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Local SEO Services in Sydney that will increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search.

Target local search terms that drive highly motivated leads for your business. In 2020, more than 96% of consumers use Google to find products or services in their local area. When consumers are looking to make a quick purchase or employ the assistance of a local business – they use geo-targeting in their search enquiries. Local SEO connects smart businesses with buy-ready customers.

Our Sydney Local SEO services do precisely what the yellow pages did for businesses in the late 90s and early 00s – they help consumers connect with local businesses. The demise of the yellow pages means that local SEO Sydney is in an unprecedented stage of growth. Smart companies in Sydney are taking advantage of the fact that local customers are using Google to connect with businesses in their local area.

If your business does not have a local SEO strategy in 2020, you are missing out on highly lucrative traffic. There are no two ways about it, Local SEO is the most powerful and most effective way to quickly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search in Sydney.

Sydney is amongst the busiest and most competitive local search markets in the world. A burgeoning population of tech-savvy consumers mean that getting to the top of the Sydney search engine results pages is getting more competitive by the day. You don’t have to be #1 for every keyword – you have to get noticed for the right ones. A Local SEO Sydney strategy allows your business to target lucrative search terms that are going to drive leads, enquiries and revenue.

46% of Google Searches Feature Local Intent

In 2020, almost half of all searches that are conducted on Google are from consumers who are looking to connect with local businesses. In the absence of the yellow pages and standardised businesses directories, consumers rely on Google to find local businesses. If you are a Sydney business and you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you are missing out on valuable traffic.

It’s simple, people use Google (and other searches engines) to find local businesses. If you don’t have a local search engine optimisation strategy in place, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capture valuable local customers. It’s simple, if you want to drive local customers to your business, you need to have a Sydney Local SEO strategy in place.

At Safari Digital, we specialise in Local SEO Sydney services. We do SEO for businesses of all sizes, but we love to do local SEO for one really good reason – our Sydney Local SEO campaigns deliver ridiculous ROI. We have a tried and tested method for turning modest small businesses into successful small businesses that dominate the Sydney area. From Bankstown to Rose Bay and all the way up to the Central Coast, our Sydney Local SEO campaigns help modest businesses to become industry leaders in the Sydney area.

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Our Local SEO Sydney Strategy

Local SEO Strategies That Grow Businesses

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Why is Local SEO Sydney Important?

Our Blueprint for Local SEO Sydney Success

Tried and Tested local SEO tactics that convert small businesses into local industry leaders.

When you choose to engage with Safari Digital for your local search engine optimisation campaign, we will help you to attract high-converting, relevant, and local visitors who are genuinely invested in your products or services. We do the research to find out exactly what the locals are looking for, before putting your website directly in front of them when they’re looking.

Local Content Production

Almost two-thirds of SEO experts rank content creation and content marketing as the #1 way to drive the best results in local search marketing. To get your business noticed in the local Sydney market, we need to create content that is both relevant and community-based.

The quality and quantity of your content online play a significant role in the way that your site presents in the local search engine results pages. Local content must be geared towards the right audience. Local content may include informative blog posts, infographics, guides, videos or any material that targets a local search term. There is no point in putting out ordinary content to just tick a box. If you want to make a positive impact on local SEO, the content must be well-written and adjusted towards helping the local audience.

Updating existing content with fresh images and locally relevant material can increase organic traffic by 111.3%. Although, the hard work doesn’t stop once you hit the publish button on a post or set a new page live. Republishing and updating existing content for local search is one of the most robust and time-effective strategies for enhancing local visibility.

Title tag Optimisation

Title tags are one of the most potent relevancy signals for search engines. Page titles or title tags must describe the purpose and content of your webpages clearly and concisely. In terms of optimising for local search, we will conduct the necessary research for your pages to determine the best page title configuration to target local search results.

While they require optimisation for search engines, page titles also play a significant role in the way that your website appears in the local search results. Page titles can have a substantial influence on how many local users are clicking through to your site.

On-Site Optimisation

On-site local SEO involves optimising the on-site elements of your website to improve organic visibility for local searches. On-site SEO is the first step in every local campaign that we manage. Before we can start to address what we can improve your local search engine presence with off-site optimisation, we begin by laying a foundation for your website by getting all of the on-site elements straightened up.

Internal Linking

We know that backlinks play an essential role in the way that your website appears in local search. But did you know that you can use internal links (links between different pages on your site) to create a hierarchy for your content?

Search engines utilise your internal linking structure to determine and show your most relevant content in local search results. We will create an internal link structure for your website that will ensure search engine robots know what the essential content on your website is. Internal linking is an underutilised but highly efficient way to increase your search visibility and index rate – especially in local search.

Google My Business Management

Have you set up your free Google My Business (GMB) listing?

Arguably the most critical and essential aspect of local SEO, claiming and optimising your GMB listing plays a vital role in how your website performs in the local search results. Companies who are yet to claim or configure their free GMB listing are lacking one of the most primary elements of optimising for local search. GMB is the first thing that people will see when searching a business on Google – it is absolutely critical to have your business listed, established, and maintained.

Google My Business (GMB) takes over from where successful crowdsource review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp left off. According to the latest research, 73% of consumers will trust businesses with online reviews. Positive GMB reviews go a long way in boosting user trust and driving future transactions. Companies who provide access to reviews on their site using schema mark-up are even more likely to encourage users purchasing.

Local Backlink Building

Attaining and earning backlinks is a fundamental component of implementing a comprehensive local SEO Sydney campaign. Links communicate to search engines that one website thinks another is trustworthy, authoritative, and provides relevant information. Links that come from related and authoritative sites can also increase referral traffic, brand awareness, and can directly enhance the visibility of a website.

Local link building involves connecting with other sites in your nearby area to link back to your site. In a regular SEO campaign, link building efforts generally focus on pining for high authoritative domains to link back to the site – local link building centres around acquiring links from other local websites, businesses, and news forums. Creating meaningful connections with other local relevant organisations is critical to establishing your position within the local search market.

Location Specific Page Creation

A location-specific landing page is a page designed to attract motivated local customers. Well-designed landing pages will present on SERPs for local searches that contain terms related to your business. Almost 80% of users who make a search that includes location intent will then carry out that transaction in a physical store. Even for companies who operate sales in brick and mortar location stores, it’s crucial to have implement strategies that can expose your business to potential customers.

Instead of putting all of your service or product pages onto one location page, adding multiple location pages for each area/product/service allows for extended reach and increased location density. By creating dedicated location pages for each product or service, you’re opening up the door to potential visibility for each location page.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

One critical local SEO on-page ranking factor is the mobile usability and compatibility of your website. In 2020, almost one-third of all Google mobile searches have location intent. Ensuring your website is easily accessible and fast on mobile devices is an essential factor for both local search and user experience. Users are always seeking products or services nearby; you can make it easier for them to find you by optimising your pages for mobile.

Google’s research suggests that users who are not able to browse content effortlessly on their mobile phone are likely to leave the page. Furthermore, more than half of all users will not recommend a business that is not mobile compatible. Consumers have more options than ever before, which means that they can afford to be more selective.

Sustainable Local SEO Sydney Solutions

SEO and local SEO are both rapidly changing and evolving. Google’s updates will always strive to provide users with insightful and informational online experiences, and if the statistics show us anything, users are searching locally more than ever. Implementing a comprehensive local SEO strategy will make for solid footing with each new installation of future SEO and Google algorithm updates.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar style business, a service-based operation, or a local organisation without a storefront, local SEO is the key to reaching those highly motivated and lucrative customers. Get in touch with one of our SEO specialists today to discuss your local search engine optimisation solutions.

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