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In 2020, 97% of consumers use Google to find local goods and services. Is your business visible in your local area?

Laser targeted local search strategies that drive valuable leads for your business. In 2020, almost 97% of consumers use Google to find products or services in their local area. When consumers are looking to make a quick purchase or employ the assistance of a local business – they use geo-targeting in their search enquiries. Local search engine optimisation connects savvy businesses with buy-ready customers.

Our Melbourne Local SEO services do exactly what the yellow pages did for businesses in the 1990s and early 2000s – they connect local consumers with local companies. The demise of the yellow pages means local search in Melbourne is in an unprecedented stage of growth. Smart businesses in Melbourne are taking advantage of the fact that local customers are using Google to connect with businesses in their area.

If your business does not have a local SEO strategy in 2020, you are neglecting the easiest form of organic traffic. There are no two ways about it, A Local SEO campaign is the most powerful and effective way to quickly (and substantially) increase the quality and quantity of enquiries and visits that your business receives through organic search in Melbourne.

Melbourne is amongst the busiest and most competitive local search markets in the world. An exploding population of tech-savvy consumers mean that fighting your way to the top of Melbourne’s search engine results pages is getting more competitive by the day. You don’t have to be number for every keyword – you have to be there for the right ones. A Local SEO Melbourne strategy allows your business to target valuable search terms that are going to drive leads, enquiries and revenue.

28% of Searches That Include Local Intent Result in a Conversion

In 2020, almost 50% of all online searches are from consumers who are looking to connect with local companies and contractors. In the absence of the yellow pages and traditional businesses directories, consumers rely on search engines to find local businesses. If you are a Melbourne business and you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place, you’re missing out on valuable traffic.

It’s simple, people use Google to find local businesses. If you don’t have a local SEO company working for your business, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capture valuable local customers. If you want to attract local customers to your business, you need to have a Melbourne Local SEO strategy in place.

At Safari Digital SEO Agency, we specialise in Local SEO Melbourne services. We do SEO for businesses of all sizes, but we love local SEO for one really good reason – our Melbourne Local SEO campaigns consistently deliver ridiculous ROI. We have tried and tested methods for turning modest small businesses into successful small businesses that dominate all around Victoria. From Lilydale to Geelong , our Melbourne Local SEO campaigns help modest businesses to become industry leaders in the Melbourne area.

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Our Local SEO Melbourne Strategy

Local SEO Strategies That Grow Businesses

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Why is Local SEO Melbourne Important?

How Local SEO Melbourne Works

Local Content Marketing

Creating local content is one of the most crucial aspects of a comprehensive local SEO Melbourne campaign. Content is still king – even so for local SEO. According to the latest research, 57% of marketers rank content creation and content marketing as the number one way to drive the best results in search. According to the same studies, social media marketing and backlinks rank as the second and third most effective ways to increase website traffic in 2020.

Local content marketing includes creating and publishing content that is relevant to the industry and niche, as well as targeting the local area. Users love to connect with brands on topics that are relatable, relevant, and community based. Local content involves leaving a mark on the local community with well written, insightful, and valuable content.

The hard work does not stop there. Updating existing local content with fresh images and written content can increase organic traffic rates by 111.3%. Republishing and updating existing local content is one of the most underrated and time-effective ways to increase organic reach and engage more readers.

Authoritative Local Backlinks

Almost 70% of SEO experts admit that link acquisition is one of the most challenging aspects of sustainable SEO. And naturally, the backlink profile of your website holds significant weight in the way your site is ranked in search results. When it comes to local search, visibility can be significantly improved by creating solid connections with local websites and having them link back to your site.

Before the Google Penguin Update, link building efforts were skewed towards acquiring high volumes of low-quality backlinks to build authority and “link juice”. However, today, link building efforts need to be sustainable and more meaningful – websites engaging in low-quality link schemes will suffer a Google Penalty.

Sustainable link building in 2020 means focusing efforts on building connections with high authority relevant websites. Links signal to search engines that one site considers another website to be trustworthy, authoritative, and provides valuable insight. In terms of local SEO, we will focus on attaining links for other websites within the local community that are both relevant and high-quality. As well as improving local search visibility, local links will also increase brand awareness and referral traffic.

Managing Google My Business

Over half of all local businesses have not claimed their Google My Business listing. Google My Business is one of the most critical and imperative components of local SEO Melbourne. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that works with Google Search and Google Maps; GMB has a direct and enormous impact on local search visibility.

When users are searching for a product or service in their local area, GMB listings are the first things they come across. Claiming, verifying, and managing your GMB listing is one of the most critical aspects of managing your local visibility. Once you’ve set up your GMB profile, the next step is to optimise and then keep it updated with Google Posts and photos. Keeping your GMB profile updated signals to both search engines and users that your business is alive and thriving.

An optimised GMB listing helps Google to understand more about your business; who you are, what services/products you offer, where you’re located and where they can find your website (for further crawling). The more Google can understand about your business, the more types of searches your GMB listing will display in.

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing page optimisation for local SEO Melbourne services includes creating local landing pages for each service area or store location. Creating individual landing pages for targeted areas informs consumers about your geographical service or storefront areas. Optimising landing pages for locations will also significantly extend reach and find customers that you wouldn’t otherwise come across.

Almost 80% of location-related searches will lead to an offline transaction. Landing page optimisation for locations is the perfect local SEO Melbourne strategy for brick and mortar style and service style businesses. Optimising your pages to extend online, can significantly impact the number of people visiting or using your services offline.

On-Page Strategy

Google looks at several different on-page signals when ranking websites in search. Optimising your on-site content for local search includes using relevant, lucrative and local keywords to get your content noticed.

One SEO Statistic keeping marketers up at night is that the average page one result in Google contains 1,890 words of content. Detailed landing pages will make your business an industry leader; not a follower. In saying that, not every page needs to be 2,000 words in length. Competitor research should help marketers to work out which pieces require more content and tweaking to outrank in Google.

Page Title Optimisation

Page title optimisation for local search involves local keyword research and configuration. Page titles should accurately describe what a page is about and what its purpose is. If you’re targeting local areas, page titles must have geographical intent. As well as being an important ranking factor for search engines, page titles play an enormous role in the way local users read and interpret your website in search results.

Internal Linking Strategy

Internal links are hyperlinks that go from one page on a website to a different page on the same domain. Internal links help users navigate a site, establish a hierarchy, and can create “master” pages within a website that make it easier for search engines to understand which pages to rank for search queries.

Linking your pages internally connects your content and gives Google a good idea of the structure and architecture of your website. With a solid internal linking campaign, you can show which content is most relevant and which articles are the most informative and essential.

Mobile Usability

With more people using their mobile devices to find information about local businesses and services, mobile site usability is more critical than ever. More than half of all users would not recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website. Making your website mobile-friendly is one of the critical aspects of local SEO in 2020. According to Google, users who are not about to read or browse websites efficiently and effortlessly on their mobile phones are likely to abandon the page altogether. Not only will websites lose that user, but they also run the risk of users warning others against going to the site in the future.

Directories and Citations

Directories and citations are essentially online catalogues of websites and business information. In the past, web directories in high masses have been used to build a backlink profile. Today, having your site linked from lots of low-quality directories can only do your website harm.

Directories and citations do not hold the same weight for local search as they once did. In saying that, web directories and citations can be used to establish consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information across the web, and are still somewhat relevant for users looking for company information online.

Get Your Local Business on The Map

Local SEO is an incredibly effective way to get your small business noticed. Through our comprehensive strategies and thorough local search techniques, we can get your local business competing with the big players in your industry. The reason we love working on local SEO Melbourne campaigns so much is because our local strategies always deliver ridiculous ROI and generate enormous amounts of qualified leads. Take your business to the next level – contact the local SEO experts at Safari Digital.

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