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Expert Local SEO Reseller Services

Here’s a situation that plenty of full-service digital marketing agencies, contractors and freelancers will encounter at some point.

You’re managing a customer who wants to increase their presence with an enhanced digital marketing strategy. Maybe the customer has just been to a convention where they were flooded with other business owners speaking about how successful their local search engine optimisation campaign has been.

Naturally, your client wants to look into local SEO for their own business. You agree to work with the client on local SEO because you don’t want to see them take their account elsewhere. Unfortunately, local SEO services aren’t your cup of team. Your area of expertise lies elsewhere.

After several months of reading and trying new things, you’re starting to understand the fundamentals of local SEO, and you’re executing those strategies for the client. But it’s just not pushing the needle. 

Your client starts to question why they haven’t seen any improvement in traffic, leads, or sales. Naturally, that’s what they were expecting from a local SEO campaign.

This is a situation that lots of agencies, contractors and freelancers have encountered at some point. You’ve taken up more than you can handle and, as a result, you end up sinking all of your time, effort and resources into reading about local SEO rather than focussing on what your area of expertise.

The truth is, you could be an industry leader in PPC, branding or web design, but local SEO is a different can of worms entirely. SEO is less predictable than other aspects of digital marketing. There’s no live feedback, and you won’t see the fruits of your labour until months in the future.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, there is a workaround: A Local SEO Reseller Partnership (or White Label Local SEO).

What Do Local SEO Reseller Services Involve?

A Local SEO Reseller or White Label Local SEO agency provides local SEO services to other agencies looking to expand their marketing services without taking on an in-house team of SEO professionals.

SEO resellers are an external team who work for your clients to deliver improved local search results. Most resellers operate as a standalone agency that offers SEO services to businesses. White Label SEO is a way that SEO agencies can increase their clientele base by delivering their SEO services on behalf of other agencies.

As an SEO Reseller Australia, Safari Digital has an in-house team who handle every aspect of an SEO campaign from start to finish.

We perform SEO audits on behalf of your agency and indicate what is needed to achieve the desired results. From there, we’ll send a white label proposal that your agency can then repackage for your client. We’ll include a price breakdown, timeline, and billing schedule. You are free to add your account management fee on top of that.

In short, SEO resellers work with agencies and marketing consultants who want to maintain and grow client relationships by offering SEO services without deviating from their core specialism. Local SEO Reseller services save an agency or contractor from hiring in-house SEO experts for their own company.

Liam Ridings - Safari Digital SEO Director

Our White Label Local SEO Strategy

We use proven Local SEO techniques to drive highly-relevant traffic for your clients

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Local SEO Reseller Services – What’s Involved?

Google My Business

56% of local businesses are yet to claim and verify their Google My Business listing. Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most critical yet underrated local SEO tools available to companies. If a business has not claimed their GMB listing, they are missing out on enormous local and industry search potential. Furthermore, updating and optimising the listing – utilising GMB to its full potential – allows the business to thrive under Google’s guidance.

GMB works by connecting a business with people in their area. When searchers go looking for a service that the company can provide, the listing will be active in both search and maps. Ensuring business information is up to date is crucial to the success of a GMB profile. If searchers obtain incorrect or differing information, this will reduce the trustworthiness of a site and business.

Considering GMB is one of the first pieces of information that users will come across when searching a business on Google, it is imperative to have the business appropriately listed, verified, and managed.

On-Page Content Optimisation

In essence, on-site SEO is the process involving tweaking different elements of a website so that search engine bots can easily crawl them and evaluate the content, architecture, and data of the site.

Getting the on-page local SEO right is the first step to improving organic visibility on local search. Before we can start looking at those off-page elements that will dramatically boost the site’s rankings, we first need to address everything on the pages.

Creating Local Content

Producing and publishing high-quality local content directed at solving problems for the local audience will significantly increase the value of a local SEO reseller campaign. If the content serves to help the local market and provide them with insightful learnings and information, this will significantly enhance both user experience and value to search engines.

There’s no point in publishing mediocre content to simply tick a box. To positively affect local SEO, the content must be well-written and focused on serving the local audience.

Configuring Page Titles

The title of the page is one of the most dominant relevancy signals for search engines. The title tag should give an accurate, location and keyword-specific description of the page. As well as being one of the most important ranking signals, the page title also impacts what the site looks like in the search engine results page. Keyword intent is a vital aspect to consider when targeting keywords for local landing page titles. We’ll do the necessary location keyword research to ensure the site’s page titles are well-optimised to attract the right local customers.

Local Backlink Building

Local link building is the process of connecting with other websites in a local area to link back to your client’s site. In a general SEO campaign, link building is typically geared towards getting authoritative domains to link back to the site. While these links are strong and will make for an excellent backlink profile extension, they are not always attainable and necessary for small to medium businesses implementing local SEO.

65% of marketers acknowledge that link building is the most challenging aspect of SEO. Search engine optimisation is continually evolving. Google is relying on a more sophisticated system to understand the origin of links and how much importance to place on them. In 2022, there is no excuse for short-sighted link building tacts. SEOs and marketers have had fair warning from Google and understand the potential result of low quality link building.

Local Citations

The first thing that you should know about business citations is that not all citations are created equal. You can’t just blindly submit a website to every directory and hope for great results. In many cases, adding a business to the wrong directories can be deemed to be ‘spam’ by Google and can, therefore, harm the site’s search engine rankings.

The first step to forming a strong local backlink profile is setting up the business with local citations. Every state, area, and region will have their own online directories that we can easily add the business and website data to.

As a dedicated local SEO Reseller company, we know which directories and citations are going to be advantageous for each business and which ones will not. We won’t add the site to every directory possible; instead, we focus on gaining citations that are genuinely going to enhance the search visibility and online prominence of the website.

Mobile Usability Optimisation

In 2022, more people will use search to find local businesses than ever before – particularly with their mobile. The latest search statistics reveal that 30% of all Google searches coming from a mobile device include a location.

According to Google’s research, users who are not able to reach content quickly and effortlessly on their mobile phone are likely to abandon the page. The cut off time for a mobile website is 5 seconds. Not only will websites lose that user, but they also run the risk of users warning others against going to that website in the future. We work to ensure each site is fully equipped on desktop and mobile – optimising a site for mobile devices can go a long way in getting users to the website, and keeping them on there.

Location Pages

A local landing page is a web page designed to attract local customers. Well-designed landing pages will surface on SERPs for local searches that contain terms relevant to each business.

78% of location-oriented searches will lead to offline purchases. Immediate gratification means that brick and mortar operated businesses are still alive and well. Adding multiple location pages presents an opportunity to expand your reach and increase location density. By having dedicated location pages for each service or storefront, we’re opening up the door to potential rankings for each location page.

Helping Small Businesses Become Local Leaders

As a local SEO Reseller, Safari Digital has an in-house team that handles every aspect of an SEO campaign from start to finish. We understand the importance of small businesses thriving in today’s world – that’s why we’re so passionate about our comprehensive local SEO services. Get in touch with the local SEO reseller specialists today to discuss your next project.

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