Position Number One in Google Gets 31.77% of All Clicks

Question: What Percentage of clicks goes to the first result on Google?

Position number one in Google commands a whopping 31.77% of all organic clicks according to the latest data from an exhaustive study of more than 5-million pages from Backlinko.

The recent study found that the top spot of Google commands nearly one third of all organic clicks and proves that the top spot of Google is invaluable for businesses. The drop off from position number one to position number two saw a 7% drop off with position number 2 in Google getting 24.71% of all organic clicks, while position number 3 received just 18.66%.

The study also showed that websites on page number two of Google onwards earned a combined click through rate of just 0.78%.

Google CTR by Position

Google CTR By Position According to Latest Data

• Position Number 1 – 31.73%
• Position Number 2 – 24.71%
• Position Number 3 – 18.66%
• Position Number 4 – 13.60%
• Position Number 5 – 9.51%
• Position Number 6 – 6.23%
• Position Number 7 – 4.15%
• Position Number 8 – 3.12%
• Position Number 9 – 2.97%
• Position Number 10 – 3.09%
• Page 2 Onwards – 0.78% Combined

For experienced marketers, the sharp drop off from position number 1 to position number 10 on Google should come as no real surprise. The top 3 spots of Google are coveted by businesses for one very good reason – they deliver significant value. The above values are taken from a broad data set, based on our experience as an SEO Agency, we would suggest that the drop off from position number 1 to position number 3 in Google for transactional pages may be even higher.

The increased prominence of Google ads in the search results may continue to affect the CTR from organic search. Over the last five years, we have observed more and more ads in the organic listings. At the time of writing, the average number of ads that we see in the organic listings for competitive key terms is four at the top of the results, and three at the bottom of results.

In 2021, we are keeping a close eye on CTR by positions to monitor the impact of increasing ad prominence on organic listing click through rate.