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Tired of working with generalist digital marketing agencies that are trying to do it all? Take your search engine visibility to the next level with Australia’s highest ranking SEO Agency – Safari Digital.

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We’re Here to Change the Way You Think About SEO

Safari Digital is run by a small, dedicated team of search engine optimisation professionals. We work with small to large businesses to develop sustainable, data-driven SEO solutions that deliver real results. Our team is dedicated to search engine optimisation. We don’t do Google Ads, Web Development, or Social Media stuff. We focus exclusively on getting businesses (like yours) to the first page of Google for relevant, revenue-generating search terms.

We get it. You want to work with an SEO Company that you can trust. But how can you find one that actually knows what they are doing and won’t outsource your work overseas? The Australian marketing industry is flooded with ‘gurus’ and ‘expert’ digital marketing agencies promising quick wins and fast-tracked results. So how do you find an SEO provider that actually knows what they are on about?

For us, it all comes down to Return on Investment (ROI). Delivering a substantial return on your investment is all that we care about. Every decision that we make is about maximising the value of your website traffic. We don’t care about getting your website to page one of Google for search terms that will not generate leads, enquiries, or sales. We focus on the keywords and key phrases that are making money for your competitors.

Just like Google’s search ranking algorithm, our approach to search engine optimisation is always evolving. Our approach and techniques are improved and refined with each business that we work with. As a dedicated team of Australian experts, it’s our job to understand how Google sorts, interprets and ranks content according to all of the data we have available. We are constantly learning and improving to deliver the best SEO services.

Our SEO thought leadership has been cited around the globe.

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What Makes Safari Digital Different?

Safari Digital is an Australian search engine optimisation agency leveraging a wealth of performance data, market research, and years of experience to create SEO strategies that facilitate growth and stand the test of time. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know how to generate organic traffic, leads, and sales for your business with search engine optimisation.

We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate marketing experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, exaggerated traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We deal in facts, figures, and ROI. We’re motivated by helping businesses reach heights that they didn’t know were possible.

Working with Safari Digital means you’ll gain all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the drawbacks and burden of a dedicated in-house team. Safari Digital can work independently or collaboratively with your team and your business to set goals and implement organic marketing initiatives that drive extreme growth. Each step of our strategy is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your business.

Liam Ridings - Director & Founder of Safari Digital

Liam Ridings

Director & SEO Lead

Our Approach to SEO

SEO Services to Suit Diverse Business Goals

Search engine optimisation services to suit different industries and applications – we’ve got you coved.



SEO Services

Increase local reach & visibility.

The Solution

Ideal for local businesses

Target multiple areas

Leverage local searches

Increase map visibility

Build social proof & trust

Cost Effective


Small Business

SEO Services

Affordable solutions for growing businesses.

The Solution

Suitable for SMBs & Startups

SEO that scales with you

Build topical authority & reach

Includes local SEO elements

Build lasting leads & traffic



SEO Services

SEO solutions for complex problems

The Solution

Technical SEO assistance

Solve complex problems

Support for multiple CMS

Access leading tools & experts

Scalable solutions

White Label


SEO Services

Defer your SEO needs to the experts

The Solution

Outsource your SEO needs

Focus on your core skill

Retain strong relationships

Defer to experts

Leverage your relationships

The Safari Digital Difference

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of digital marketing agencies in Australia vying for your attention and business. So, in a market that has been flooded by churn and burn digital marketing agencies, here are a few reasons why you should consider Safari Digital for your organic marketing.

Breanna Golub

Breanna Golub

Accounts Director

You have probably seen other digital agencies advertising their search engine optimisation services through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or social media marketing. That’s not us, and it never will be. We win our clients by implementing the same search engine optimisation techniques that we use for our clients.

A marketing company that uses paid digital marketing to advertise their SEO expertise is akin to a car salesperson who sells cars for Nissan but drives home in their Toyota every evening. If you don’t believe in the effectiveness of the digital marketing channel that you are encouraging your potential customers to engage you for, then you shouldn’t be doing them.

100% of our search engine optimisation clients have engaged us through an organic enquiry. That means that they have found us for one of the myriads of SEO keywords that we rank number one for, and sent an enquiry as a result of that. Don’t get me wrong. Social Media Marketing and Google Ads are a highly effective form of advertising. But if you are going to spruik the effectiveness of SEO – then surely you should be using it to win your SEO clients. In 2021, SEO PPC advertising should be a sign that the digital marketing agency is struggling to achieve organic results.

The SEO Consultant that started Safari Digital will work on your campaign.

To ensure that we are delivering the same, consistent service that we have used to get our own business to the first page of Google, the founder of the company continues to oversee every aspect of each campaign. Liam Ridings (that’s me in the picture above) continues to work on each client project that we do. You won’t work with a marketing manager or account manager – you’ll work directly with an SEO professional.

All too often, the consultant that starts an SEO company or digital marketing agency get side-tracked with operations, tightening margins and business growth. As a result, the high quality of work plummets, and the client loses out. Our core competence is delivering the best SEO services in Australia – and that will not change. We focus on developing in-house talent to ensure that our consultants are amongst the most complete SEO talents in Australia. Those strengths have helped us as an agency to rank, and we will use those same strategies for you.

It’s a big claim, but it is one that we will stick by. We are confident that no other agency in Australia has turned down more lucrative clients that us in the past 12-months. To ensure that we get outstanding results on every SEO project that we do not work with everyone. Our services are not suited to all industries and business types – and we will be the first to tell you.

If we do not think you are the right fit for our services, we will tell you. Empty promises only lead to disgruntled customers. We are always upfront about the time, investment, and resources required to help you reach your goals. If we believe that there is a better way for you to invest your digital marketing budget – we will tell you. Transparency has helped us to reach this point, and it won’t change.

This one comes from a personal preference. We hate the long term, lock-in contracts. So we would never ask our clients to do the same. If your circumstances change or you do not want to continue your SEO campaign (for whatever reason), you can cancel your agreement at any time with 30-days’ notice.

No one likes account managers. And no one likes it when their calls go unanswered. At Safari Digital, you will never deal with an account manager or internal marketing manager. You will always speak directly with an SEO consultant who can answer your most burning questions. Our team is made up of a small, knowledgeable group of SEO consultants who will be happy to answer any question you have about your campaign.

Safari Digital Reviews

Want to know what it’s like to work with the Safari Digital team? Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Safari Digital do?

Let’s kick things off with the basics. What does an SEO Agency actually do?

At Safari Digital, we focus on the on-site, off-site, and technical elements that impact how your website appears in Google. In simple terms, Safari Digital is an external group of search engine optimisation professionals that work with businesses to improve their organic visibility in search engines.

We use a number of Key Performance Indicators that allow us to measure the effectiveness of our SEO services and the impact that they have on our clients.

  1. Number of web enquiries
  2. Number of in-store visits (brick and mortar specific)
  3. Volume of sales
  4. Revenue growth
  5. Online brand recognition

We are tasked with developing customised strategies that allow your business to get found online.

Is SEO still effective?

Yes, SEO continues to be the most effective and scalable online marketing channel for businesses that are committed to long-term growth. For almost every industry, SEO provides long-lasting traffic that becomes the life-blood of leads, enquiries and sales.

SEO is a long term online marketing strategy that is designed to deliver lasting search visibility. There is no rulebook and there is no exact science – every industry and business presents its own unique challenges. There are more than 200 different factors that impact how your website appears in Google. At Safari Digital, it is our job to understand and implement SEO strategies that help you to grow, online.

Why should I choose to work with Safari Digital?

When it comes to choosing the right search marketing company for your business – go with your gut.

If you get a good feeling from the SEO consultant that you are enquiring with, there’s probably a good reason for that. After all, you’ve managed to help the business to get to the position that gut instinct – so don’t ignore it now!

The truth is this. There are hundreds of digital marketing companies in Australia that will happily take you on as a client. We are a little bit different in this regard. We will only take you on as a client if we are confident that we can produce outstanding results. Not every SEO campaign is the same, and if we do not feel that you would be the right fit for our specialities – we will tell you.

Will I get customised monthly reporting?

Measuring the effectiveness of the SEO services that we provide starts (and finishes) with reporting. Before we can implement techniques that will improve your organic visibility, we first need to measure what success looks like. We use your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data to understand baseline traffic figures.

There are plenty of companies that will send you a generic report and then leave you to your own devices. That’s not out style. Our SEO reports are custom made with your business and your goals in mind. We will build out your customised report based on the key deliverables that you value the most.

Not every month is going to break records. Some SEO specialists will manipulate their monthly reporting and deliverables to make every month look like a record-breaker. We don’t play by those rules. Each month presents its own unique set of challenges. If there is a month that doesn’t live up to expectations, we will investigate the causes and come back to you with a plan of action. We use cutting edge strategies, which means that we learn every month. We don’t use cookie-cutter SEO techniques, and we are always learning.

How do I know if you’re any good at SEO?

Want to know how good we are at SEO? Why don’t you take a quick look at “SEO + every major city in Australia”. You will find us on page one (usually in the top 1-3 positions) for all of these locations. You know why? Because we practice what we preach! We don’t use paid ads to tell you all about how good our SEO services are. That would be kind of redundant.

We use the same cutting edge strategies for our own website that we will use for yours. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we don’t have one SEO team for our own website, and another for client websites. Working with Safari Digital means that your website will benefit from SEO strategies that we employ for our own website.

Pro Tip: The SEO companies using paid ads to their services rarely know what they are doing. The best companies (yes, there are others out there that you know what they are doing), will use search engine optimisation for advertising their services.

By now, we have worked with businesses across a wide range of fields. If you’d like to see the effectiveness of our SEO services for our clients. You can request an SEO report (client name will be hidden for confidentiality) that shows our SEO services’ actions, results, and outcomes.

What are some SEO statistics that I should know?

We have written an exhaustive list of SEO statistics that will impact businesses. If you’d like to reach that list, you can see the full list on our blog page. Make yourself a cup of tea before you start – there are more SEO stats than you can poke a stick at.

Here are some facts that every business owner and marketing manager should know.

  • Google is the most popular search engine – by a long way. Google accounts for more than 93% of all search engine traffic in Australia.
  • 1 in 3 companies allocate more than $1,100 per month towards link building
  • 78% of all location-oriented searches will result in an offline conversion within 24-hours
  • Keeping existing content up to date can increase organic traffic by more than 111%
  • 82% of companies that implemented an SEO strategy attributed it to an increase in business
  • Position number 1 in Google enjoys more than 34% of search traffic.
  • Businesses with a marketing strategy allocate more than 41% of their budget to SEO

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