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Target local search queries in Perth that drive highly motivated leads for your business. According to the latest research, almost 97% of buyers use Google to find goods or services in their local area. When customers want to make a swift purchase or employ the help of a local business – they use local search targeting in search enquiries. Local SEO connects smart businesses with customers who are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Our Perth Local SEO services do exactly what local directories like the Yellow Pages did for companies in the late 1990s and early 2000s – they help customers connect with local businesses. The downfall of local directories like the Yellow Pages mean that local SEO is experiencing an unprecedented stage of growth.

Businesses that do not have a local SEO strategy in place for 2020 are missing out on valuable traffic. Local SEO is the most effective, scalable way to quickly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search in Perth.

Perth is one of the fastest growing local search markets in the world. A growing population of tech-savvy consumers means that getting to the top of the Perth search engine results pages is getting more competitive each year. You don’t have to be ranked #1 for every keyword – you have to get noticed for the right ones. A Local SEO strategy allows your Perth business to focus on profitable search terms that are going to drive leads, enquiries and revenue.

Local SEO Perth for Growing Companies

46% of Google searches come from customers who are looking to connect with local businesses. In the absence of the yellow pages and standardised businesses directories, consumers rely on Google to find local businesses. If you are a Perth business and you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on valuable traffic.

It’s easy, people use Google (and other searches engines) to find local companies. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capture valuable local customers. If you want to drive local customers to your business, you need to have a Perth Local SEO strategy in place.

We do SEO for businesses of all sizes. Still, we love providing local SEO services for one excellent reason – our Perth Local SEO campaigns deliver a ridiculous return on investment for our clients. We have tried and tested methods that turn modest, small businesses into successful small businesses that dominate the Perth area. From Mandurah to Freemantle and all the way up to the Joondalup, our Perth Local SEO campaigns enable modest businesses to become industry leaders in the Perth area.

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Our Local SEO Perth Strategy

Local SEO That Drives Growth

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Why is Local SEO Perth Important?

Our Blueprint for Perth Local SEO Visibility

On-Site Optimisation

On-page optimisation for local SEO Adelaide involves optimising elements of a website and their pages to improve local organic rankings. Before we can start looking at how we can start looking at off-page optimisation to get you to rank in local search, we need first to address all of the on-page elements that are relevant to local SEO.

According to the latest search studies, the average page one site displayed on Google is almost 2,000 words. Detailed landing pages will make your business an industry leader – not a follower. Not every page needs to be that long; however, competitor research will help uncover which posts require more content than others to outrank in Google.

Content is still king in local SEO. According to the latest data, 57% of SEO marketers rank content creation as the #1 way to achieve success in search marketing. According to the same data, backlinks and social media marketing rank as the #2 and #3 ways to improve visibility in 2020.

Refreshing existing content with recent images and composed content can improve organic traffic by 111.3%. However, the work doesn’t stop once you post or make a new page live. Republishing and updating existent content is one of the most underrated SEO strategies for improving local organic visibility.

Page Title Optimisation

Not only will the right page title impact organic local search visibility, but the page title will also affect how your site displays in the local search engine results. Page title optimisation is critical to getting local searchers to click through to your website.

The title of the page is one of the most reliable relevancy signals for search engines. The title tag should provide an exact, keyword-specific description of the page’s purpose. As well as being one of the most influential ranking signals, the title of your page also affects what your page looks like in the relevant local search engine results.

Internal Linking for Local SEO

The links between the pages on your domain play an essential role in how search engine bots read your content. Internal linking provides a ‘hierarchy’ for your website, whereby Google can understand where the most valuable content on your website is. For local search, we’ll create an internal link structure that will ensure that your most important geographically relevant content appears at the top of the search results. We’ll also ensure that you are not creating any confusion or conflict of interest with an untidy or messy link structure.

Google My Business Optimisation

One of the first things local customers will come across when looking for your business online is your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Setting up and managing your GMB profile is one of the critical aspects of managing a local business.

More than half of all local businesses have not claimed their free Google My Business listing. Companies who have not verified or configured their available GMB listing are lacking one of the most fundamental aspects of a proficient local SEO strategy. Considering GMB is one of the first elements that users will see when seeking a service or product on Google, it is critical to have your business claimed, verified, and managed.

Local SEO is a highly productive way to encourage lucrative traffic to your website. Make the most of an optimised Google My Business profile and implement a local SEO Perth strategy to secure the right customers in your area.

Targeted Location Specific Pages

If a business has multiple service areas or numerous storefront locations, we will create pages that display for each of these target locations with relevant location key terms. This way, when someone is searching for a service or product in a specific area, the associated pages for the website will present in the search results.

78% of location-relevant searches will lead to an offline transaction. Immediate gratification means that brick and mortar stores are still alive and well. Targeting relevant locations for specific landing pages allows websites to increase online visibility over several different service or storefront areas.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

Almost two-thirds of users would not recommend a business with a poorly planned mobile website. Searchers have more choice than ever, which means that they can afford to be pickier than ever before with content. Google has stated that users who are not able to read or scan content efficiently and easily on their mobile device are likely to leave the page. Optimising your website for mobile is imperative to gaining local traffic online.

Building Local Backlinks

Receiving and obtaining local backlinks is a fundamental part of any comprehensive local SEO Perth campaign. Links signal to search engines that a website is reliable, trustworthy, and contributes invaluable learning. Links coming from relevant and high authority websites also grant increased brand awareness, referral of local traffic, and will directly impact the local search visibility of a website.

Local businesses should strive to acquire links from local, relevant, and reliable websites for a healthy backlink profile. Getting good local backlinks can be tricky – it’s important to remember that when it comes to other sites linking to yours, quality always trumps quantity.

The latest research reveals that businesses are spending more than $1,000 per month on link building to boost and maintain their position in the local search engine results pages. With increasing awareness of local SEO, businesses who are at the top of the local search results are working hard to defend their position by working for new, relevant, and meaningful backlinks every month.

Directory Listings

Link directories are an online index of websites and businesses. Previously, web directories have been used to build a footing for backlinks and NAP consistency. However, these days, having your site linked from masses of low-quality link directories can only harm your website.

In 2020, web directory links don’t have much influence on rankings. In fact, when directories are used to build masses amounts of links, they have the potential to get penalised for unnatural link schemes. If you want your business listed in directories, use high quality and trustworthy sites that are designed solely for legitimate NAP consistency and having accurate company data online for users.

Local SEO Perth Turns Small Businesses into Local Leaders

You don’t have to have a physical storefront or office to benefit from comprehensive local SEO. By working with an experienced local SEO consultant, you can dramatically improve the quality of traffic that you are receiving.

Local SEO is one of the most underrated elements of search engine optimisation; there are tremendous gaps for small and medium businesses to outrank their more established rivals for highly profitable search terms. As of 2020, more than 80% of searches that take place on Google contain a keyword that relates to location. If you’re not connecting with your local market, you are missing out on some of the most motivated and lucrative traffic on Google.

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