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I Search From is the best SEO tool that you have (probably) never heard of. Created for organic and paid media specialists, provides valuable insight into the way different users, in different areas see your paid and organic listings.

Have you ever wondered how your website performs in other people’s search results?

Simulating a real Google Search – without actually making a search from your device – can give enormous insight into the way that your content is being ranked on different devices, from different locations.

It’s common knowledge now that Google Search Results will vary for different locations, devices, and people. Google’s search results are personalised based on the user’s phone or desktop, search history, and geographical location. If you’re looking for a way to view how your customers are viewing your content in the search results, what you’re after is exactly what I Search From offers. influencing factors

One of the most insightful tools available to marketers, I Search From is a free, online tool that allows you to preview how your website performs in Google without actually making a search.

Why Can’t I Just Google My Business for My Target Queries?

Analysing the search engine result pages is a key component of identifying factors that may improve the way your website is ranked in Google. Googling your business or your core service/product offering may seem like a harmless way to see how you’re ranking; however, doing so will only provide more harm than good.

If you’ve spent time Googling your own target keywords over and over, here’s a hot tip: stop.

Googling and clicking on your own website after searching the same terms over and over can be seen as manipulation. What’s more, making these searches frequently will allow Google to get an insight into what kind of result you’re looking for, giving you a (skewed) personalised SERP result. In doing so, continuing to use your device, you’ll never really get a true look in on what the search results look like for a potential customer. for organic search results

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time checking to see how your website performs in the search results, it’s best to use a third-party tool like I Search From to get an impartial, neutral insight into your rankings.

What Does Do?

I Search From is an online tool that allows you to check search results from a different device, from any country. A free online platform, I Search From simulates Google Searches from chosen devices and locations, with the ability to perform searches with custom search settings too.

I Search From was designed for Google Ads Advertisers to test their ads and see how they look in real search results. However, the platform is one of the most accessible and insightful analysis resources available for search engine optimisation. for PPC ad review

Using the tool, you specify the country you want to search from, the language you’re searching in, and the device you’d like to view. Simply enter the search query that you’d like to review, and voilà.

Back in the day, Google allowed users to simply change their GPS location for search results; this provided users with the ability to make searches from different locations without going to another physical location or using a VPN. This setting has now been removed, and Google will generally use your physical location data to present your results.

The Pigeon update in 2014 changed the way that search results were shown to users – the user was now the centroid of the search query. This means that Google now uses the exact location of a user to deliver the best possible results when they are searching with the intent to find a local product, service or business.

Using I Search From, you can get an insight into the results without Google personalising your search from your location, search history or device.

How Search Results Vary for Different Devices

Google adapts search results for different devices. This is because the search engine has designed search results to suit the expected experience of the user, depending on their device.

Generally speaking, using mobile devices, users want fast, visual, accessible and reactive results. As a result, Google will present mobile SERPs with more visual results – images, videos, and local business data will be the first to present. application in local search results

Google has also set mobile-first indexing as a key priority for search optimisation. As a result, websites that are also optimised for mobile use will generally rank higher in mobile results when compared to websites that are not optimised for mobile search.

Using desktops, users may be looking for more informative search results. As a result, desktop SEO may focus more on general search results than those geographically focused.

Using I Search From, we can see that the search results for a local business like an office furniture company in Sydney will vary from a desktop to a mobile device:

How Can I Search From Help with My SEO?

I Search From is particularly helpful in the analysis of local search results. If you are undertaking a local SEO campaign, you already know how important it is to be appearing in the local results for your local customers. As such, you’re inevitably going to want to view how your content appears compared to your competitor’s, particularly from different physical locations.

device preference and google search results

I Search From allows you to review the local search results that your website appears in from an unbiased and impartial source. The tool is particularly helpful for local SEO as it gives you a full preview into the Google Ads, Google Maps, and the full search results of your search query.

Final Thoughts

We all know how volatile the search engine results can be – particularly for local queries. As an SEO Agency, we’re often asked by prospective and existing clients how they can keep an eye on their rankings. We understand how important local rankings can be for your business; that’s why we rely on only the best tools to ensure you’re getting a full analysis of how your content is performing.

Whether it’s your website or a client’s site, you want to see how your local pages are performing, or you just want to work out where your site is ranking for a specific location or device, using a third-party tool like I Search From is one of the best ways to get an objective view of the search engine results.

Here at Safari Digital, we rely on a wide range of the best SEO tools to get an in-depth understanding of how a website’s content is ranked and can be improved. If you’d like to learn more about the value of local SEO or ranking higher in the local search results, get in touch with our friendly team of SEO experts.

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