July 2022 Product Reviews Google Algorithm Update

The Google search liaison twitter account confirmed on July 28th (AEST) that a new product reviews algorithm update is rolling out.

As always, the biggest impact from this update is likely to be felt over the next 24-48 hours as things shift around in the search results. From there, it will take approximately two weeks until the update is finished.

The Google search liaison twitter account confirmed that the latest algorithm announcement would be added to the official search ranking updates page that was launched last month.

The page, which includes all historical search algorithm updates back to January 2020, is intended to provide a reference point for SEOs and webmasters for all confirmed algorithm updates.

Was this update expected?

Not really, but given that Google has already released two refinements to its original product reviews algorithm update, we shouldn’t really be surprised.

The latest product reviews update is the fourth in a series of product review updates that have been launched by Google over the last 18-months. The first product reviews update is another improvement to the product review algorithm update that was first launched back in March 2021.

What is the purpose of this update?

As we mentioned, this is the fourth incarnation of the product reviews update.

Going back to Google’s first product reviews update back in April 2021, the mission for the update was simple. Google wants product review to feature useful and helpful information that involves a comprehensive review and testing process.

In contrast to some online e-commerce retailers that simply post product information from supplier websites, Google is encouraging users to share in-depth research that provides greater value to users.

Google's advice for the product reviews update

Who is affected by the latest product reviews update?

Websites that publish product reviews on their website are the ONLY websites that will be impacted by this Google update. E-Commerce, affiliate, and general product review websites are the websites that can expect to be impacted by this update.

If you experience a change in rankings across other verticals over the coming two weeks, it is important to note that it is not related to this update. Only websites that publish product reviews will experience any notable changes. Any other fluctuations to rankings could be a result of background search updates (which occur each day) or changes to your website, or competitor websites.

What should I do if I am impacted?

If you have been impacted by the Google product reviews update for July 2022, our advice remains the same as it did in March 2022. Refer to the infographic above which outlines what Google is looking for with product reviews. Create in-depth, quality product reviews that demonstrate a comprehensive review and understanding of the product and how it can be used by its target audience.

Remember, this is not a core update. If you have been impacted in different niches or verticals, it is unrelated to this update, and you should refer to Google’s general webmaster guidelines that pertain to content quality.

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