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SEO has quickly become the most important part of marketing a business online. So, is it possible to find high-quality cheap SEO services in Adelaide?

Implementing search engine optimisation has become an integral part of maintaining a brand. More businesses are realising the value of SEO, and so more businesses are looking for the “cheapest and best” SEO solutions. The problem with shopping for SEO is, that the lowest prices are never synonymous with the best services.

We get it. Businesses have budgets. We understand the importance of saving money as a small business and trying to get the most value from money. High costs for SEO services can be a hard concept to grasp for those who don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the way SEO works.

However, we’re here to tell you that shopping for the lowest price in SEO will only end up costing you more in the long run. There is an abundance of Cheap SEO companies waiting to take advantage of naïve small business owners. This article will break down how purchasing cheap SEO Adelaide packages can be damaging for a website, reputation, and online presence.

Why SEO Services Matter

Search engine optimisation plays an important role in the way both search engines like Google and users interact with your website. For a business to find customers online, they need to enhance their online presence on search. This means working within Google’s guidelines to manipulate search engine rankings to get a website showing up for relevant searches.

SEO is the practice of improving a website to its maximum potential to help users find it more easily. When executed well, SEO will provide a business with high search rankings, increased organic traffic, and a competitive edge over their main rivals. There is clear evidence proving the true value of SEO – those investing in high-quality services are consistently securing high search rankings and benefitting from organic traffic to their website.

A common misconception within the general community is that SEO can be done by anyone. While this is technically true (there are several SEO techniques anyone can implement), it takes a great deal of skill, knowledge, time, and resources to see the true benefits from SEO practices.

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Search marketing practices are always evolving. The nature of working within the confines of Google’s algorithm means it is up to the SEO experts to adapt to each change to continue helping websites to rank well.

Achieving online visibility is no easy feat. There are continuous challenges for rankings, and SEO can typically take months before there are any real payoffs. However, the return on investment for good quality SEO is considerably higher than traditional marketing methods – that’s why SEO has become so popular over the last couple of years.

What is a Cheap SEO Package Adelaide?

Cheap SEO packages are low-quality marketing bundles designed by SEO companies to entice business owners with budget-friendly prices. These companies will almost always sweeten the deal with an outrageous guarantee, promise, or claim.

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If you’ve ever received a generic email offering “affordable SEO for just $99” congratulations – you’ve been targeted by a cheap SEO company. These companies operate off a high-volume client basis with little or no regard for delivering tangible results. Cheap SEO companies exclusively use blackhat, corner-cutting SEO techniques to lure in business owners who are trying to save a quick buck on marketing.

To put a number on cheap, anything below $500 a month is likely to be bad news. Effective SEO takes time, effort, and resources. Companies offering SEO for any less than the standard are either putting no time in, skimping out on crucial tools, or are paying their employees peanuts.

The problem with engaging Cheap SEO Adelaide companies is that there is more to lose than the initial payment. Cheap SEO packages operate with strategies that can actually end up costing your business thousands in website damage repairs. Before you’re tempted by an SEO bargain, we recommend getting an understanding of the potential perils involved.

Why Businesses Should Steer Clear of Adelaide Cheap SEO Packages

1. Cookie-Cutter Template Campaigns

Any experienced marketer knows that no two businesses are the same and effective SEO campaigns need to be tailored to suit the needs, goals, and circumstances of each client. Several variables are taken into consideration to determine the nature of an SEO campaign and the pricing. 

Cheap SEO Packages work off a fixed price template that does not allow for differences in businesses and industries. These one-size-fits-all campaigns do not work with 95% of businesses and will end up causing more harm than good to their online presence. 

Without a focus on customised solutions, an SEO campaign is very harmful to a business. Consider this: When you take your car to the mechanics, you expect the mechanic to work out what problems your car is having and make the appropriate repairs based on the type of car and the issues it is facing. How would you feel if a mechanic carelessly provides your car with a solution that does not specifically target the vehicle’s main concerns?

SEO works pretty similarly. Providing the same solutions for businesses that are facing different circumstances is not effective. Businesses should focus their efforts on finding SEO agencies that are willing to provide strategies designed to suit their needs, goals, and industry.

2. Cheap SEO Packages Cannot Deliver Basic SEO

There’s a reason high-quality SEO services can be expensive; effective practices take time, money, and resources. Basic SEO strategies such as content creation and link building are the most important parts of an SEO campaign and, as you can imagine, are also the most time exhaustive.

Google’s main priority is serving up quality content to users is genuinely helpful. An integral part of an SEO campaign is producing and optimising content to get it noticed by both users and search engine crawlers. This means creating content that is original, valuable, and genuinely insightful. It takes a great deal of time and skill to execute well-written content for SEO.

Cheap SEO Companies cannot afford the necessary time and resources that it takes to produce high-quality content. Instead, they rely on scraping software to pull content from other websites and spin it into a “new” article. Scraping and spinning content is not only unethical but also results in messy jargon and puts websites at risk of duplicate content.

Information about the value of quality backlinks over quantity of backlinks for SEO

Similarly to content creation, effective backlink building requires time, patience, and a little bit of elbow grease. A healthy backlink profile will be built from connections that are relevant, high quality, and meaningful. A marketer will spend a great deal of time earning and acquiring organic and strong backlinks from other websites to build a healthy backlink profile.

Cheap SEO Packages use link exchanges, link schemes, and link farms to manipulate backlink profiles. The result is a high quantity of backlinks that offer minimal value. Before Google’s Penguin update, this was a legitimate method for link building. However, as Google’s priorities have changed, their idea of link building has changed accordingly. Websites engaging in spammy link manipulation can now be hit with a nasty Google penalty.  

3. Cheap SEO Packages Work Off Churn & Burn Methods

Companies offering cheap SEO packages Adelaide work off a business model that prioritises the onboarding of as many clients as possible. Known as “churn & burn” SEO, this is the only way cheap SEO companies stay afloat. With little or no regard for delivering any tangible results, cheap SEO companies focus their efforts on onboarding as many clients as possible with their attractive pricing.

Cheap SEO companies aren’t concerned about losing clients. They usually have a long list of businesses who are looking for the “cheapest and best SEO”. By the time you become frustrated with the lack of attention your campaign is receiving, the company will be happy to let you go to focus their sights on getting new clients. 

The lack of accountability and regard for building any long-term relationships with clients is why cheap SEO packages Adelaide are so damaging to the industry. SEO companies with high-quality services are getting a bad rap and labelled “expensive” because of the sheer volume of cheap SEO companies scamming business owners. 

4. Cheap SEO Packages Deliver Short Term Strategies

Effective and good SEO does not happen overnight; it can take months to reap any benefits from SEO strategies. However, the techniques are made to last – when executed well, SEO is a sustainable marketing solution for a business. 

Cheap SEO packages do not allow for any long-term solutions. Their efforts are purely focused on quick, fast, short term tactics that are almost always short-lived. Such a limited budget can only provide short term black hat SEO tactics, which are not sustainable. 

Cheap SEO packages use sneaky tracks such as keyword spam and redirects to yield high rankings. However, these results only last a day or two before Google catches up, penalises the site, and the rankings go plummeting down. 

There are no magic potions to outranking your competitors and increasing organic traffic overnight. SEO is a long-term game; if you want fast results, they are not going to get you very far. Even if cheap SEO companies do provide you with results, they are going to be short-lived and will land you a Google penalty.

Warning Signs for cheap SEO packages

5. Experience is Expensive

Take a minute to consider other services you pay for, and whether you would pay less and still expect the same level of quality. SEO is no different. It’s a complicated and ever-evolving service – effective optimisation requires an expert with an in-depth knowledge of search and algorithms. If you’re willing to compromise on the expenses of SEO, you can expect a compromise on the quality. 

Cheap SEO packages are designed by companies with little or no experience in the industry. Let’s face it, any self-respecting experienced marketer would not provide their services for such a small amount of money. 

Cheap SEO packages will not provide the experience and skill needed for positive impacts. It takes a fair deal of time, skill, and resources to provide sustainable SEO results for a website.

If you genuinely want SEO to grow your business, get in contact with a legitimate Adelaide SEO agency. Putting your business in the hands of a specialist who knows what they are doing will provide sustainable and scalable results for your business. 

Invest in Your Business with Quality SEO

Before you purchase a cheap SEO package, consider the importance of your business. Do you feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of a less-than-reputable company?

If saving money is higher on your priority list than investing in your business then we strongly suggest leaving SEO for the time being. DIY SEO or no SEO is safer than engaging with a cheap SEO package in Adelaide. 

If you do want to see your business grow with the power of SEO, it’s time to invest in your business. Because that’s what quality SEO is – an investment. 

Investing in quality SEO will provide your business with online growth through increased visibility and organic traffic. Good SEO is the key driving factor in getting Google to notice your site and allowing new customers to find your business. With the right tools, good SEO is a long-term and sustainable marketing strategy that will initially seem expensive. However, with time, the return on investment will easy overtake the initial investment.