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Start 2024 on the right foot and generate local, motivated leads that are actively looking for goods or services in their area with a targeted local SEO campaign in Brisbane. Whether you offer mobile services in and around Brisbane, or you’re simply looking to attract more foot traffic to your physical address, local search engine optimisation is the most effective way to target qualified leads in your area.

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Local SEO Services Brisbane

Local SEO is the fastest way to grow your business in Brisbane. Today, more than 96% of consumers use Google to find businesses in their local area. When consumers are looking to make a quick purchase or employ the services of a local company – they use geo-targeting in their search enquiries. Local search engine marketing connects smart businesses with buy-ready customers.

Our Brisbane Local SEO services do the same thing that the yellow pages did for businesses in the late 90s and early 00s – they help consumers connect with companies in their area. The demise of physical directories means that local search is in an unprecedented stage of growth. Smart businesses in Brisbane are monopolising their local market with Local search strategies that increase their local visibility and put them at the forefront of their local market.

If your business does not have a local strategy in 2024, you are missing out on highly lucrative traffic. Local search is the most powerful and most effective way to quickly (and dramatically) increase the quantity and quality of leads that your business receives through organic search in Brisbane. 97% of consumers use Google to find local businesses – make sure your business is visible.

Brisbane is one of the busiest and most competitive local search markets in the world. A growing population of tech-savvy consumers mean that getting to the top of Brisbane’s search engine results pages is getting more competitive by the week. You don’t have to be number one for every keyword – you have to get noticed for the right ones. A localised strategy allows your business to target valuable search terms that are going to drive visits, enquiries and revenue.

Why Local Search Matters

Almost half of all searches that are conducted on Google are from consumers who are looking to connect with local businesses. In the absence of the yellow pages and standardised businesses directories, consumers use google to communicate with local businesses. If you are a Brisbane business and you don’t have a regional search engine optimisation strategy in place, you are missing out on valuable traffic.

If you don’t have a local strategy in place, you’re not visible to almost half of your target market. If you want to drive local customers to your business, you need to have a Brisbane Local search strategy in place. At Safari Digital, we specialise in Local search engine optimisation.

We do SEO for businesses of all sizes. Still, we love to do local search for one excellent reason – our Brisbane Local SEO campaigns deliver a ridiculous return on investment for our clients. We have tried and tested methods that turn modest, small businesses into successful small businesses that dominate the Brisbane area. From the Northside to the Southside and everywhere in between, our localised marketing services help modest companies to become industry leaders in the Brisbane area.

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The Value of A Local SEO Strategy

Utilising the Best Tools & Platforms

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Our Blueprint for Local SEO

Local Backlink Building

Backlinks are links that point to your website that can have a direct impact on your search engine visibility and rankings. Local link building includes creating meaningful connections with sites that are geographically and industrially relevant to your content. These links are signals of trust and authority to search engines.

Acquiring and earning backlinks is an integral part of a comprehensive local SEO Brisbane campaign. Local links are done with the intention to build relevance for a website towards its locality. Links that are coming from relevant and authoritative sites also provide increased brand awareness, organic referral traffic, and will directly affect the visibility of a website. We use strategic local link acquisition to get businesses at the forefront of their local market.

Where a few years ago, the nature of link building concentrated on attaining high quantities of links; today, Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated. Websites participating in link schemes (acquiring high volumes of low-quality links) will be awarded a penalty. In 2024, marketers need to focus their efforts on building clean, sustainable links that will remain safe and unaffected by any future algorithm updates.

Local Content Marketing

When it comes to local SEO Brisbane, content is still king. Local content can be a powerful driving force in getting users to come back to your website. Location oriented content will also aid search engines with what your site is about, what location it is targeting, and how valuable your information is to the local audience.

Local content creation is one thing, but keeping content updated and fresh is another. Updating existing content with fresh images and written copy can increase local organic traffic by 111.3%. Once you’ve got a good backlog of local content, we focus on keeping it fresh, relevant, and location-oriented.

Local On-Page Signals

Before we can address any external local search factors, we will start by looking at all of the on-page signals that impact local search visibility. For starters, the average page one result in Google contains almost 2,000 words. Having detailed and optimised landing pages will make your business a local leader – not a follower. Not every page requires 2,000 words of strategised content; however, competitor research will uncover which posts require more content than others in order to rank well in search results.

Page Titles

Page title optimisation for local search is crucial for any comprehensive local search engine optimisation campaign. Title tags should give a clear and concise description to search engines, to aid in the process of crawlers deciphering the purpose and relevancy of the page. Page titles should be accurate, keyword-specific, use the location, and not too lengthy. As well as being an important ranking signal, page titles will also contribute to how users interact with the website in search engine result pages.

Location Landing Pages

Almost 80% of location-oriented searches will lead to an offline purchase. Immediate gratification means that brick and mortar businesses are still alive and well and can thrive online to aid their business offline. One way for brick and mortar style and service operating businesses to increase their online reach is to create location-specific landing pages.

By creating individual pages for service areas or store locations, websites have the ability to rank well in search results for targeted areas. A comprehensive local strategy will include finding your most lucrative opportunities, and ways to get your business at the forefront.

Optimising for Mobile

Today, more people are using mobile search to find local businesses than ever before. According to the latest search research, almost one-third of all Google searches coming from mobiles are location specific. Furthermore, more than half of all users will not recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile website.

With that in mind, local search and mobile search go hand in hand – if you’re not improving the mobile-friendliness of your site, local users will not be able to access your content. Enhancing and optimising your website for mobile can go a long way in attracting highly motivated customers and keep them on your pages.

Google My Business

One of the most critical aspects of a local search engine optimisation campaign in Brisbane is managing and optimising your Google My Business listing. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool working in conjunction with Google Maps and Google Search. All small businesses should claim, verify, and manage their GMB listing to maximise their online search visibility in Google.

Optimising your GMB listing will involve ensuring all necessary information is accurate, concise, and consistent. Choosing a relevant and very specific category is crucial to having your customers find you, and NAP consistency will confirm your details with both search engines and users. GMB Optimisation will also include managing the profile and regularly adding Google Posts and adding photos – this lets users know that your business is very much alive and well.

73% of consumers will trust a business with online reviews. By setting up your GMB profile, your satisfied customers can and will leave reviews on your listing. Positive reviews are social signals that can go a long way in aiding the decision-making process for future customers.

Local Directories

Web directories, or link directories, are an online catalogue or list of websites and businesses. Previously, web directories were used to build a foundation of backlinks and NAP consistency. However, today, having an abundance of links from low-quality web directories can only cause your website harm.

We no longer rely on web directories for link building purposes in our local campaigns. If anything, our local efforts will involve relying on local relevant citations purely for legitimate NAP consistency and having correct business information online for users.

Find Lucrative Local Customers in Brisbane

As a small business, investing in local search marketing can drive valuable leads to your company and boost your organic search visibility. Local SEO is not like other SEO fad trends – it’s here to stay and will only continue to become more relevant as technology develops.

Local search marketing is the ultimate key for enhancing your online presence, building your domain authority and creating meaningful connections with high-converting local customers. If you’d like to learn more about how local search marketing can change your business, contact Safari Digital today.

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