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In 2020, more than 96% of consumers use Google to find products or services in their local area. When customers are looking to make a fast purchase or employ the assistance of a local business – they use geo-targeting in their search queries. Local SEO couples smart businesses with buy-ready customers at the final stage of the buyer journey. Put your business in the right place, at the right time. 

Our Gold Coast Local SEO services do exactly what the Yellow Pages did for businesses in the 1990s and early 2000s – they help consumers connect with local businesses. The demise of the local directories means that local SEO is in an unprecedented stage of growth. Smart companies on the Gold Coast are taking advantage of the fact that local customers are using Google to connect with companies in their local area.

Businesses who ignore Local SEO in 2020 are missing out on highly-lucrative traffic. There’s no two ways about it; Local SEO is the most powerful and effective way to swiftly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of enquiries and conversions that your business receives through organic search.

Gold Coast is one of the busiest and most competitive local search markets in the world. A growing population of tech-savvy customers mean that getting to the top of Gold Coast search engine pages is becoming more contentious by the day. You don’t have to be ranked #1 for every keyword – you have to rank for the right ones. A Local SEO Gold Coast strategy allows your business to target lucrative search terms that will increase the number of leads, enquiries and sales that come through organic search.

28% of Google Searches That Include Local Intent Result in a Purchase

46% of all searches that are conducted on Google are from consumers who are looking to connect with local businesses. In the absence of the yellow pages and physical businesses directories, consumers rely on Google to connect with local companies. If you are a Gold Coast business and you don’t have a local search marketing strategy in place, you are missing out on important traffic.

It’s simple, people use Google to connect with local businesses. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capture valuable local customers. If you want to drive local customers to your business, you need to have a Gold Coast Local SEO strategy in place.

At Safari Digital, we specialise in Local SEO Gold Coast services. We do SEO for businesses of all sizes, but we love to do local SEO for one really good reason – our Gold Coast Local SEO campaigns deliver a huge ROI for clients. We have tried and tested methods for transforming modest, small to medium businesses into market leading businesses that dominate the Gold Coast area. From Burleigh Heads to Southport and everywhere in between, our Gold Coast Local SEO campaigns help modest businesses to become industry leaders in the Gold Coast area.

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Our Local SEO Gold Coast Strategy

Strategies to Make You a Leader in Your Area

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Why is Gold Coast Local SEO So Important?

What’s Involved in A Gold Coast Local SEO Campaign?

On-Site Local SEO

There are many on-site factors that Google takes into consideration when it analyses a website to determine local search engine rankings. Firstly, is the use of relevant keywords. In terms of local search, search engine bots will look for keywords that are highly relevant geographically to work out where your site belongs in search results and who should see it.

According to the latest SEO research, the average page one result of Google is almost 2,000 words. For local search, having detailed landing pages targeting the right local keywords will make your business a leader, not a follower.

Producing Local Content

Almost 60% of SEO experts believe content creation and content marketing is the top way to drive the most effective results in search marketing. In essence, content is still king – even in local SEO. Creating and publishing local content is one of the key aspects to a comprehensive local SEO Gold Coast Campaign in 2020.

Local content includes content that is both relevant and engaging for local readers. Users love connecting with brands on topics that are relevant, geographically relatable and community-based. Search engines strive to provide the sites with the most value to its users; therefore, local content can enormously improve local search visibility.

Local content may include blogs, news pieces, statements, articles, videos and event announcements relating to a local area. Using the right local terms and key phrases can go a long way in getting your website noticed in the right places.

Internal Linking Structure

Strategic internal linking is a powerful local SEO Gold Coast technique used to manage the value of your pages. Internal links are most useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link equity (ranking power) around websites.

Linking from one page on your domain to another can help create a page hierarchy for your website. When one of your pages points to another, it is essentially telling search engine crawlers that the page being pointed to provides more insightful and valuable content. The webmaster has the power to appoint master pages within a website, ensuring that search engines display your most relevant and essential pages in search results.

Location Service Pages

A local business can benefit significantly by paying attention to their service or store location areas. Creating location-specific pages for each storefront or service area can go a long way in extending search visibility.

If your business has multiple service areas or store locations, we can help you to create specific areas of your website that address each locality. This way, when someone is searching for a service or product in one of your target areas, the relevant pages for the website can be displayed in the search results.

78% of location-oriented searches will lead to an offline conversion. Even if you operate a brick and mortar style business, creating specific pages for locations can go a long way in exposing your products and services to highly motivated customers nearby.

Local Page Title Configuration

When it comes to local SEO Gold Coast, page titles and meta descriptions still matter. Page titles, or title tags, are critical for explaining what your page is about and where it is targeting – for both search engines and users.

A big part of optimising a website for local Gold Coast search is configuring the right page titles for location-specific pages and relevant content. Your page title, header tag, and meta description should clearly state what your page is about and what it is targeting. Using the right local keywords in your page title can enormously help in putting your pages in front of lucrative, local, high-converting customers.

Off-Site Local SEO

After addressing all on-site signals, off-site optimisation is the next step to increasing search engine rankings in local search. Off-Site website optimisation for a local SEO Gold Coast campaign embodies any efforts taken outside of a website to improve local search visibility.

Off-site local SEO includes optimising and enhancing for Google My Business, relevant local link building, managing directories and citations, and NAP consistency.

Local Authoritative Backlinks

An enormous component of a local SEO Gold Coast campaign will be building local, relevant and authoritative links from other Gold Coast businesses and websites. This means forming solid connections with others, to attain a natural and relevant backlink profile.

Almost 70% of digital marketers admit that link building is the most challenging aspect of SEO. A few years ago, the nature of link building focused on attaining high quantities of low-quality links. Whereas today, link building efforts are only successful when focused on low quantities of high-quality links. In essence, one highly authoritative and relevant link will trump thousands of spammy backlinks, any day. In fact, engaging with any form of low-quality link scheme in 2020 can see your website suffering nasty Google penalties.

Backlinks are an essential element of building authority within a local market. When it comes to local SEO, we focus on building and attracting links from local, relevant, and authoritative websites for increased search visibility. Local SEO ranking factors associated with backlinks apply to the number of linking domains, the relevancy of the backlinks and the linking domain authority.

Search engine optimisation is continuously evolving, and Google’s algorithm will continue becoming more sophisticated. The biggest takeaway from local link building in 2020 is that marketers should focus on building clean, sustainable and relevant links that will be unaffected by any future Google algorithm updates.

Optimising Google My Business

Arguably one of the most critical local SEO Gold Coast components, Google My Business is a free tool that works in conjunction with Google Search and Google Maps. Setting up, managing, and optimising a Google My Business (GMB) profile is integral to getting a business and website on the local map.

Search algorithms use GMB signals such as proximity, contact information, categories and updated and fresh content to decide which businesses are shown to local customers. 56% of local businesses are yet to claim their GMB listing – not claiming and managing your profile means missing one of the most fundamental aspects of effective local SEO. Optimising your GMB listing means addressing all signals and working on making them as local-search friendly and targeted as possible.

One of the most significant elements of GMB is the review platform. Three-quarters of all consumers trust businesses with online reviews. Social reviews through GMB are a highly effective way to boost user trust and drive motivated and lucrative conversions. If you’re providing excellent services, customers can and will use GMB to leave you positive reviews. Google reviews can go a long way in getting future customers to trust and rely on your business.

Web Directories

Web directories come in where old-school phone books like the Yellow Pages and White Pages left off. Web directories or directory links are online catalogues where businesses list their essential information and a website link. Where web directories are crucial for establishing NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number), they have previously been abused for high quantity link building. The idea of using web directories for link building has been debunked; web directories should now only be used for citations and providing clear NAP information for a local business across the web.

Local SEO Provides Small Business with Big Results

Today, consumers depend on the web more than ever to find important information on businesses, products, and services. If your business is not being displayed for local search results, your nearby customers will go directly to your competitors. Implementing an effective local SEO Gold Coast campaign will not only improve your local online presence, but it will build authority and lead you to the high converting customers in your community.

Local SEO is the most powerful and effective way to dramatically increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search. Leave your mark on your local community and get started on your local SEO campaign today. Contact Safari Digital today to discuss your local business with an SEO specialist.

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