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SEO Services that empower small, medium, and enterprise level brands to reach their target market more efficiently online. Whether you’re looking to own your local market, or you’re ready to dominate a national market – our team of dedicated SEO specialists can make it a reality.

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SEO Services are your key to higher Google rankings, more website traffic, and sustained business growth.

Search engine optimisation is an investment in the long-term success of your business. You know what happens when you cut your paid ads and your social media ads when you stop paying for them? You disappear. Conversely, SEO continues to benefit your business for months and years after you pay your final invoice.

This year, more than 44% of businesses in Australia will invest in search engine optimisation services. Whether you are operating an e-commerce store, SAAS, professional service business, or you’re a mobile business like a tradesperson that covers different locations, SEO marketing is fundamental to growing your business online.

Investing in SEO for your business means taking an active approach to growing your market share and building brand awareness. With more than 97% of users turning to Google to locate a business and 28% of local searches resulting in an online or offline purchase, it’s critical that you have a strong online presence in your industry.

Dedicated to SEO – Not Another Generalist Agency

Safari Digital is a progressive digital marketing agency delivering expert search engine optimisation for Australian businesses. For more than five years, we have been focussing exclusively on delivering the best SEO Australia has to offer. As a result, we do not dabble in Facebook Advertising, Social Media Strategy, or Google Advertising. We spent 100% of our energy and in-house resources on devising SEO strategies that deliver real, revenue-generating results for our clients.

We offer a range of SEO service plans that can be catered towards your unique business and goals. Each company that we work with is different, which means that we need to take a unique approach to find the right solution. Our specialists will examine your market, current position, and what is required to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Big Enough to Win, Small Enough to Care

The SEO landscape in Australia is dominated by bloated, generalist digital marketing agencies with an SEO team that makes up a tiny fraction of their team. At Safari Digital, we are a dedicated SEO agency delivering customised SEO solutions that facilitate sustained, long-term growth. We cut out the B/S and create tailored SEO solutions that are designed to help your business grow.

Data-Driven SEO Management Services

Search engine optimisation marketing services in Australia are in high demand. The latest data from third-party tool Semrush shows that 2,400 business owners and individuals search for SEO Services in Google each month. In addition to these searches, a further 2,900 search for SEO Agencies and another 1,600 search for SEO Companies in Australia each month. Over the last 12-months, Google searches related to SEO marketing have increased by more than 17% as companies look for more effective way to reach their target audience.

Using third-party marketing tools, market research, and competitor insights, Safari Digital was able to identify that ranking at the top of Google for SEO services in Australia was a highly effective way to connect with local companies searching for search engine optimisation services. Our team uses the same tools, market insights, and competitor research to find out how your target audience uses search engines to find your goods or services. Once we understand how your audience uses Google search, we can reverse engineer a strategy that ensures your business appears in front of the right customers at the right time.

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Liam Ridings

Founder & SEO Lead

What actually makes a website rank #1 on Google?

There is a lot of misinformation out there around what makes a website rank #1 on Google and what marketers can do to improve their organic presence. After hundreds of SEO campaigns and thousands of hours spent analysing the cause and effect of changes made throughout those campaigns, here are the website factors that matter the most.

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The Safari Digital Difference

Our approach to search engine optimisation has been designed to deliver exceptional results in 6-months, 12-months, and two years’ time. While we cannot predict the way that Google will change and evolve over the next few years, we can safely say that Google is looking for website that deliver value.

We are committed to creating an online experience that delivers value to your prospective customers. We’re not into shady tactics and if you’re looking for a ‘X% increase in organic traffic in 90 days or your money back’ kind of agency, I’d suggest that we are not the SEO Agency for you.

Our customised campaigns target all of the on-page and off-page SEO elements that help your business get found online. Not only are we an exclusive provider of the best SEO services (meaning we don’t dabble in any other facet of digital marketing), but we are proof that organic search engine marketing has the power to grow a business. Safari Digital was created and has been grown on the strength of our own search strategy. We started with a referral network of zero and have never invested a dollar into paid digital marketing services for Safari Digital. When done correctly, search engine optimization services are the most effective way to grow your business online – our success as an agency is proof of this theory.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Want to know what it’s like to partner with Safari Digital? Check out some of the latest reviews from our clients.

“Great company to work with – fantastic output for a very affordable rate. We’re a few months into our partnership and have seen great results so far. No-nonsense, upfront and honest.”

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Tim Vetter

“Safari Digital were amazing to work with and were able to really improve our SEO. Liam was so knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for us.”

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Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

“I spoke to a handful of SEO agencies before settling on Safari Digital. It’s been a brilliant experience in the first few months of working together! Liam and Breanna have been so helpful and provided so many insights into how everything works. Looking forward to seeing things progress this year.”

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Jia Lingxin

“Safari Digital were a pleasure to work with. We were looking for guidance on SEO best practices for a CMS migration. Liam was excellent in explaining the process and what we needed to be aware of when migrating. Three months after migrating CMS and our traffic is above where it was before we moved platforms. Process was simple and price was fair :)”

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Jarrod Freeman

“Brilliant results and genuine people. Liam really knows his stuff and is always generous with information around the SEO process and what exactly is being done on our website each month. Great stuff.”

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Luke Bennett

On-Site SEO Ranking Factors

As a full-service SEO provider, we focus on the on-site (or on-page) elements that influence how your website appears in the Google search results. As far as your rankings go, the on-site elements account for roughly 50% of how your website appears in Google. Getting to the first page requires planning and effective strategy.

Getting all of your on-page elements in place is the first step in any successful SEO campaign. Before we can worry about the off-site factors, we first need to ensure that you are using the correct meta data, UX language, technical SEO, internal linking, keyword density, URL structure, information architecture, page titles, and countless other on-page elements. If your on-page SEO is not effective, it does not matter how good your off-page SEO strategy is – you will not rank well in Google.

On-Site SEO Services

Off-Site SEO Ranking Factors

Off-site or Off-page SEO as it is also known is the practice of optimising the external elements that influence how a website ranks in the organic search results. Google uses hundreds of different factors to determine how a website ranks on Google. Many of these factors occur off the page.

As search engine algorithms have evolved rapidly over the last decade, however, one thing that has not changed is the value and importance of relevant off-page SEO signals. Some of the most important off-site SEO factors that we address throughout the course of a campaign include backlinks, local citations, Google My Business, brand mention building, guest posting, and ongoing link building outreach. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not outsource a single element of our off-page strategy. We keep everything in-house to ensure we deliver the best quality off-page SEO in Australia.

Off-Site SEO Services

SEO Services to Suit Diverse Business Goals

Search engine optimisation services to suit different industries and applications – we’ve got you coved.

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