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Increase website traffic, revenue and lead quality with the SEO Company more Australian businesses trust. Our specialised team of SEO experts spend 100% of their time mastering the intricacies of search engine optimisation. Customised SEO services that put ROI at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy. Explore our organic marketing services below to learn more.

  • No lock in contracts
  • SEO experts, not salespeople
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Safari Digital SEO Agency is run by a small, dedicated team of search engine optimisation professionals. We work with small to large businesses to develop sustainable, data-driven SEO solutions that deliver real results. Our SEO specialists are dedicated to SEO. We don’t do Google Ads, Web Development, or Social Media stuff. We focus exclusively on getting businesses (like yours) to the first page of Google for relevant, revenue-generating search terms.

We get it. You want to work with an SEO Company in Australia that you can trust. But how can you find one that actually knows what they are doing and won’t outsource your work overseas? The Australian SEO market is flooded with ‘gurus’ and ‘expert’ digital marketing agencies promising quick wins and fast-tracked results. So how do you find an Australian SEO Company that actually knows what they are on about?

For us, it all comes down to Return on Investment (ROI). Delivering a substantial return on your investment is all that we care about. Every decision that we make is about maximising the value of your website traffic. We don’t care about getting your website to page one of Google for search terms that will not generate leads, enquiries, or sales. We focus on the keywords and key phrases that are making money for your competitors.

Just like Google’s search ranking algorithm, our approach to search engine optimisation is always evolving. Our SEO techniques are improved and refined with each business that we work with. As a dedicated team of Australian SEO experts, it’s our job to understand how Google sorts, interprets and ranks content according to all of the data we have available. We are constantly learning and improving to deliver the best SEO services in Australia.

What Makes Safari Digital SEO Agency Different?

Safari Digital is an Australian search engine optimisation agency leveraging a wealth of performance data, market research, and years of experience to create SEO strategies that facilitate growth and stand the test of time. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know how to generate organic traffic, leads, and sales for your business with search engine optimisation.

We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate SEO experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, exaggerated traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We deal in facts, figures, and ROI. We’re motivated by helping businesses reach heights that they didn’t know were possible.

Working with Safari Digital SEO Agency means you’ll gain all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the drawbacks and burden of a dedicated in-house SEO team. Safari Digital SEO experts can work independently or collaboratively with your team and your business to set goals and implement organic marketing initiatives that drive extreme growth. Each step of our strategy is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your business.

Liam Ridings - Safari Digital SEO Director

Our SEO Strategy

We use proven SEO techniques to drive highly-motivated leads straight to your website

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Do I Need SEO Services?

Let’s start with the basics. What are SEO services? Do I need to work with an SEO company, and do SEO services really work?

We provide clarity on these questions and tell you whether you need an SEO Agency (hint: the answer is not a simple ‘yes’).

Do SEO Services Work?

Yes, they absolutely do.

As of 2021, 84% of businesses that invested in SEO services worldwide saw an improvement in their long term organic traffic.

But there are a few things that you need to understand about SEO if you want to see a positive result.

There is no rulebook for SEO. There is no exact science, and there is no cheat sheet released by Google.

The search results are contingent on the ever-changing search ranking algorithm. As of 2021, more than 200 different factors are taken into account when interpreting and ranking web pages.

Our digital SEO professionals have years of experience and are tasked with staying on top of the latest search engine rankings changes.

The CTR of position number 1 in Google search results

For instance, if an SEO professional ran an experiment and found an ideal on-page key phrase density, then that is the sort of information that should be implemented in an SEO campaign.

The leading SEO agency is willing to push the needle and experiment with delivering a positive web experience for users.

SEO may not be effective for everyone. Here are a few reasons why SEO services may not work for you:

  1. You do not have the budget required to meet your goals.
  2. You are looking to see fast results on a new website in a competitive market.
  3. You need X number of new leads by X date. SEO is highly effective. The timeline for every SEO campaign is at the discretion of Google. Our SEO services are about presenting the right content in the right format to Google. The big G ultimately determines the time frame that it takes to see results in the long term.
  4. Your technical website framework is not good enough.
  5. Your client base is not using Google to access your goods or services.
  6. There is no service or product recognition on Google search. When it comes to search, the horse comes before the cart. If people are searching for your product or services, we can help. If they are not, you will need to supplement our services with marketing activities to build awareness through outreach.

SEO is about managing expectations and explaining the process. We explain the process in simple terms and provide realistic time frames and expectations for our clients.

We believe in under-promising and overdelivering. If we take you on as a client, we believe that we can definitively help your business grow.

Are SEO Services Worth It?

When done correctly, yes!

When you choose an SEO Agency that is aligned with your goals and has the skills to get results, search engine optimisation services have the ability to transform your business completely.

SEO is not something that you do for your website once, and then it is done. You cannot “SEO your website” and then expect to see first page results for the rest of your business lifecycle.

As of 2021, Google makes nearly 70% of its revenue from Google Ads. Do you know how they do this? By keeping the search results dynamic.

If the organic search results were easy to rank in, Google would not have a viable business model. Google makes money by constantly updating their search algorithm and keeping it dynamic.

Search engine marketing is continually growing and evolving. There is a science to first page rankings, but that science is constantly evolving.

How Long Does SEO Take?

Here is something that most digital marketing agencies will not tell you when signing you up; Business owners should look at SEO as an ongoing marketing expense.

Doing SEO for five or six months and then ignoring it will not yield positive long term results or visibility.

If you have room in your marketing budget, SEO is an investment that you want to start as soon as possible.

SEO is a cumulative effect, the longer you are doing it, the easier it is to see results. If you want to see more leads, organic traffic and revenue in six months from now, you should start SEO today.

Get in touch for an SEO audit that can help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

Why Do you Need An SEO Agency?

SEO is the most scalable online marketing method. Search engine optimisation services are the answer for a business looking to build large-scale exposure on a budget.

As of 2021, more than 70% of clicks in Google go to the organic search results.

While Google ads have their place in an online marketing strategy, they are not as scalable as implementing an effective SEO strategy that stands the test of time.

SEO marketing continues to be the most effective way to grow your business online.

If you do not have an effective organic strategy, you miss more than 70% of possible website clicks and impressions.

SEO is not the right fit for every business. Some companies will benefit from investing more of their digital marketing budget elsewhere. But here are five good reasons why your business needs organic digital marketing services.

  1. You do not need to pay for ad space, clicks, or impressions
  2. SEO builds brand trust, credibility, and recognition
  3. Effective SEO enhances the on-site user experience
  4. SEO helps businesses to stay ahead of their competition
  5. You can measure the ROI from SEO

Above all, SEO is the most effective way to increase brand visibility and long term organic traffic at scale.

Unlike Facebook Advertising or Google Ads, you do not need to pay for each click and impression your site receives.

SEO is working around the clock to build brand credibility and recognition with your target audience.

Should I Hire an SEO Agency?

In 2021, there is more than enough information online to implement your own SEO work. The biggest problem that you will encounter is the sheer amount of conflicting information that exists.

One blog might tell you that meta titles do not matter for SEO, while the next might tell you that they are important.

Take it from us; the only way to master SEO is through trial and error. It takes years of trying and failing (don’t worry, that’s behind us now) to get good at SEO. Our SEO team have been what works and what does not first-hand.

It takes time to understand how each change and each update impacts your site.

Hiring an SEO company expedites this process. Instead of wondering what will work and what will not, an SEO agency has already been through the process.

So, can you do SEO for your own site in 2021?

Conceivably, yes. If you have the time to learn, try, fail, and then succeed. Then perhaps you can take on SEO by yourself.

When Should I NOT Work with An SEO Company?

Transparency is everything.

And it’s hard to find when you’re consulting with a digital marketing agency. The search engine optimisation industry is overrun with bulldogs and salespeople promising Gucci and delivering Guess.

We don’t work with everyone, and we wear that as a badge of honour. It might stop us from buying a Ferrari (sad face), but it’s the ethical choice when it comes to SEO.

Around 40% of the business that enquire about our SEO agencies service are not the right fit for an SEO campaign. It could be due to a range of different reasons, including:

Here are some reasons we will not work with a prospective client:

  1. The Business Does Not Necessitate an SEO Campaign.

Not every industry is the right fit for an SEO campaign. Some industries and business are better off investing their digital marketing budget into Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, or other digital marketing services.

Some products and services are better advertised on other platforms. Users can sometimes be more receptive to other channels, and if that’s the case for your industry – we will tell you. What helped us, may not help you and vice versa.

  1. You Have a Ground-breaking Product.

Believe it or not, innovation may be your worst enemy in an SEO campaign.

We’ve had several leads come through with innovative products/services where there is no awareness.

In this instance, they need supplementary marketing activity and a sizeable marketing budget to build awareness.

SEO is only effective where there is an existing knowledge/understanding of the product or service.

For Example:

Using the example of “Ride-Hailing” services like Uber. It would have been simple to rank someone #1 in Google for this search term in 2014 because there was no service awareness.

Fast forward to today, Ride Sharing is extremely competitive for PPC and SEO.

Innovative companies need huge digital marketing budgets because they are disrupting preconceived ideas about how things should be done – and that isn’t going to come cheap.

If we believe that your business is a good fit for Safari SEO Agency – we’ll let you know. Similarly, if we believe that you need other resources or digital marketing initiatives to make it happen, we’ll tell you.

3.You are not in the right place to invest

SEO takes time, and for businesses that are using SEO as a quick way to reach the top – it’s rarely a good idea.

We work with SEO clients who understand the process of search engine optimisation. Being upfront about the process of ranking on page 1 of Google means that we need to be aligned on the cost of doing so.

What Does an SEO Company DO?

Maybe you think that this subheading isn’t required. After all, you found this page through organic search, so you probably know what this is all about.

We have worked on SEO campaigns across dozens of different industries. In almost every case, the mission remains the same.

SEO is about driving high-quality organic traffic to your website, procuring leads, and increasing revenue. There are industries (such as non-for-profit) where these goals will differ; however, in general, the purpose of working with an SEO Agency will usually remain the same.

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

Breaking down all of the activities that go into an SEO Campaign can be hard. Every company approaches SEO slightly different.

However, the actions that go into an SEO campaign should all be fairly consistent.

the four pillars of SEO services

What Does An SEO Service Include will depend on your specific plan But here are a few things you can expect from your SEO company.

1.Market and Competitor Research

Understanding your competitors, target market, and pain points. Before an SEO partner can begin finding solutions, they first must understand where your pain points lie, and who your competition really is.

Commonly, an SEO company will find that the competitor in your mind, is not your competitor when it comes to search engine optimisation.

When it comes to SEO, you are only competing against the best company in your field. The amount of work and effort that is required to get you ranking for your desired keywords is dictated entirely by your competition.

If you are a competitive industry, it could be difficult to rank number one in Google. Conversely, if you are in a low-competition industry, the process may be straight-forward.

2.On-Site & Off-Site SEO Analysis

Understanding your current position in the market is essential. Before we can start devising your perfect SEO marketing strategy, we first need to know what is required.

For companies that have worked with an SEO in the past, the process may look very different from what it would look like for a brand new company.

The best SEO firm will take what they learn from your on-site and off-site SEO analysis and turn that into an SEO strategy.

Part of this marketing strategy will involve identifying the best target audience keywords (based on intent & third party data) to target for your campaign.

3.Develop & Implement Your Strategy.

Once your SEO partner understands your competition and website challenges, then an SEO strategy can be created.

In the early stage of your SEO campaign, this will involve on-site work to ensure your pages target the correct search terms. Down the line, the SEO strategy will be heavily weighted towards ongoing content production & white hat link building.

SEO campaigns are inherently top-heavy. That is to say that the first few months will require a lot of back and forth and on-site work to get your website set up to rank for the right key phrases in Google.

As an SEO company, the first few months of an SEO campaign exhaust a lot of internal resources to make sure we get your website set up to rank.

4.Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation.

The ongoing improvement, maintenance, and refinement of on-site and off-site SEO is an essential step in achieving SEO success.

Search engine optimisation has a compounding effect. The longer you are doing it, the easier it is to achieve real results.

Unlike some aspects of digital marketing, search engine optimization requires ongoing content updates and backlinks to achieve the best results.

Your SEO agency should breakdown exactly what is involved in the ongoing maintenance of your SEO campaign.

How To Choose the Best SEO Company

Not to toot our own horn, but we like to think we know what we’re doing. You’re on this page because you were looking for “SEO Company” or “SEO Agency” in the organic search results (Google). So we must be doing something right.

We strongly believe that we have the most diverse and knowledgeable SEO team in Australia.

It’s a big claim, but we’ve completed enough SEO campaigns to genuinely believe that we are the best SEO professionals in a range of different fields.

But are you the best SEO agency for every industry? Quite honestly – probably not. But even Apple Computers isn’t the best at everything. I mean, have you tried apple music? It doesn’t hold a candle to Spotify.

The truth is search engine optimisation SEO is a diverse facet of digital marketing. We deal with clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Local SEO
  • e Commerce SEO
  • Service-Based SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Small Business SEO

… Just to name a few!

Here’s what we can promise you when it comes to being the leading SEO company in Australia. We do not take on clients if we do not believe we can deliver value.

If we agree to take you on as an SEO client, it means that we are confident that we can get you outstanding SEO results.

We purposely limit the number of clients that we deal with at any one time to maintain the high quality of our work. We also will never work with two companies in the same industry and the same area.

There is an obvious conflict of interest if we were to work with two competing companies – so we will never do it. If you choose to work with Safari Digital SEO Company, you can be sure we will never work with your competitors while we are working with you.

Is Safari Digital Amongst the Best SEO Companies in Australia?

Want to know How to Pick A Good SEO Company? You’re probably expecting this to say, if the name says; “Safari Digital”, then you should work with them!

But that’s the lazy answer, so let’s try to take an impartial approach to the process of discerning the best SEO experts in Australia.

Choosing the right search engine optimization company for your business is no easy task. Finding a company that you can trust with something as valuable as your web presence is a big decision.

In 2021, your website visibility can be your livelihood. When it comes to choosing an SEO company to work with your business, try and remove the emotions out of the equation and look at it from a logistical standpoint.

  1. Judge Them by Rankings, Not Website Design
  2. Ask for Case Studies or Past Clients that They have Worked With Question their Approach: “Is this SEO Company Selling TO Me or Consulting WITH Me?”
  3. Is the SEO Agency Working with Another Business in Your Field?
  4. Is the SEO Company Copying Another, Better SEO Marketing Agency?
  5. Are they able to rank their own website for SEO?
  6. Did you find them through Google Ads or thought SEO search?

What to Look for In An SEO Agency

Want to know how good we are at SEO? Why don’t you take a quick look at “SEO + every major city in Australia”.

You will find us on page one (usually in the top 1-3 positions) for nearly every city in Australia.

You know why? Because we practice what we preach! We don’t use paid ads to tell you all about how good our SEO service is. That would be kind of redundant.

We use the same cutting edge SEO strategies for our own website that we will use for yours. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we don’t have one SEO team for our own website, and another for client websites.

Working with Safari Digital means that your website will benefit from SEO strategies we employ for our own website.

Pro Tip: The SEO companies using paid ads to their services rarely know what they are doing.

The best SEO agencies (yes, there are others out there that you know what they are doing), will use search engine optimisation for advertising their services. Ones that rely on paid digital marketing are not able to rank their website.

By now, we have worked with businesses across a wide range of fields.

If you’d like to see the effectiveness of our SEO services for our clients. You can request an SEO report (client name will be hidden for confidentiality) that shows our SEO services’ actions, results, and outcomes.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

SEO services in Australia can range anywhere from $1,000 per month all the way up to $30,000+ per month.

There are hundreds of different factors that determine how much SEO services cost in Australia, but here are a few of the most common factors that will influence the cost of SEO in Australia:

  • Your website history and previous SEO work
  • The size of your market
  • The competition in your niche
  • Your current organic traffic to your website and rankings
  • Off-site SEO work that has been completed in the past
  • The location of your business
  • The number of pages that need to be created
  • The amount of new content creation required

… Just to name a few!

How Much Do SEO Agencies Charge and How Much Do SEO Agencies Cost in Australia will depend on a wide range of factors.

The best way to get an idea is to contact a reputable SEO agency that can talk you through the process.

What is the Average Cost for SEO Services?

There is no magic number when it comes to investing in SEO. Some businesses may need to spend less than $1,500 per month to see good results. At the same time, some businesses may need to spend significantly more.

So then, how much do SEO agencies charge?

A recent study found that the businesses investing in SEO services in Australia will spend, on average, $1,560 each month on SEO services.

SEO services vs. Paying for ads - the true cost explained

The best way to find out what you should be paying for SEO is to speak to a few SEO companies that can give you a rough indication.

Remember, getting a quote for SEO is not like getting a quote to fix a broken window. When you are getting a broken window repaired, there is no range of outcomes. The result will always be a fixed window.

Conversely, the outcome of SEO services can vary dramatically. When you are consulting with an SEO agency, ask them what they plan to deliver each month. You are better off paying 30% more each month to receive 80% more in deliverables.

Once you have spoken to a few SEO companies, figure out who will offer the most in terms of deliverables. From there, you can weigh up the cost vs. value proposition.

We are extremely transparent and always encourage businesses to speak with a few SEO agencies before engaging our services.

We are confident in what we offer, and we are easy to deal with. Ultimately, it is your money and your investment. You need to feel comfortable with the SEO partner that you choose.

Should I Pay for SEO Services?

You can either pay for SEO or devote the next two to three years to mastering the on-site, off-site and technical SEO techniques that go into every SEO campaign.

For businesses owners looking to pursue an online strategy, you really have two options:

  1. Learn and master online marketing
  2. Be prepared to pay a professional to help you

Like the industry you operate in; it is not realistic to expect someone to come in and perform your job. Providing effective SEO services is a full-time job for our SEO consultants.

We have a team of SEO experts with years of experience that specialise in the different facets of search engine optimisation. We have SEO specialists that focus on the following areas:

  • On-Site Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Technical SEO Optimisation
  • Off-site SEO

Under those different pillars of SEO, we have specialists that are dedicated to mastering a single facet. To carry out a successful SEO campaign, we need to combine all of those separate elements from different SEO experts.

How Much Should I Pay for SEO Services?

How much you should pay for SEO services is a question that countless business owners mull over each day.

The most important thing to consider is your market. If you are operating in a low competition market, then SEO might not cost very much.

Conversely, if you are operating in a highly-competitive market where Google Ad costs are high, your competitors may be investing a lot more in SEO services.

SEO is a race. The amount you need to invest in search engine optimisation depends entirely on your industry’s competition.

How much you pay for SEO services also depends on how much a conversion is worth your business. It’s about return on investment (ROI), not just outlay.

If each conversion is worth $1,000 to your business, SEO may provide a great investment return. Whereas, if each transaction is only worth a few dollars, then SEO may seem very expensive.

On-site & Off-site SEO Ranking Factors 2021

We focus on the on-site SEO and off-site SEO elements that will influence how your website appears in Google searches.

As of 2021, we place the importance of both of these at roughly 50/50. That means that half of how your website ranks in Google is dependent on content and half comes down to high quality links.

But here’s the kicker – off-site SEO work will not be effective unless you’ve got all of the on-site elements in place. What that means is that if you don’t have the right content on your website (keywords); then Google is not going to show you at the top of the search engine results pages.

Here’s what you need to know about each, and why they are important for your online presence in Google.

When it comes to getting to the top of Google, we can break down the work that needs to be done into two very distinct categories.

  1. On-Site SEO
  2. Off-Site SEO

Both are unique and equally important elements when it comes to delivering SEO success. As of 2021, the way that websites appear in Google search results is roughly 50% on-site SEO and 50% off-site SEO.

To achieve long term SEO results, both of these factors must be given equal time and equal consideration in an SEO campaign.

As the name would suggest, on-site SEO refers to all of the on-site factors that affect your rankings in search engines. In contrast, off-site SEO refers to all of the factors that occur off your site to improve search rankings.

Here are the most important on-site and off-site search engine optimization factors that Safari Digital Marketing Agency considers when implementing an SEO campaign.

On-site SEO Ranking Factors We Live By

Our approach to delivering effective search engine marketing always begins with on-site SEO work. Link building to an ineffective piece of content will not be the silver bullet for your SEO work.

SEO on-site factors encompass a huge variety of factors, so let’s simplify it with five indispensable on-site SEO ranking factors that all SEO consultants in Australia should be abiding by.

On-Page Content

Your copy counts. Don’t underestimate the efficacy of on-site content that meets user expectations and queries.

High quality content is absolutely king. But the content needs to be meaningful, use the right keywords, and meet user expectations when they are on page.

Anyone can mindlessly type out long-form content – but that doesn’t mean it will rank in search engines like Google!

Here’s what you have to remember; Google is a business.

Google makes more than 90% of total revenue through PPC advertising (Google Ads) – and its search engine has to be firing on all cylinders to ensure they remain #1 for users.

If Google provides a good user experience, then users will continue to use their search engine. If Google slips and provides a compromised search engine experience, its competitors will be nipping at their heels.

To provide the best user experience, your content must be SEO friendly AND meet the user expectations. This is where effective keyword research and content planning comes in.

You need content that satisfies the user and delivers answers to those vexing questions that they want to know. Furthermore, your web design must be approachable so that content is rendered and served in a timely manner.

At Safari Digital SEO Agency, we go the extra mile with user expectation and intent. Before we begin looking at creating the most optimised on-site SEO content – we need to make sure that content is going to meet user expectation.

We also need to ask; “Is this content worthy of being in Google for the keywords you want to rank”. Is the content good enough to be viewed as Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy (Google EAT). Effective SEO strategy starts and ends with keyword research.

Years of experience and case studies tells us this: Crafting beautifully written content is one thing. Creating beautiful, SEO-friendly content is another altogether.

SEO content is not always beautiful. But, when keyword research is conducted effectively, it will be worth it. The same principles can be applied to your on-site content marketing efforts.

Internal Linking for SEO

You have probably heard of backlinks. But did you know that the internal links between various pages of your website can affect organic search engine rankings?

Setting up and internal link SEO strategy can help to achieve three essential things:

  1. Conveying the value and importance of pages to search engines
  2. Help search engines to establish the relationship between content on your site
  3. Help users to navigate through different pages on your site.

Internal links are any links that go from one page to another page on the same domain. They are most commonly seen on internal navigation menus in a website header and footer, but they can also be used in text throughout the website.

Internal links are an important way to establish site hierarchy and let Google know which pages on your website are the most important. Internal links can also provide search engine bots with more information about how one page on your website is relevant to another.

Internal links help search engine results bots (like those that Google uses) to establish relevancy between pages.

Interlinking between content marketing and conversion oriented landing pages can be a powerful way to crack the first page of Google for competitive key terms.

Contextual internal links between various pages on your website point on-site users to other relevant information on your website.

While we have focussed on the search benefits of internal links above, there is another factor to consider – user experience.

Keeping on-site users engaged and interested in your content (and relevant pages) is an important piece of the SEO puzzle for long term results.

Internal links can help to increase time on page and overall user experience.

Technical SEO Factors

When it comes to ranking in Google – technical SEO is the unseen factor that really counts. For those that are less technically inclined, technical SEO can also be one of the most intimidating aspects of an on-site SEO strategy.

There is a myriad of technical SEO factors that we will cover in an initial SEO audit of your site, including:

  1. Identify any on-site crawl errors in a crawl error report
  2. Check the HTTPS status of your website
  3. Mobile-friendly website testing
  4. Check your XML sitemap accessibility in Google
  5. Site load time – speed matters for search visibility
  6. Identify any keyword crossover (cannibalisation) between pages
  7. Your robots.txt file must be inspected
  8. Check for duplicate metadata in your page source
  9. Check for any duplicate content from competing websites
  10. Broken link report
  11. Canonical links between pages

The above list oversimplifies the process hugely. There are hundreds of factors that go into a complete technical SEO audit and report.

Here’s what you really need to know: Technical SEO is an exhaustive process that aims to uncover any technical limitations that may be affecting your search rankings.

Technical SEO is never a one-time fix. We are constantly scanning our client’s websites for aspects that can be rectified and improved for the best possible Google ranking.

When it comes to technical SEO, we highly recommend you work with SEO companies in Australia that offer this as a specialty – not a side service.

User Experience Matters for SEO

User experience matters for effective SEO strategies. It does not matter if you are delivering high quality content. If users do not enjoy their on-site experience, they are not going to come back.

When it comes to user experience, Google is only getting more forceful in rewarding sites that provide a positive on-site user experience.

The impending May 2021 Google Page Experience Core Update will only strengthen the importance and weight that Google places on user experience in its search ranking algorithm.

Here are some of the ways that Google uses on-page experience to rank high quality content.

  1. Website Click Through Rate (CTR)
  2. Website Bounce Rate
  3. Return Organic website Traffic
  4. Website Dwell Time
  5. Pages per visit

If Google is constantly receiving negative user experience metrics from organic website traffic. Guess what? They are going to assume they your content is not meeting user expectations and push your site down in the SEO results pages as a result.

The first page of Google is reserved for sites that provide outstanding user experiences.

User experience encompasses everything from web design to website layout, content, and everything in between.

An initial SEO audit of your Google Analytics will provide useful around how users are interacting with your site.

We also use industry-leading tools to record how organic traffic is behaving on your website. We can use those tools to dictate what needs to be changed, improved, and optimised for the best user experience.

Meta Data Matters

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again—your metadata matters for your SEO ranking. SEO metadata is what appears in the search engine results pages (organic traffic pages) when a website appears for a predetermined query.

For instance, if potential customers are searching for a product or service that your business offered, they might see a search result with some of the on-page metadata in the Google results.

Google uses metadata to establish relevance, context, and to rank content. Your metadata must be aligned with the search terms that you want to appear for in Google.

When it comes to optimising metadata, here are a few of the factors your SEO company should be focussing on:

  1. Meta Description
  2. Meta Title
  3. Language Tags
  4. Geo Tags
  5. Robots
  6. Social Meta Tags

Meta data is a critical on-site ranking factor. Your SEO partner should have a concrete, transferrable digital marketing strategy that they have tried and tested across multiple sites.

Metadata is one element of strategy that is transferrable (with custom elements) and should be used with proof of concept.

If your digital marketing agency does not have a concrete plan for metadata, then it might be time to reassess your choice of SEO firm.

Essential Off-site SEO Ranking Factors

Off-site SEO or off-page SEO strategies as it is also known refers to all of the external factors that affect the online presence of your website.

Google uses hundreds of different factors to determine where websites appear in the search results – off-site factors encompass many of these factors.

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. However, one thing that has not changed over the years is the importance of trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative off-page signals being sent to your website.

Here are some of the off-site factors that affect your online presence and search engine visibility.



There is no way around it. Backlinks are the number one off-site SEO ranking factor. Building relevant, authoritative backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO. Backlinks refer to any time one website links to another website. The link acts as a trust signal for Google (and other search engines).

Importance of Backlinks in SEO in 2021

The more high-authority, relevant links you have pointing to your website, the more likely you will appear at the top of the search engine results.

Not all link building is created equal. Link building is not about ticking a box. When done incorrectly, link building (known as black hat SEO link building) can actually be detrimental to your search engine appearance.

Here are a six factors that need to be considered when building links.

  1. The authority of the website pointing to your website
  2. The website traffic that the referring site (and web page) receives
  3. The anchor text that is used in the backlink
  4. The number of links that appear on the page
  5. The trustworthiness of the site sending the link
  6. The age of the page sending the link

The best way to think about backlinks is like a job reference. Getting a job reference from a co-worker is great. Getting a job reference from a manager is better. Getting a job reference from the company owner or CEO is even better.

When we are acquiring backlinks, we aim to find those “CEO Links” that will pass authority and trust to your website.

Social Media and SEO

Wait, social media – how can that affect SEO strategies? Well, bear with me here. Social media does not directly affect the way that your website appears in Google.

However, your social media and trust from other websites plays a considered role in your search engine ranking. Links that you receive from social media DO NOT work in the same way that the aforementioned backlinks above work.

Social media can enhance the popularity and ranking of your website in several important ways:

  • Social media marketing can enhance brand presence and, as a result, increase the number of brand searches that you receive through Google.
  • Syndicating your content across social media can increase the lifespan of your content.
  • Social media marketing provides another way to distribute your organic content.
  • Social media can be a valuable local SEO ranking signal.
  • Social media marketing improves brand recognition. The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to find it in Google search.

Contrary to what some SEO experts say, the amount of shares, retweets, and likes you receive on social media will not impact your search engine rankings.

Google My Business (GMB)

Think of Google My Business as the most valuable directory citation that your business can receive. Google My Business picks up from where sites like Yelp, the Yellow Pages, and Trip Advisory Left off.

As of 2021, GMB is the most frequented platform for finding out information about business trading hours, location, and reviews. Here are six benefits that businesses can enjoy with a well optimised GMB listing.

  1. Improved local visibility (local online presence)
  2. Improve engagement between business and customers
  3. Improved local SEO potential
  4. Answer frequently asked questions
  5. Build legitimacy with prospective clients
  6. Reach your audience on a need to know basis with GMB updates

The Global events of 2021 highlighted the importance of Google My Business as companies used it to keep potential customers up to date with the latest developments. News, hours, reviews, and availability improves communication between businesses and customers.

Local Citations

Local Citations – sometimes known as NAP Links (name, address, phone number) or directory links, are an important way to build consistency and legitimacy in the search results – especially for local SEO.

Citations are one method that search engines can use to verify the legitimacy, trustworthiness, and existence.

By having multiple websites with consistent business information, search engines are far more likely to see your business as a legitimate entity.

Be warned; not all directories are created equally. Getting your local citations from a wide range of websites is good – getting them from every website is not a good idea.

We highly recommend that you consult with a professional before submitting your business to a myriad of directories.

We use a trusted group of directory sites to build local citations for clients. Page 1 of Google won’t happen with citations, but it is an essential layer in a cohesive SEO plan that gets to the top of Google.

The positive impact of citations has diminished over the years, and we do use them sparingly. If an SEO business is sprouting the importance of ongoing local citations in your SEO campaign, it could be a way to cheat you out of legitimate links through your campaign.

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