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Australian Local SEO Services that help small to medium businesses to dominate their local market.

Local SEO is the fastest and most effective way to increase organic visibility for small to medium businesses online. In 2020, almost 97% of customers use Google to locate products or services in their local area. When consumers are looking to perform an immediate purchase or employ the assistance of a local company – they use geo-targeting in their search queries. Our Local SEO services connect smart businesses with buy-ready customers.

In essence, Local SEO services do precisely what the yellow pages did for businesses in the late 90s and early 00s – they help customers find local businesses. The demise of the yellow pages means that local search engine optimisation is enjoying an unprecedented stage of growth. Smart businesses in Australia are taking advantage of the fact that local customers are using search engines to connect with businesses in their local area.

If your company does not have a local SEO strategy in place in 2020, you are missing out on valuable, free traffic from Google. There’s no two ways about it. Local SEO services help businesses to quickly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of leads that your they receive through organic search marketing on Google.

Targetting nationwide search visibility is hard. Many of the top search terms for general queries are owned by big, established businesses who are continually improving their position with ongoing SEO efforts. Local SEO allows small businesses to take ownership of their local region or even state. You don’t have to be #1 for every keyword – you have to get noticed for the right ones. A Local SEO services allow your business to target lucrative search terms that are going to drive leads, enquiries and revenue.

46% of All Google Searches Are for Local Businesses

In 2020, almost half of all searches that are conducted on Google are from consumers who are looking to connect with local businesses. In the absence of the yellow pages and standardised businesses directories, consumers rely on google to find local businesses. If your business does not have a local SEO strategy in place, you could be missing out on valuable, free traffic from Google.

It’s simple, people use Google (and other searches engines) to find local businesses. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capture valuable local customers. If you want to drive local consumers to your business, you need to have a Local SEO plan in place.

At Safari Digital, we specialise in Local SEO services for small to medium business. We offer complete SEO services for companies of all sizes, but we love to do local SEO for one really good reason – our Local SEO campaigns deliver ridiculous ROI. We have tried and tested methods for turning humble small businesses into successful small businesses that dominate their area.

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