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Ready to increase your website traffic and see your bottom line grow with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the Sunshine Coast? Choosing the best SEO Sunshine Coast has to offer means that you will gain valuable insights and expert advice, without the fluff and jargon. Our team is driven by one key metric – return on investment (ROI). We are obsessed with developing search engine optimisation strategies that put your business in front of the right audience, at the right moment.

Each decision that our SEO Sunshine Coast experts make is driven by a relentless focus on sustainable growth. When you work with us, we’ll take the time to understand the KPI’s (key performance indictors) that matter most for your business success. Using those insights, we will implement Sunshine Coast SEO services that will help your business climb to the top of the Google rankings for key terms that matter most.

Our dedicated team of SEO experts work with small to large businesses across Queensland to facilitate meaningful organic growth. Working with Safari means that you will partner with some of the best SEO experts Sunshine Coast has to offer. Our team will take the time to learn about your niche, your industry, and what makes your business tick. Combining years of experience with data means that we can produce results that will transform your business.

Forget international companies that don’t understand your business or market. Work with the SEO Agency Sunshine Coast companies use for long-lasting results. Unlike some of the large, generalist digital agencies, we take the time to really understand your business. Our local specialists will work with your in-house marketing team or independently to develop a game plan for growth. Forget Ferrari promises and results that look more like Ford, partner with an upfront, honest company that gives a stuff about your long-term success.

Why Safari Digital for SEO Sunshine Coast?

Safari Digital is an ROI driven Sunshine Coast SEO company that utilises a wealth of performance data, competitor research, and years of practice to create search engine marketing strategies that facilitate growth. In simple terms, we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know how to generate organic traffic, leads, and sales for your business with search engine optimisation.

We combine proven methodology with cutting-edge technology and passionate SEO experts. We don’t hide behind account managers, impossible traffic projections or theoretical improvements. We deal in facts, figures, and return on your investment. We’re motivated by helping businesses and business owners to reach heights that they didn’t know were possible.

Working with a local SEO Sunshine Coast Agency means you’ll gain all of the benefits of an in-house SEO consultant without, without the pitfalls and responsibility of a dedicated in-house SEO team. Safari Digital can work independently or collaboratively with your team and your business to set goals and implement organic marketing initiatives. Each step of our strategy is backed by time-tested data, sorted, and implemented to benefit your business.

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Our SEO Strategy for Organic Success

We use proven SEO techniques to drive highly-motivated leads straight to your front door.

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The Sunshine Coast SEO FAQ

The Blueprint for SEO Success

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex, albeit repeatable process that can be applied to range of business types across a wide range of industries. We take a unique approach to each website that we work on, however, some of the optimisation elements that we work on for each client remains the same. Listed below are some of the most important on-site and off-site SEO elements that we consider when working with a new client.

User Experience (UX) Factors

User Experience or UX SEO ranking factors relate to the on-site elements that impact how a user interacts with your website and how they respond to various on-page prompts. It doesn’t matter how good your SEO is, if your website has a poor user experience or user interface, it will not convert and drive sales for your business.

Some of the most important UX metrics that we address when working on a website include:

• Website average CTR
• Conversions on visits
• Average time on page
• Average pages per session
• New vs. returning users

Before optimising a website for search, we conduct a comprehensive UX audit to understand how users are currently interacting with your website. Organic visitors are great, but if you are not converting the visitors that you are currently receiving then we need to address that first.

If Google is receiving negative user experience metrics from your website (such as users constantly bouncing away), then they are going to make the assumption that the on-page content is not relevant or valuable.

We use industry leading tools to determine how organic traffic is behaving on your website. Using this data, we can make informed decisions over what needs to be improved and optimised on your website to deliver the best possible user experience.

Website Meta Data

We have said it before, and we will say it again – website meta data is crucial for Sunshine Coast SEO rankings. Website meta data is the structured references that are provided to search engines to identify and attribute information correctly.

Meta descriptions, meta tags, and robots.txt all play an essential role in helping users and search engines to understand on-page content. Google uses meta data to establish relevance and context, and to ensure that your website appears for the correct search phrases.

When it comes to getting your meta data right, here are a few of the essential website meta data elements that we address in each SEO Sunshine Coast campaign that we work on.

• Meta description
• Meta title
• H-Tags
• Geo Tags
• Social Media Meta Tag
• Geo Tags
• Robots.txt

Your SEO partner should have a repeatable, proven strategy for implementing meta data for your website.

Technical SEO Optimisation

Technical SEO refers to the technical elements that impact how your website ranks in Google search. For those that have experience with on-page SEO, technical SEO is (by far) the most daunting aspect of on-site optimisation.

There are a range of technical search engine optimisation factors that we address in a Sunshine Coast SEO campaign, some of the most important ones include:

• Identify any on-site crawl errors
• Website security (SSL)
• Website accessibility
• Mobile friendliness of website
• Robots.txt file audit
• Broken backlink report
• Broken internal link report
• Canonical tags on correct pages
• Keyword cannibalisation

Technical SEO is a complex process. The above factors are some of the most common errors that we find when conducting a website audit. In truth, our technical SEO experts will examine more than forty technical factors when conducting a preliminary website audit.

It is important to remember that technical search engine optimisation is not a one-time task. Throughout the course of your campaign we will conduct multiple technical SEO audits to ensure that accessibility of your website. We recommend that you choose an SEO Agency with a dedicated in-house technical expert that can address these problems.
Internal Links

You might have heard of off-site links (backlinks) but did you know that on-site, internal links also play a critical role in the way that Google crawls your websites, understands hierarchy, and how users move through relevant web pages.

An internal link structure is critical for achieving three key objectives in SEO:

1. Creating a site hierarchy
2. Enable search engines to crawl your website
3. Help users to find relevant, related resources

Internal links refer to a link on a website that direct to another page on the same site. They are commonly used in menus and footers to help with site navigation, but they can also be used in-text in order to help users find related and relevant content resources.

In addition to helping users to move through your site, internal links also help search engine robots from Google and Bing to establish relevancy between pages. Interlinking content enables you to create content clusters that enable Google to crawl and understand the context of your site pages.

Website Content Matters

Your website content accounts for more than 50% of how your website appears in the search engine results pages. It is important to note that it is not possible to rank a website for relevant search terms without high quality content. Website content is a foundational element of each SEO Sunshine Coast campaign that we conduct.

High quality content is the key to attracting and winning relevant organic leads for your business. Unlike other Sunshine Coast SEO agencies that focus exclusively on backlinks, we put a large amount of internal resources into creating high-quality content resources.

At Safari Digital, we are one of the few digital marketing agencies that ensure that your content is aligned with user expectation and search intent. Before we can begin creating the most optimised on-site content, we first need to make sure that the content is going to meet user expectations. High ranking content is great, but if it’s not going to drive conversions, then it is wasted.

Years of experience tells us that writing beautifully written content is one thing, writing engaging copy that drives business objectives is another altogether. We conduct comprehensive competitor and keyword research to ensure that we are targeting the right keywords and that we are aligned with your conversion objectives.

Information Architecture (IA)

Much like user experience, information architecture is about organising and sorting your content to create a logical on-site user experience. IA plays an important role in the way that Google bots and users move through your website and provides context around why and where content sits on a website. Effective Information architecture means understanding what search engines and your users are looking for. Some of the benefits of IA include:

• Enhanced website accessibility (crawlability)
• Effective distribution of link equity
• Reduced website bounce rate
• Enhanced UX
• Improved search engine visibility
• Increased website dwell time
• Increased website traffic
• More pages per session

Information architecture and search engine optimisation must be treated as related activities. We employ dedicated IA SEO experts to ensure that we understand how to create an IA that works for your website.

Keyword Strategy

Keyword strategy is the key to your online success – it really is that simple. Keyword strategy, research, intent, and implementation are the key to your SEO Sunshine Coast success.

Our team spends a significant amount of time researching the right keyword strategy for each of our clients. We curate content that resonates with users and ensures that search engines know exactly what you want your website to rank for in Google search. We use industry leading keyword research tools including SEMrush, MOZ, Ahrefs, and our own custom tools to understand metrics such as monthly search volume, Google Ads CPC data, keyword competition, and keyword clusters. Using this data, we are able to create a short, medium, and long-term search engine optimisation strategy to get your business ranking.

Keyword strategy comes down to understanding intent. We map out your prospective keywords by whether they are ‘transactional’ or ‘informational’, the former being the type of keywords that drive conversions, the latter being the type of keywords that generate a high volume of relevant site visits.

The keyword strategy that we implement comes down to the unique goals of each client that we work with. In the first part of your SEO campaign, we will identify the most lucrative keywords for your business. Working with an experienced team of SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast professionals means that we will put together and on-page and off-page strategy that will facilitate ranking for these search terms.


In simple terms, backlinks refer to any time a website links back to your website. Whether they are citing an article that you have written or directing their users towards a transactional page on your website, links build trust and authority with search engines like Google and Bing.

Backlinks or links account for roughly forty percent of the way a website appears in the organic search results. Backlinks are the most important off-site ranking factor. Generating relevant, authoritative backlinks is the heart of off-page SEO. The more high-authority backlinks that you have pointing to your website, the more likely you are to appear at the top of the search engine results.

When done improperly, link building can be detrimental to your Sunshine Coast SEO efforts. Listed below are some of the most important factors that we consider when building websites for our clients.

• The age of the referring website
• The authority of the referring website
• The anchor text that is used in the link (link text)
• The number of links flowing FROM that page
• That number of links flowing TO that page
• The age of the web page

Not all link building will be beneficial to your website. For example, links from social media do not hold the same weight as links that flow from one website to another. Link building is not about ticking a box or doing the bare minimum, it’s about creating a targeted strategy that improves website authority and increases your trust with Google.

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