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Running a local SEO campaign involves careful planning and precise execution. Here is what’s involved in planning and executing an effective and profitable local SEO campaign anywhere in Australia.

A Local SEO campaign can put your business at the forefront of local search and help you connect with local customers. Local search marketing is quickly becoming one of the most relevant and laser-focused methods for getting a business noticed. So, what’s actually involved in a Local SEO Campaign?

Reaching the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) was once considered the ultimate goal for small to medium-sized businesses. In a setting that was dominated by big companies with even bigger budgets, Google found a way for smaller businesses to get a chance with a local and lucrative audience.

In 2014, Google revealed the first algorithm updates for their Pigeon update, which allowed local businesses to compete with more established companies at a local level. The pigeon update was based around giving preference in SERPs to businesses that were in close proximity to the searcher.

The pigeon update gave local businesses an unprecedented opportunity to connect with local customers and stand out in a highly competitive landscape. Since then, local SEO has become a popular and lucrative way for small to medium-sized businesses to make a name for themselves.

A local SEO campaign will involve a multi-disciplinary approach to getting a business’s website increased visibility. If you want increased local exposure, you need a geo-focused SEO strategy that will put your business ahead of the competition and in direct sight of local consumers.

What is Local search marketing?

Why Is A Local SEO Plan Important?

A Local SEO plan is paramount for businesses that serve or service a local area. Businesses who are not implementing local SEO strategies are missing out on enormous local growth opportunities. Furthermore, local SEO services are not a one-off optimisation job. Laying out an appropriate local SEO campaign to suit the needs, goals, and market of the business is crucial to sustaining long term and lucrative local SEO success.

Having a local SEO plan in place will allow for an expert to manage, strategize, and track the local growth of the website’s growth. A local SEO plan will allow for multiple factors to work together and develop an overall effective strategy.

For many websites, there may be a trial and error period in which the SEO team can track the results of the efforts and make necessary adjustments. A comprehensive local SEO plan will allow room for changes that can better improve the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

What’s Involved in A Local SEO Strategy?

If you want your business to be at the top of local search, you need to outrank your competition and attract the attention of your local consumers. Local SEO is the act of implementing strategic methods to get a website noticed in a local area. As soon as Google begins to associate your business with a local area and local consumers, your business will benefit from a boost in rankings and increased visibility of your local profile.

There is a multitude of elements that can contribute to an effective local search marketing campaign. A successful Local SEO strategy will involve tapping into the local market by optimising the website, Google My Business Profile, local content, and business directory listings for all location-based queries.

On-Site Optimisation

A local SEO campaign will likely begin with a full website audit and analysis. An audit will help to determine the areas in which the website has strengths and weaknesses for local search. On-page website optimisation for local SEO will include:

on-site SEO for local SEO campaign

1. Keyword Research – Full analysis of keywords that are relevant to the business, location and the industry. The research will also involve assessing the keywords competitors are using for local search.

2. Meta Data– There has been plenty of debate over whether meta descriptions and title tags have any relevancy to optimisation for search engines. The important thing is, they play a massive role in the way local users read and interpret your site.

3. Optimising for Mobile – More people are using search to find local businesses than ever before, particularly with their mobile. The latest search statistics reveal that 30% of all Google searches coming from a mobile device include a location.

4. Content – Local content can be a tremendous driving force in getting users to come back to your website. Location oriented content will also help search engines decipher what your site is about, where it is targeting, and how valuable your information is to the local audience.

5. Page Development – an SEO expert will spend time developing and creating dedicated landing pages for service locations and products. Individual pages will extend the reach of the website and allow for search visibility for different areas and different products.

6. Off-site Website optimisation will include optimising and enhancing Google My Business Profiles, relevant and local link building, directory and citation management, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.

off-site optimisation for local SEO

Using Data to Enhance A Local SEO Campaign

One of the most overlooked yet critical aspects of a local SEO campaign is the measurement of each strategy. Tracking the progress of each new page, content, and optimisation strategy will mean that after the first month of the local SEO campaign, you can go back and take a look at what’s working and what’s not.

Evaluating user behaviour with freshly implemented strategies will allow an SEO expert to make adjustments that will further enhance the campaign and connect with more customers. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can provide websites with performance reviews that will help to make adjustments to improve the overall effectiveness of a local SEO campaign.

Each Local SEO Campaign is Unique

Not all local SEO campaigns will look the same. While the main strategies involved in local SEO are no secret, every campaign will differ. The nature of the campaign will be heavily dependent on the industry, industry competition, the number of physical locations or service areas, and the products and services offered.

Today, users depend on the internet more than ever to find crucial information for businesses, products, and services. If your business does not show for local search results, your customers will go straight to your competitors. Implementing an effective local SEO campaign will not only improve your online presence, but it will build your authority and lead you to high converting customers.

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Unlike traditional advertising efforts like newspaper listings and leaflets, effective local SEO campaigns result in a high return on investment. Getting your business on the local map means reaching potential customers who are already looking for your services. Local SEO is a sustainable solution that with time, will show that the long-term payoffs will soon overtake the initial investment.