Google Algorithm Update October 2021

There was a possible Google Algorithm Update on October 3rd, 2021, that caused widespread fluctuations in the Google search results between the 2nd – 4th October. The update has since continued with large fluctuations on the 10th, 16th, 23rd, and 26th October 2021.

We first noticed a large shift in the Google search results on the 3rd October 2021 that translated to a 9.2/10 on the SEMRUSH Sensor – the highest numbers that we have seen since the Google Link Spam Update at the end of July 2021.

Generally speaking, an average of 9/10+ in the SEMRUSH sensor is reserved for Google’s Broad Core updates that occur twice a year. However, it appears that Google is continuing to refine its algorithm with a blockbuster day in the SERPs that has impacted millions of websites around the globe.

Since then, we have also noticed large updates occurring intermittently throughout the month with wide spread fluctuations occurring on these days:

  • 10th October 2021
  • 16th October 2021
  • 23rd October 2021
  • 26th October 2021

In simple terms, October 2021 has been an extremely volatile month for search engine rankings in Google.

9.2 SEMRUSH Sensor

*Data Courtesy of SEMRUSH Sensor

What Are You Seeing With Google Algorithm Update October 2021?

We mentioned this in the post that we wrote about the September 15th update, however, it looks as though Google is continuing to refine the drastic changes that it made with the Link Spam Update that rolled out at the end of July.

The Link Spam Update aimed squarely at websites that were using unethical link building tactics to increase their Google rankings. Generally speaking, websites with a very high number of referring links from a low number of referring domains were heavily impacted by the update.

From what we can see, Google looks to be backtracking on some of those updates. We are seeing a high number of websites partaking in high-volume link acquisition schemes, with low quality content slowly making their way back to pages one and two of Google search results. While we cannot say with certainty that this is what happened in the most recent October 2021 Google Algorithm Update, we do believe that it is playing a role in the fluctuations.

Which Industries Were Affected by the Google Algorithm Update October 2021?

According to SEMRUSH reporting data, the impact was felt across almost all industries with a 9.2 average across all sectors. Twenty-four out of twenty-six sectors recorded an SEMRUSH sensor score of higher than 8.4 with nineteen scoring higher than 9.0. The industries that were over a nine on the SEMRUSH sensor included the following:

Google SERP fluctuation October 2021

*Data Courtesy of SEMRUSH Sensor

  • 9.4 Sports
  • 9.4 News
  • 9.4 Arts & Entertainment
  • 9.3 Shopping
  • 9.3 Jobs & Education
  • 9.3 Games
  • 9.3 Business & Industrial
  • 9.2 Online Communities
  • 9.2 Law & Government
  • 9.2 Internet & Telecom
  • 9.2 Food & Drink
  • 9.2 Finance
  • 9.2 Computers & Electronics
  • 9.2 Beauty & Fitness
  • 9.2 All categories
  • 9.1 Science
  • 9.1 Home & Garden
  • 9.0 Hobbies & Leisure
  • 9.0 Autos & Vehicles

Google Continues to Refine Its Algorithm

At Safari Digital, we work across a diverse range of industries. We observe the industry as a whole and begin to pick up on trends that we see from our clients and their competitors in the search results. Picking up on these trends early is critical and it allows us to make updates that can positively impact the sites that we work with.

At this stage, we believe that the latest Google Algorithm Update October 2021 is squarely focussed on links. This latest update also follows a long list of recent updates from Google including the following:

Now What?

Sit tight. Do not make any drastic changes. If there is one thing that we have learned from the onslaught of Google Updates over the last six months, it is that there is a new update around the corner that could radically shift what has just happened. If your website has been impacted, we recommend that you do not make any significant changes over the next week. We expect to see a number of very unsettled days in the SERPs over the next fortnight.

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