we believe that your marketing budget is better invested elsewhere, we will be the first to let you know.

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SEO Services That Will Help Your Business Grow in 2021 and Beyond

Our approach to search engine optimisation has been designed to deliver exceptional results in 6-months, 12-months, and two years’ time. While we cannot predict the way that Google will change and evolve over the next few years, we can safely say that Google is looking for website that deliver value.

Our SEO services are about finding creating an online experience that delivers value to your prospective customers. We’re not into shady SEO tactics and if you’re looking for a ‘X% increase in traffic in 90 days or your money back’ kind of agency, I’d suggest that we are not the SEO Agency for you.

Our customised SEO campaigns target all of the on-page and off-page SEO elements that help your business get found online. Not only are we an exclusive provider of SEO services (meaning we don’t dabble in any other facet of digital marketing), but we are proof that SEO has the power to grow a business. Our business has been created and grown on the strength of our own SEO services. We started with a referral network of zero and have never invested a dollar into paid digital marketing services for Safari Digital. When done correctly, search engine optimization services are the most effective way to grow your business online – our success as an agency is proof of this theory.

Liam Ridings - Safari Digital SEO Director

Our Approach to SEO Services

SEO Services That Deliver Lasting Results

Consistent, time-tested SEO strategies that deliver revenue-generating results

IT Company

IT Company SEO Case Study
  • 106 Top 3 Google Rankings
  • 4,503% Increase in Organic Clicks

  • 533% Increase in Impressions

Roofing Client

Roofing SEO Client Case Study
  • 198 #1 Google Rankings
  • 7,345% Increase In Organic Clicks

  • 498% Increase in Impressions


HAZMAT Company SEO Case Study
  • 86 #1 Google Rankings
  • 554% Increase in Organic Clicks
  • 555% Increase in Impressions

Bricks and Mortar Furniture Client

SEO Client Case Study - Furniture Company
  • 107 Page 1 Google Rankings

  • 76% Increase in Clicks

  • 122% Increase in Impressions

Physiotherapy Clinic Client

SEO client case study of a physiotherapist
  • 32 Top 3 Google Rankings

  • 248% Increase in clicks

  • 143% Increase in Impressions

Online Homewares E-Comm

E-Commerce SEO Client Case Study
  • 127 Page 1 Google Rankings

  • 669% Increase in Clicks

  • 191% Increase in Impressions

SEO Services Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an SEO Service?

An SEO service is a digital marketing service that is delivered by an SEO Agency or Digital Consultant that helps businesses (of all sizes) to increase their online traffic through organic Google search. The goal of these services is to increase your Google rankings for relevant, revenue generating search terms that align with your key performance indicators for growth.

Search engine marketing services are designed to help a business appear higher up in the search engine results. It really is that simple. When a website appears higher up in the search results for relevant search terms, they will generate more phone calls, leads, and sales. With approximately 43% of all organic clicks going to the number one position in Google, it pays to appear at the top.

Over the years, the search ranking algorithm has changed dramatically. Even today, the search ranking algorithm continues to evolve. Many of the black hat SEO tactics that were effective in the early 2000s are no longer effective today. As an SEO service provider, it is our responsibility to understand how these changes affect our clients.

2. How Much do SEO Services Cost?

One of the most common questions that we receive is “how much does SEO actually cost?”. And with good reason too, at the end of the day, search engine optimisation services are a considered purchase. If you are investing in your business, you want a level of assurance that you are spending your money wisely.

Unlike some of the other agencies that offer on a high churn-and-burn rate, we do not have bronze, silver, and gold level SEO packages. And quite frankly, we think that is all a rouse to cut down on the onboarding process and ensure that they can get your direct debit set up as soon as possible.

Our SEO pricing is dictated by the amount of work and internal resources that are required to help your business succeed online. The minimum cost of SEO services for small to medium business starts at $1,500 per month, with large business operating across multiple categories going up to $10,000+ per month. At the end of the day, we are a human lead team which means that are limited by the amount of work that we can physically complete each month. The cost of SEO will be determined by how much time and how many internal resources we need to dedicate your website each month.

Here are a few key points that will impact the cost of SEO for your business:

1. The age and history of your website
2. Your current website health
3. The number of new pages that need to be created
4. The size of the market that you are competing in
5. The work being carried out by your competitors
6. Previous SEO work that has been completed in the past

There are no hard and fast rules. If you would like to find out how much it costs to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of leads that your website receives online, get in touch with the team for a customised SEO quote for your business.

3. Who Provides the Best Services in Australia?

Well really, how do you think we are going to answer this question?

Let’s try and be as partial as possible here. There are other agencies in Australia that provide good search marketing services. However, there are only a handful of dedicated SEO companies in Australia that offer search engine optimisation as their only service – and we are one of them.

We would recommend that you do your own research on this one. Finding a trustworthy and reliable marketing provider can seem nearly impossible. We are completely transparent in the way that we operate. If we believe that we are going to be able to deliver outstanding results for your business, then we will take you on as a client.

We are the only dedicated SEO agency in Australia that appears on the first page of Google in every city in Australia – if that doesn’t show good proof of concept, then what does?

4. Can you Guarantee Results?

Some of the SEO companies that you come across on your SEO search may offer different levels of promises or guarantees. At first glance, this may seem like a blessing. Afterall, who doesn’t want a satisfaction guarantee when they are paying for a product or service. A company that is promising to deliver a result with your SEO may typically offer one of the following things:

· X number of keywords on page one or your money back
· X number of keywords on page one within 90 days
· 90 Day money back guarantee

The truth is Google will decide where a website ranks and for how long it stays there. There is no way of guaranteeing how long it will take to see results in SEO. Google’s SEO explainer course in Google search central says:

“Your prospective SEO should be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement, and an estimate of the work involved. If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

Quite frankly, an agency or company that is offering a guaranteed SEO service is blowing smoke where the sun doesn’t shine. There are hundreds of different factors that determine whether a website will rank higher in Google. As SEO professionals, we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to optimise your website for the factors that matter – but (because we are not Google) cannot guarantee results or a timeframe for them.

We are confident that our services will deliver a positive ROI within a reasonable time frame. We offer month to month contracts and let out clients make the decision on whether or not they want to continue to use our services.

5. What is the Difference between a Good and Bad Service?

Quite a lot, actually. The difference between a good SEO service, and a bad SEO service is enormous. Here is a visual of just how different the results can be when you work with Safari Digital vs. Another SEO Provider.

Previous SEO Provider Results (working with client for 2 years) vs. Safari Digital Results

Previous SEO services provider results
Safari Digital SEO Services results

In the first image, our client had been working with their previous SEO provider for more than two years. The results were lacklustre, and they had reached a plateau where they were no longer growing as a business due to a low quantity (and quality) of leads. In May 2020, we took them on as a client and got to work rewriting all of their service landing page copy, implementing simple technical SEO fixes, creating links, and generating an ongoing content marketing plan that generates high-quality, top of the funnel leads.

In a period of less than 12-months, they went from receiving 278 clicks in a month, to 7,512 clicks in a month – a 2602% increase in clicks. To put that in perspective, the client now receives more clicks in just over 24-hours than they were receiving in an entire month.

The moral of the story is simple. Not all search engine optimisation services are created equally. The key difference is that we implement the same tactics for our clients that we implement for our own agency. We do not cut corners and we genuinely revel in the success of our clients.

6. Can I do My Own SEO?

Yes! SEO is completely free – anyone with a reasonable level of knowledge about what is involved in search engine optimization can put together some basic best practices. Over time, you may find it difficult to compete with companies and websites that are employing the services of SEO experts and professionals. Just like anything, you get out exactly what you put in. The greater understanding and level of expertise that you can apply to SEO services, the more substantial the results are going to be.

7. What Third Party SEO Tools Do You Use?

We use a range of third-party tools including Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and Majestic to develop and measure SEO strategies. We also have a number of SEO tools that we have developed in-house to help us deliver the best possible SEO to our clients. We have worked with developers to create tools that provide superior visibility on what your competitors are doing and the processes that we need to implement to help you appear above them in Google search. Off-the-shelf SEO tools are great, but for some things, we needed to develop our own tools to give us an edge on the market.

8. Will I Need to Create New Web Pages?

Yes, almost invariably.

In order to get the most out of your SEO campaign, we will routinely create product or service landing pages that are set up to rank and convert well in Google. In the first month of your SEO campaign, we will analyse and recommend where the greatest gaps and opportunities exist for your website.

9. Do You Provide One Off SEO Services?

No, sorry.

Providing a one-off SEO service is kind of like asking a builder to make you a house in a single day. Even if they were to attempt the project, the end result would be rushed, unstable, and unreliable. The same can be said for one off services.

All of our SEO services are delivered on a campaign basis. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is not possible to deliver an SEO result that we can be proud of in a matter of a month or two. SEO work takes time and we do not take on one off SEO projects because we cannot deliver a result that we can stand behind. SEO is a cumulative process that takes time. All of our SEO campaigns are delivered on a month-by-month basis; however, we strongly recommend holding off on SEO if you cannot commit to a minimum 6-month period of work.

10. Can SEO Increase the Quantity of Leads That I Receive?

Yes. Our services are geared towards increasing the number of leads and sales that your business receives online. Our strategies uncover what your target demographic is searching for on Google and how we can put you in front of them when they are ready to make a purchase or send an enquiry.

11. Can SEO Increase the Quality of Leads That I Receive?

Yes. The quantity of leads that your website receives through SEO is a direct response to the kinds of keywords that you choose to target in your SEO campaign. At Safari Digital, we aren’t interested in putting you on page one of Google for hundreds of irrelevant keywords to make ourselves look proficient. We want to put you on page one of Google for the keywords that are going to propel your business forward. Our SEO strategy is geared towards generating high-quality leads by targeting highly relevant, revenue generating key terms.

12. How is SEO Different from PPC?

Search engine optimisation is the process of researching, refining, and optimising the on-site and off-site elements of your website to enhance your organic visibility in the search engines. PPC, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, or however you choose to refer to it, is the process of buying a listing at the top of Google. You are renting a space at the top of Google so that your prospective customers can find your website. So long as you continue to pay for each click and impression that you receive, then your business will remain at the top of the search results.

PPC marketing services powered by Google are designed to provide instant visibility for a high cost. They are an effective way to generate leads – so long as you are willing to pay for each enquiry and lead that you receive. While there is no disputing the efficacy of Google Ads for delivering immediate results, it is difficult to scale a business when you are paying for each lead that you receive.

The good thing is that you do not have to choose between SEO and PPC. You are free to run them concurrently and use them to generate more leads for your business. For new websites, we recommend running a PPC Google Ads campaign before investing in SEO because it will give you a feel for the kinds of leads you want to receive. While we do not provide these services in-house, we are happy to put you in touch with a PPC consultant who can help you with those needs.

13. Is SEO Right for My Business?

Maybe it is, maybe it is not. Not all businesses are the right fit for SEO services. Some businesses are better off investing their money elsewhere.

Transparency is the most important aspect of any successful working relationship. To ensure that we build a relationship of mutual respect with our clients (and prospective clients) we will conduct a preliminary audit to determine whether SEO is a good fit for your business model.

We do not work with everyone that approaches us – and we wear that with a badge of honour. It could well be the factor that stops our founder driving a Ferrari someday, but it is the way we choose to do business. Our team is here to generate lasting SEO results for businesses in Australia. If we feel that we can help your business with SEO, then we will take you on as a client – it really is that simple.

14. Is Safari Digital the Best Fit For my Business?

We can’t tell you that without speaking to you first. What we can tell you is that if we do not feel you are the right fit for your business (and vice versa) then we won’t take you on as a client. We don’t work with everyone and we don’t work on a churn and burn basis. We take on clients that we feel we can deliver substantial, revenue generating results for. If we feel that you are not the right fit for our services or that your marketing dollars are better spent elsewhere, we will be the first to tell you – guaranteed.

15. What is Your Link Building Process?

Our backlink building process is lengthy and labour intensive. Unlike some of our competitors who use cheap, Blackhat link building tactics for clients and premium tactics for their own website, we approach client link building in the same way we do our own link building.

1. Identify strong competitor links
2. Understand how they acquired these links
3. Reverse engineer the process to acquire that link for your website

White hat link building is not rocket science – but it is a slow process. When you work with us, you’ll have an Australian based off-site SEO professional working on link building for your website. We don’t cut corners, use Blackhat tactics, or look for ‘quick wins’. Our link building process is about identifying what is driving your competitor search engine rankings and then reverse engineering that process for your website.

16. Will You Share New Links with Me?

Absolutely. Your monthly SEO report will contain a full run down on new backlinks that we have acquired for your website in the most recent reporting period. Any SEO company that is not willing to give you access to your backlink should be given a very wide berth. There are some shady operators in this industry, and anyone that thinks you do not have a right to see the backlinks that are created with the money you are investing are at the top of that list.

17. Will I Have Access to Rank Tracking Tools?

Yes, we provide 24/7 access to the same keyword tracking tools that we use to measure the movements in your campaign. You will have access to keyword tracking tools, ranking tools, traffic data tools, and everything else we use to measure your campaign. Transparency is the key to trust, which is why we want to give you complete visibility over where your money is being spent and what that means for your business.

18. How Many Keywords Can You Target?

Quite truthfully, as many as you want. We do not limit our SEO services by the number of keywords that we can target in a campaign. SEO providers selling ‘keyword ranking packages’ are usually full of you know what. We focus on getting you traffic. If there is relevant keyword data to suggest that a keyword is worth targeting for your website, then we will go after it.

We select keywords based on a combination of search volume, competition, and intent. The latter, being the most important. We focus on keywords that are going to drive your bottom line – not the ones that are going to look good in your end of month report. We can feasibly put you on page one of Google for thousands of different keywords, but if they are not going to drive relevant traffic, growth, and conversions – then what is the point?

19. Do You Price Match Other Companies in Australia?

Sadly not. Not because we don’t enjoy an Office Works style price match guarantee in other areas of life, but because SEO services are not completed equally.

Quite frankly, we are regularly disappointed by the quality of work that is being put out by other SEO companies in Australia. We hold ourselves to a high standard which means that we invest in our clients and our team to deliver the best possible service in Australia.

20. Do You Outsource Any of the Process Overseas?

No. Not a single aspect of the process is outsourced overseas.

Every single step of the process is completed by our Sydney based SEO team. From the ideation to research and execution, we complete each step of the SEO process in-house. The moment that we think about outsourcing any step of the process overseas is the moment that we need to reassess our business model. So long as we are working on your business, you can be assured that the work is been completed by local SEO experts with the highest level of expertise, training, and industry knowledge behind them.

21. Are Your Content writers in Australia?

Yes, we all sit in the same room in fact. Our SEO content specialists are some of the most capable writers in Australia. With a unique mix of SEO knowledge and writing ability, our content writers have written for business in the medical, legal, agricultural, and engineering fields with great success. It may take one or two revisions to master the tone and vernacular that is unique to your business, but our content writers are capable of nailing it across a range of industries.

If you prefer to have your internal content team, take care of the writing, we will supply you with SEO skeletons that outline the meta data, keywords, and keyword density that you need to hit to write an effective piece of SEO content. Either way, our content writers will work with you each step of the way through email phone communication – whichever you prefer.

22. Do You Work with Business Outside of Australia?

Yes. We work with business from the UK, Singapore, New Zealand, and Europe. Search engine optimisation is a transferrable service that can be applied to any number of industries and markets. So long as people are looking for the products or services that your business offers in Google, we can help you grown.

23. Wait, Isn’t SEO Free?

In a way, yes, it is. But so is fixing your car and travelling from Sydney to Perth (if you walk). Hiring an SEO provider to deliver the best service for your business is about deciding how valuable your time is. We spend every moment of every working day researching, implementing, and refining our approach to SEO to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

To be frank, it is not possible to master SEO in the same way that we are able to without spend hundreds of hours each week on the craft. When I started out in SEO, I was rubbish (this is Liam, the guy in the pictures speaking by the way), but after a few years I started to hit my stride. It took about two or three years working full time in SEO before I felt like I was really good at SEO. If you are willing to spend all of your time doing SEO, then I have no doubt that you will be able to do that same. As a business owner, it’s about deciding where your specialty lies and where you need external assistance.

24. Who Does the SEO for Safari Digital?

We do.

The team that gets Safari Digital to the top of Google for some of the most competitive keywords in Australia (think about it, we’re competing against other SEO professionals) is the same team that will be working on your website. Believe it or not, some of the other SEO providers that you see on page one of Google have an internal team that works on their SEO and another one that works on the SEO for their client’s.

We owe our success as a business to the efficacy of our own search engine optimisation services. We get high on (Google) our own supply (so to speak) and we have the tools and team that can deliver the same results for your business. Don’t work with one of the agencies that outsource their SEO to someone else, work with the team that practices what they preach!

25. Do You Offer any Other Digital Marketing Services?

No we don’t offer other digital marketing services, sorry.

We spend 100% of our time, energy, effort, and resources on developing the best SEO service in Australia. If you are looking for a ‘full service digital marketing agency’, there are no shortage of options on the market. But just remember this, their resources are spread across three, four, or ten different facets of digital marketing. While there is no denying that they may have a very broad understanding of online marketing service, we highly-doubt that they have the specialised expertise of a dedicated SEO provider.

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On-Site SEO Services Explained

On-site SEO ranking factors explained

As a full-service SEO provider, we focus on the on-site (or on-page) SEO elements that influence how your website appears in the Google search results. As far as your SEO rankings go, the on-site elements account for roughly 50% of how your website appears in Google. Getting to the first page requires planning and effective strategy.
Getting all of your on-page elements in place is the first step in any successful SEO campaign. Before we can worry about the off-site factors, we first need to ensure that you are using the correct meta data, UX language, technical SEO, internal linking, keyword density, URL structure, information architecture, page titles, and countless other on-page elements. If your on-page SEO is not effective, it does not matter how good your off-page SEO strategy is – you will not rank well in Google.

 Off-Site SEO Ranking Factors Explained

Off-site SEO or Off-page SEO as it is also known is the practice of optimising the external elements that influence how a website ranks in the organic search results. Google uses hundreds of different factors to determine how a website ranks on Google. Many of these factors occur off the page.

As SEO has evolved rapidly over the last decade, however, one thing that has not changed is the value and importance of relevant off-page SEO signals. Some of the most important off-site SEO factors that we address throughout the course of an SEO project include backlinks, local citations, Google My Business, brand mention building, guest posting, and ongoing link building outreach. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not outsource a single element of our off-page SEO strategy. We keep everything in-house to ensure we deliver the best quality off-page SEO in Australia.

off-site SEO ranking factors explained

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