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Grow your business in 2023 with a customised SEO strategy from Sydney’s leading SEO Agency – Safari Digital. Whether you’re a small business based in the Inner West, or an enterprise-level organisation residing in the Sydney CBD, our award-winning SEO services will drive more traffic, more leads, and more enquiries.

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The SEO Sydney Experts

Want to work with an SEO Company in Sydney that delivers real results for your business? We get it; finding a trustworthy digital marketing company can seem almost impossible. The SEO Sydney market is dominated by churn and burn agencies claiming to have the secret formula for success. In an industry plagued by ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ claiming to have a fast track to the top of Google – how do you find SEO consultants invested in your business?

Safari Digital is run by a small, dedicated team of search engine optimisation experts. We work with small to large businesses to drive organic reach with data-driven SEO solutions. Our SEO specialists don’t dabble in Google Ads or Facebook marketing – we do SEO, and we do it really well. We will only work with your business if we believe that we can get you to the first page of Google for relevant, revenue-generating search terms.

Delivering the best SEO Sydney has to offer means an unwavering focus on providing a significant return on investment (ROI). Every decision that we make is about maximising the value of organic traffic to your website. We are not interested in getting your website to the top of Google for keywords that will not generate meaningful leads for your business. We focus on lucrative, revenue-generating search terms that increase organic traffic and drive your bottom line.

Like Google’s search ranking algorithm, our approach to search engine optimisation SEO is always changing and evolving. Our SEO practices are constantly evolving and maturing to ensure that we develop strategies that will deliver the most value for our clients. As a dedicated team of Sydney SEO experts, it’s our job to stay up to date with the latest updates and implement changes that keep our clients at the front of the pack.

Why Partner with Safari Digital?

Because your business deserves to work with a team of dedicated SEO experts in Sydney – not a collective of digital marketing generalists that spend more time on social media than Google.

Let’s face facts, there are more than 200 different ranking factors that influence how your website ranks in Google. With so many elements at play, it takes a team of dedicated SEO professionals to interpret the latest algorithm changes, and how to implement cutting edge strategies in a way that will increase your organic search visibility.

We aren’t a big agency. In football terms, we wouldn’t even be able to field a team. That’s bad news if you enjoy coming into a plush office in Surry Hills for your monthly meetings. But it’s good news if you’re more concerned about the quality of our SEO services than keeping up appearances and running up your uber bill.

Because we’re small, we can react quickly, and you won’t go through layers of account managers to speak with a Sydney SEO consultant. Instead, they’ll be right there to answer the phone to field your questions.

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Our Sydney SEO Strategy

Time-tested strategies that deliver long term growth for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Sydney

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Our Blueprint for SEO Sydney

Want to know how we appeared on page 1 of Google for our most relevant search terms and how we can do the same for you? Here are some of the ingredients that helped us reach page 1 in Google and how we employ those same strategies for each of our clients to explode their visibility in the search engines. As we said above, SEO is a repeatable process that can be used to drive traffic for your business. The key to SEO success is understanding your competition, what your most lucrative keywords are and how we can use data to outperform your competition.

Listed below are some of the most fundamental aspects of the SEO strategy that we employ when working with businesses.

On-Site SEO Strategy

On-site or On-Page SEO involves optimising elements of your website and their pages in order to improve your organic search rankings. In simple terms, on-site SEO is a process that involves fine-tuning different aspects of your website so that search bots can easily crawl them and interpret.

At Safari Digital, it is our job to create content and optimise your website in a way that allows Google and Bing to easily crawl and understand everything on the page. In addition to creating SEO friendly content, it’s also critical to create content that users genuinely want to read. There is no point creating SEO rich content that’s easy for search bots to crawl but impossible (and unenjoyable) for users to read.

Getting the on-page right is the first step to improving your organic search visibility. Before we start looking at those off-page elements that will skyrocket your rankings, our SEO experts will ensure you have laid the foundations with effective on page practices.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

Off-page SEO or Off-site SEO as it is commonly known refers to the external factors that will affect the online visibility of your website. Google uses hundreds of different factors when determining where it will rank websites in search results. Optimising your website for off-page search engine optimization involves creating a profile for your business all across the web that improves its trustworthiness, popularity, and relevance. When you think of off-page SEO, think of it as a process whereby you are gaining approval from other reputable websites from around the web. Just like a reference on your website, having another website vouch for your validity and reliability is a sure-fire way to improve your organic visibility.

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