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Want to stay on top of the latest SEO news but not sure who to trust?

If you are anything like us, most mornings start with a quick scroll of twitter and selected SEO news outlets to understand changes to SEO and keep abreast on the latest developments.

With so many news sources out there, it can be hard to know who to trust and who is worth your time and attention. To make things a little easier, we have put together a list of our favourite SEO news sources – the ones that are worth your time and attention.

In no order, here are the 5 best SEO news websites that you should be reading to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

1. Search Engine Roundtable

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The Search Engine Roundtable (SER) looks like something straight out of 2001 – but don’t let that fool you. This simple interface is a mecca to the latest Google updates, case studies, and expert tests. SER publishes anywhere from 5 to 10 articles per day depending on what is happening in the SEO-universe.

We like the simple layout and the regular industry event recaps. As well, we enjoy the ‘Disqus’ comment feature at the bottom that allows users to weigh in on the conversation and comment on what they are seeing on their websites.

Some of the most useful insights from SER come in the comment section from website owners that are seeing the effects of updates firsthand. The SER SEO news cycle tends to revolve around broad changes to larger sites, so it is really valuable to see what is happening on small to mid-size sites in the user comment section.

Search Engine Roundtable Organic Traffic

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search engine roundtable traffic value

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search engine roundtable organic keywords

2. Search Engine Journal

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Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is one of the most popular SEO news sites on the web – and for good reason too. Launched in 2003 by Loren Baker and now owned by Jenise Uehara Henrikson who also occupies the position of CEO, Search Engine Journal is one of the best resources for SEO aficionados on the web.

SEJ is a great resource for experienced SEOs looking to stay on top of the latest SEO updates – a worthy contender for the best SEO news source on the web. SEJ is well known for its deep dives into Google Search Central meetings and features the most complete collection of John Mueller musings on the web today. We love the way the Roger Montti unpacks Google Search Central meetings and is able to unpack what is said between the lines.

SEJ features a simple, well designed interface that makes browsing on a desktop or monitor a breeze. On top of SEO musings, SEJ also features PPC, Content, and social news that provide valuable insights for SEOs who want a complete picture of the online marketing landscape.

Search Engine Journal Organic Traffic

search engine journal traffic

Search Engine Journal Organic Traffic Value

search engine journal traffic value

Search Engine Journal Organic Keywords

search engine journal organic traffic

3. Search Engine Land

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Search Engine Land (SEL) covers all aspects of online marketing, advertising, and market technology and is a sister publication of the hugely popular Marketing Land website. Search engine land publishes five to six articles per day and focusses on the latest updates from organic search, Google My Business, and Google reporting tools. The breadth and depth of topics covered secures Search Engine Land’s position on the best SEO news blogs list.

SEL is where you will find the latest insights from the infamous Barry Schwartz – a name synonymous with Google news in the SEO community. Schwartz is lauded for his intricate knowledge of Google’s workings and his ability to unpack the intricate details of Google’s latest developments.

More so than some of the other mentioned SEO news websites, we find the SEL provides actionable insights into what the latest updates mean for website owners and SEOs. Instead of simply providing an overview of the subject, SEL also unpacks how to approach the latest developments from Google with actionable methods to safeguard your website from future updates.

Like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land also covers SEO, SEM, Social, and digital updates that affect those in the digital marketing universe.

Search Engine Land Organic Traffic

search engine land traffic

Search Engine Land Organic Traffic Value

search engine land traffic value

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4. Google Search Central Blog

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Formally known as the Google Webmaster Blog, the Google Search Central Blog is an invaluable resource for SEOs and marketers looking to stay up to date with the latest developments in Google Tools. We use the Google Search Central Blog to stay up to date with updates to Google Search Console functionality and to understand how we can leverage this data to better understand organic traffic.

The Google Search Central Blog provides valuable insights for experienced SEOs and newbies looking to get the most out of Google Search Console, structured data, rich snippets, and indexing updates. When it comes to the best SEO news sites, the Google Search Central Blog is information straight from the Horse’s mouth.

Google Search Central Blog Organic Traffic

google search central organic traffic

Google Search Central Blog Traffic Value

google search central traffic value

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google search central organic keywords

5. Safari Digital School Blog

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It would be remiss of us to write an article about the best SEO news sites on the web without mentioning the Safari Digital blog.

We are an independently owned SEO Agency that provides roundups of the latest updates from Google as reported by many of the other blogs on this list. On Occasion, we are the first to report on stories such as the August 10th, 2020, Google glitch where we saw more than 4,000 visitors to that post in a single day.

The Safari Digital SEO blog provides a valuable roundup of the latest news articles with insights into how SEOs and webmasters can tackle the latest developments. We do our best to provide information that users of most levels can action.

Aside from news, the Safari Digital School Blog provides information around SEO trends, SEO tips, and SEO insights from Australia’s fastest growing SEO company. The Safari blog is an SEO news source is ideally suited to marketers looking for actionable insights across the organic marketing universe.

The Safari Digital blog is written by our expert SEO team who try, test, and implement the SEO strategies that have elevated us to the top of the search results for some of the most competitive search terms in Australia. Nothing is theoretical – everything is written by our Melbourne SEO Agency team who all have first-hand experience implementing SEO strategies across dozens of client sites.

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