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SEO for Real Estate is one of the toughest markets to crack in Australia. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property buyer’s agent, or providing another service or product in the real estate vertical, making your way to the top of Google is a tough ask.

Real Estate SEO services are an ideal supplementary marketing channel to help real estate professionals stand out, build brand awareness, and establish topical expertise.

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Real Estate SEO – SEO for Real Estate Agents

Real estate SEO services are designed to improve the organic visibility and reach of websites operating in the real estate and property markets.

When done correctly, SEO for real estate means ranking at the top of the search results for relevant, meaningful search terms.

Just like any search engine optimisation strategy, the goal is to showcase your products (listings) or services to those who are searching for them in Google.

Withe the right strategy, SEO for real estate professionals can effectively attract vetted, local leads that can be converted to paying clients.

Unlike Google Ads or real estate listing platforms, SEO is not a quick-fix or overnight strategy. On the flip side, however, search engine optimisation takes time to win trust and appear at the top of the search results.

For real estate agents, brokerages, or buyers’ agents that have the patience to stick the course, SEO marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing channel.

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Is SEO for real estate worthwhile?

Whether you’re a real estate agent or simply a business that operates in the real estate space, SEO is one of the most effective inbound lead generation strategies in your arsenal.

Unlike traditional real estate marketing methods that involve outreach, search engine optimisation for real estate capitalises on users that are looking for the products or services that are offered by your company.

With the right strategy, SEO for real estate can dramatically increase your topical authority, organic reach, and ensure that your business is front of mind for consumers that are actively looking for the goods or services provided by your business.

With that said, it is essential that your SEO goals align with what is actually possible – read on to find out what is and what is not possible with the right SEO strategy for real estate businesses.

Here’s what real estate SEO is NOT:

• Real estate SEO is not a way to outrank REA group or Domain on Google

This is the biggest misdemeanour for those investing in SEO for real estate businesses. Trust us, someone will sell this dream – but it’s not going to happen. You should not be looking at real estate SEO as a way to ween off the major listing platforms. That’s where buyers exist and that’s where they go. The industry would need a catastrophic shift in buyer behaviour to change this.

What kind of Real Estate Businesses can Benefit from SEO?

• Real estate agents
• Real estate brokers
• Property management service providers
• Property buyers’ agents
• Property investors
• Real estate developers
• Real estate photographers
• Real estate legal professionals (conveyancers etc.)
• Mortgage lenders & home loan brokers
• Quantity surveyors & property appraisers

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Benefits of a Real Estate SEO Strategy

SEO for Real Estate: Blueprint Strategy

On-site SEO Strategy

  • Keyword research

  • Keyword strategy planning

  • Meta data optimisation

  • Internal link strategy

  • Content optimisation

  • Menu & nav (UX/UI) optimisation

Off-site SEO Strategy

  • Link building

  • Outreach & planning

  • PR-style link bait articles

  • Brand mention link claiming

  • Directory listings

  • Google business listings/directory listings

Technical SEO Strategy

  • Site speed enhancements

  • Website architecture

  • XML & HTML sitemap optimisation

  • Robots.txt file configuration

  • Structured data implementation

  • Content cannibalisation reviews

Content Strategy

  • Topic research

  • Article planning

  • Content cluster creation

  • Content roll-out & schedule

  • Ongoing content improvements

  • Content performance analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO for real estate businesses starts at $1,500 per month (+GST) and can go up to $10,000+ (+GST) per month. The cost of real estate SEO services will depend on a number of important factors including:

• The competition in your industry
• The location of your business & target audience
• The level of service and support that you are looking for
• Your SEO goals & strength of competitors
• The number of services that you offer
• The complexity of your SEO campaign and strategy

We are not the cheapest real estate SEO services Australia has to offer – you’ll find those on page 3, 4, 10, or 20 of Google. We provide value-driven search engine optimisation for real estate professionals.

How can I measure ROI for real estate SEO?

The first thing that you need to understand is that SEO is not a dollar in, dollar out machine that is simple to measure. SEO is an investment in your brand, your business, and your longevity. Unlike PPC marketing where you can see dollar in, dollar out, the ROI from SEO is harder to measure.

When done correctly, SEO is a mix of content marketing, PR link building, and brand development marketing that doesn’t fit into a neat chart or spreadsheet. SEO is measured in new business, new opportunities, and business growth.

What KPIs can I measure?

While it can be difficult to quantify the ROI of real estate SEO services, that doesn’t mean we won’t be chasing (and reporting on) key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can expect to see improve over time.

• Increased search engine visibility
• Increased search engine rankings for relevant search terms
• Increased website impressions for relevant queries
• Increase in time spent on your website
• Increase in website authority and trust (third party measurements)
• Improvements to your backlink profile
• Increased time on page
• Lower bounce rate on website
• Increased number of pages per session
• Enquiries, phone calls, and new leads

How long does SEO for real estate take to work?

For any industry (not just the real estate industry), you can expect a period of 4-8-months before you start to see results for your SEO investment.

While this is a nice tidy number, the actual timeframe is a little bit more complex. It can either be faster, or slower. Here are some of the factors that influence the timeframe for SEO results:

• Your starting position
• The competition in your industry
• The strength of your competitors
• Previous SEO efforts (this can be good or bad)
• The amount that you invest in your strategy

Based on your website history insights and current rankings, our SEO experts will be able to provide a rough timeline for SEO results so that you know what to expect before starting.

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