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White Label SEO is an effective way to retain clients and deliver expert results. Here’s what you need to know as an Agency, Business owner, or White Label client.

A white label SEO company provides SEO services for agencies, businesses, or individual consultants without taking credit for the work being completed. In other words, a specialist SEO company is contracted by another marketing agency or businesses who are looking to sell search engine optimisation services to other clients or individuals without doing the work in-house.

According to a 2019 report, marketing experts predict that individuals and businesses will spend almost 80 billion dollars on SEO by 2020. Because search engine optimisation is a critical component of a successful online marketing strategy, individuals and businesses are willing to spend more money to stay at the top of the search engine results pages.

As a result of the increased SEO spend, marketing agencies and businesses who sell digital marketing and various web development services are looking for a way to retain existing clients and gain new ones by offering SEO services.

If you are an agency or business who is looking to add search engine optimisation to your digital marketing menu, have a look at some of the most important points below to find out if white label SEO is right for your business.

What is White Label SEO?

Also known as SEO reseller services, white label SEO is a search engine optimisation partnership between two businesses. The partnership consists of at least two companies who form an agreement to share the responsibilities of sales and marketing of an SEO product.

By way of an example, let’s say that you are a marketing agency with a core competency in pay-per-click marketing. One of your clients is looking to expand their digital marketing efforts. Maybe the client has just been to a conference where they have been inundated with other businesses talking about how successful that search engine optimisation campaign has been.

Naturally, you want to retain this client so you agree to offer SEO services to them. The problem is, SEO isn’t really your thing. Instead of wasting your time trying to get up to speed with SEO and diverting your attention from your core specialty, white label SEO partnerships can help your agency to retain the client and produce exceptional work.

The second company, a white label SEO specialist, ensures that the first company doesn’t lose business or sacrifice their reputation. One company uses its reach and reputation to sell SEO services, while the SEO partner uses their expertise to service the client.

Part of the white label SEO agreement states that the company doing the work will hand over reports without any branding so that the company selling services can repackage the report with their own company logos.

Why Is White Label Important?

You may be asking why is white label SEO important? Why would anyone hire a white label SEO reseller? The simple answer is white label SEO services benefit the agency and the reseller.

White label SEO allows SEO professionals to do a job without having to attract new clients. A big attraction for SEO professionals vying for business in a competitive landscape.  SEO Outsourcing allows search engine optimisation professionals to receive projects at regular intervals without having to hunt for new clients. Meanwhile, the company who is reselling SEO can spend more time focusing on their key competencies.

Benefits of White Label

Still not convinced that white label SEO is a good option? Here are a few more of the benefits that SEO reselling can bring to the table.

1. New Clients

Whether you are an SEO professional or a reseller, white label SEO partnerships benefit both parties when it comes to the total number of clients that you have. It also benefits your clients because they have a single point of contact. Agencies who outsource to SEO consultants will have a rigorous screening process when choosing their SEO partner. In an industry where companies are constantly overpromising, it can be invaluable to have the support of an agency that you already trust for your other marketing services.

2. Better Results

White label SEO allows SEO professionals to provide their services at a more competitive price. Because they are not spending time marketing their own product, SEO resellers can spend all of their time focusing on delivering the best possible outcome for their client.

3. Fast Turnaround

A project that is divided between two companies will naturally be completed in a shorter timeframe. Because the reseller spends all of their time managing the client, SEO experts can spend more time developing strategies that will deliver the best result for the customer.

Setting a clear outline of project expectations will also allow you to spend less time pitching back and forth with the client. Usually, the client will have a pre-existing relationship with the reseller which means that there is mutual trust in the product being delivered.

How to Do Effective White Label SEO

Creating an effective white label SEO campaign involves all of the same elements that go into a successful SEO strategy.

Website Content

Content plays a critical role in how your website ranks. A 2016 study conducted by Backlinkio discovered that the average page one results on Google use 1890 words in length. For websites that have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different web pages, creating that much content can seem like a daunting prospect. An SEO professional can help you develop a scalable framework for creating long-form content across hundreds of different landing pages.

Link Building

Building backlinks for your website is an important step in SEO. However, there is a level of nuance required tonight which websites are safe for linking. SEO professional will work with site owners and bloggers in your industry to create high-quality backlinks that increase your authority and relevance and will supercharge your SEO efforts.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimising various elements of your website in order to improve organic visibility. In simple terms, on-site SEO is a process that involves fine-tuning different on-page elements of your website so that search engines can easily crawl and interpret content and information. SEO professionals know how to create content that allows search bots to read and understand the content on your website.

Local SEO

You don’t have to rank number one for the highest volume keywords in your niche to drive meaningful traffic to your website. Local SEO allows you to target a smaller, highly motivated segment of the market. Local SEO Reseller services are a highly effective way to target local users who are likely to convert into customers.

On-Page Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation relies on a myriad of different factors. For instance, keyword density, keyword competition, and keyword intent all play a role in selecting the right keywords for your website. Understanding how to research keywords that will drive your business goals plays a big role in a successful SEO strategy.

Why Go White Label?

SEO is an essential element of a successful digital marketing strategy. White label SEO is a great option for agencies who want to expand their list of digital marketing offerings, without diverting attention away from their core competency.

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