72 Digital marketing statistics that will shape the way you look at online marketing in 2024.

Explore Safari Digital’s collection of the most interesting and informational online marketing stats that you should be aware of. From SEO to PPC, SEM, email marketing, and everything in between, our comprehensive list of 72 digital marketing stats will give you a holistic view of online marketing in 2024.

If you want to excel in the field of online marketing, it is important to understand is that nothing is ever quite where you left it. Digital marketing is completely dynamic, and as such, the technology, trends, and insights that drive the industry are constantly in flux.

To keep things as simple as possible, we have segmented the list into the key facets of online marketing that you need to be aware of. Whether you are an intermediate marketer, newbie, or digital marketing professional, there is something in this for everyone.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Statistics

1. Google is (by far) the most popular search engine

Google search traffic accounts for more than 92% of total search engine traffic across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, AOL, and small players like DuckDuckGo make up the remainder of the search engine traffic.

50% of all search queries contain 4 words or more

2. 50% of all search queries on Google contain four words or less

Search terms that contain four or more words – commonly referred to as long tail keywords in the SEO community, account for more than 50% of all search queries in Google. According to the latest digital marketing data, these keywords also convert at a higher rate compared to their shorter counterparts.

3. Updating existing content can improve organic traffic by 437% percent

A test carried out by Safari Digital found that updating old, existing website content with new information can increase the volume of web clicks by more than four times. The study carried out across 15 websites and more than 135 web pages found that updating the page title alone increased page clicks by 107% versus those that were not updated.

4. If you’re not on page 1 of google – you have less than 1% chance of a click

It’s a mind-blowing statistic, but websites that are on page 2 onwards receive less than 0.83% of total organic website clicks. This statistic highlights the overwhelming need to be on page one of Google for valuable keywords. As the old adage goes, if you’re looking to hide a secret, hide it on page two of Google.

65% of SEO’s admit that link building is the most difficult aspect of SEO

5. 65% of SEO’s admit that link building is the most difficult aspect of SEO

With so many rules and a drastic price to pay for getting it wrong – most SEOs admit that link building is the most difficult aspect of search engine optimisation. Google is constantly becoming more sophisticated in the way that it detects unnatural link patterns, which means that marketers need to implement safe, white hat link building strategies that abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

6. 34% of businesses investing in SEO allocate more than $1,000 per month to Link Building

The latest industry research suggests that more than one third of businesses will invest more $1,000 USD each month into link building. This includes outreach, content creation, and other associated fees. In most cases, this work is entirely outsourced to an SEO Agency with the capabilities to complete this work in-house.

7. 46% of all searches include a localised intent

Looking at investing in a local SEO strategy? You’re not alone! At Safari Digital, local SEO is the most in-demand service offering. A greater number of small to medium sized businesses are seizing the opportunity to substantially increase their organic search presence with a local SEO strategy.

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8. 28% of searches with a local intent result in conversion

Whether that is a store visit or an online purchase, a staggering 28% of all online searches that include a local search intent will result in a conversion. This digital marketing statistic alone demonstrates the immense value of a localised approach to SEO.

9. “Near Me” searches are up by 130% YOY

Between 2019 and 2022, “Near Me” searches increased by a staggering 130%. Google uses local data, device data, and search history to deliver customised, highly relevant results when a user enters a near me search query.

Over the last five years, the number of users including a “Near Me” suffix in a Google search has increased by more than 500% and is projected to continue along these lines as Google’s search algorithm becomes more sophisticated.

"Near Me” searches are up by 130% YOY

10. 61% of marketing professionals believe SEO is the key to success

According to digital marketing professionals, search engine optimisation is rated as the key to ongoing business success. Scalability and longevity are amongst the most important factors when it comes to using search engine optimisation in a winning digital marketing strategy.

11. Longtail keywords encourage higher click through rate (CTR)

The latest SEO statistics reveal that long tail keywords (4 or more keywords) enjoy a 3-5% higher CTR in the SERPs than keywords that are just one or two words in length. Websites that focus on highly relevant, longtail keywords are more likely to see higher CTR than websites that focus exclusively on short, high search volume keywords.

12. 70% of clicks in search engine results pages go to organic, 30% go to paid

Seven out of ten users will click on an organic result over a paid result when conducting a search in the major search engines. Generally speaking, organic results are associated with higher trust than paid results. SEO is a major driving force behind all digital marketing efforts.

13. 72% of users that conducted a local search found a store within 8km (5 miles)

Local SEO is a highly effective way to drive local, motivated users to a bricks and mortar location. The latest statistics reveal that 72% of users will find a store within five miles of the location where they conducted the search.

14. 56% of businesses have not claimed their free Google My Business listing

More than half of all businesses have not yet claimed their google my business listing. This statistic highlights the lack of information and clarity around what it takes to own a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

56% of businesses have not claimed their free Google My Business listing

15. 82% of businesses have not claimed their Free Bing Business Listing

Perhaps not as surprising as the 56% of users that have not claimed their GMB listing, this stat reveals that more than 8/10 businesses have not bothered to claim their Bing business listing. With Bing commanding less than 7% of all search engine traffic, it may not be that surprising to learn.

16. 81% of businesses that implemented SEO reported a positive outcome

One the fence about hiring an SEO Agency for your business? The most recent digital marketing statistics show that more than eight out of ten businesses reported a positive outcome from search engine optimisation work.

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81% of businesses that implemented SEO reported a positive outcome

Content Marketing Statistics

17. Updating old content with new images and more content can increase traffic by more than 111%.

Before you start creating new content, it may be time to look at whether you are making the most of your existing site content. Updating existing articles with new information and images can double your organic website traffic.

18. Length matters – at least for SEO visibility

The average page one ranking for a mid to high competition search term in the organic Google search results is 1,890-words in length. This staggering statistic from Backlinko demonstrates the importance of covering content at length. Long form content is not a prerequisite for ranking well on Google; however, websites that publish long-form content can (in general) cover a topic in more depth.

Length matters – at least for SEO visibility

19. Regular content marketing improves indexation rates by 434%

Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing strategy. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated. The latest digital marketing statistics show that websites that regularly post and update content can expect faster indexing from search engines which means more interaction from internet users. Depending on the size of your website, indexing can take anywhere from 4-days to 6-months. In any case, regular content marketing can speed up indexing and improve overall website search visibility.

20. 72% of marketers believe relevancy is the key to successful content marketing

Before you start writing about high-search topics, it’s time to check – is this relevant to my industry? 72% of marketers say that publishing relevant content is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Less than 40% of marketers publish content once per week

21. Less than 40% of marketers publish content once per week

Want to be at the head of your industry? Regular content marketing could be the key to industry recognition, improved organic website traffic, and increased trust within your niche. The latest content marketing stats show that less than 40% of marketers will post content weekly.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Statistics

22. 73% of customers trust a business with positive online reviews

Looking to convert more visitors to customers? It all starts with trust. Businesses with online reviews are trusted by more than 7/10 consumers when it comes time to make a booking, purchase an item, or book a service. If you are looking to build trust with prospective customers – you need to have a review building strategy in pace.

23. Just 34% of businesses run A/B testing on their website

Understanding your audience is the key to making the most of paid, social, and organic website traffic. So it comes as a surprise to learn that only one third of websites run A/B tests when updating their website. A/B testing is an important way to understand your users and create shopping experiences that deliver real value.

The average conversion rate from a web page is just 2.35%

24. The average conversion rate from a web page is just 2.35%

Getting traffic is one thing – converting that traffic to paying customers is another thing altogether. According to the most recent information from Wordstream, just 2.35% of users that visit a web page will convert.

25. 60% of Google searches come from a mobile device, but just 34% of conversions come from mobile

Users love to browse on a mobile device; however, they are far less likely to convert from a mobile device. The latest digital marketing statistics show that mobile devices account for more than half of all searches, but only around a third of all conversions.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

26. The average conversion rate from a Facebook Ad is 9.21%

According to Wordstream, the average conversion rate from a Facebook advertisement is 9.21%. The numbers across industry vary dramatically with a 14.29% conversion on the fitness industry, versus a 2.31% conversion rate on in the technology industry.

27. Facebook is the 3rd most visited website globally

According to the latest internet marketing statistics, Facebook is the third most visited website in the world behind Google and YouTube. According to social media marketing statistics from Statista, Facebook racks up an incredible 20-billion visitors each month.

28. 145 minutes is the average amount of time spent on social media each day

Need proof that users are seeing your ads on social media marketing? According to the latest digital marketing stats, the average social media user averages more than two hours per day across social media platforms.

Facebook has 2.701 billion monthly users

29. Facebook has 2.701 billion monthly users

Facebook is still the global leader when it comes to social media marketers platforms. The grand statesman of social media boasts more than half of all global social media users amongst their members.

Pay Per Click and SEM Statistics

30. Businesses that combine PPC and SEO see 25% more clicks and 27% higher profits

Who said you can only spend on one marketing channel? The most recent data suggests that companies that take a multi-channel approach that incorporates SEM and SEO see 27% higher profits than businesses that take a single channel approach.

31. Adblock software is up from 15% to 30% since 2014

Users don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements on their favourite websites. The latest statistics show that 30% of online users have adblock extensions or software which prevents advertisements from being shown in the display network.

32. Search Ads can increase awareness by up to 80%

According to Google, search ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 80% for businesses. For companies that are looking to increase brand or product awareness, search ads can be an effective way to increase recognition.

Search Ads can increase awareness by up to 80%

33. 49% of users will click on a text advertisement

According to data from search engine land, almost half of all users will click on a text advertisement in the search engine results pages.

34. Only 43% of users can tell the difference between organic and paid listings

There is no getting around it, Google has consciously integrated paid advertisements into the organic listings over the last few years. Less than half of users can successfully distinguish between a paid and an organic listing.

35. The insurance industry has the highest average CPC with $72 per click

Want to get customers for your insurance business? You better have deep pockets. The latest marketing data shows that insurance industry search terms cost a staggering $72 per click on average.

The insurance industry has the highest average CPC with $72 per click

36. The food and drinks industry has the lowest average CPC at 0.48c per click

Driven by low customer lifetime value and lower conversion rates, the food and drinks industry have an average click of just .48c. Generally speaking, the more a customer is worth to a business in the long term, the more competitive (and costly) the PPC market is.

37. The average ad spend per internet user in the search advertising segment is projected to be $40.99 in 2022

According to Statista, the average spending per an internet users in the search advertising segment in 2022 is projected to be $40.99.

38. The highest ad spend will be in the United States in 2022 (US$77,226m in 2022)

Statista estimate that the highest paid advertising spend will come from the United States in 2022 – following on from previous year trends.

Technology Driven Marketing Statistics

39. 30% of Google searches from a mobile device include a location

It should come as no surprise; however, this statistic highlights the importance of a mobile friendly website. Users conducting searches from a mobile device are often in a ‘hunting’ phase which means that they are looking for instant, localised results.

40. 92% of users will access the internet from a mobile device

More than 9/10 users will access the internet from their mobile device in 2022. As mobile devices become the primary computer device for a large portion of users, it should come as no surprise that most of them will use it as their primary web browser. Increased mobile speed, improved mobile devices, and lower mobile internet access tariffs mean that the internet is now more accessible from mobile devices than ever before.

The cut off time for a website to load is 5 seconds

41. The cut off time for a website to load is 5 seconds

The latest data shows that when it comes to mobile load times, speed matters. Websites that take more than five seconds to load can expect to receive 70% less mobile sessions than those that load in under three seconds. According to Google, a delay of just one-second can mean a 20% drop in conversions. If there is one thing that you should be focussing on, it is website speed and device accessibility.

42. More than 30% of users will conduct a mobile search before visiting a store

It doesn’t matter if you are a bricks and mortar retailer that generates all sales through your physical locations – your online presence matters. A recent report found that almost one in three individuals will visit the website of a business before stepping foot in the store. This could be to check prices, trading hours, menu items, or inventory. Whatever the reason, it’s important that your business has an up-to-date web presence.

43. 43% of users conduct an online search while they are in a store

The latest statistics show that almost half of us will conduct a mobile search while standing in a store. Consumers have more choice than ever before – users will use their mobile devices to check prices, competitor inventory, and to seek out online purchases while they are visiting a physical location.

44. 69% of mobile device users say that they are more likely to buy from an online business that answers their questions

Got an FAQ list that needs updating? This is the technology driven marketing statistic that should spur you into action. A whopping 69% of users say that they will buy with a store that effectively answers their questions. Think about updating your online product pages, menu, or FAQ list to deliver the most value for your prospective customers.

66% of e-Commerce sessions come from mobile

45. 66% of e-Commerce sessions come from mobile, but less than 30% of conversions come from mobile devices

While 2/3 of customers will browse a product online, most will turn to their desktop to make the final purchase. This can be attributed to purchase consideration times and more trust in desktop or laptop computer devices. Expect to see this statistic change over the coming years as more users’ complete purchases from mobile devices thanks to improved mobile shopping experiences.

46. More than 50% of search engine use will include voice or image search

Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Home mean that voice search prevalence is increasing in organic search. Users are also opting for image searches to find out more information about an image.

47. 88% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase

Almost 9/10 customers check online reviews before making a purchase online. Understanding past customer experiences is the key to knowing what you can expect with a business. Genuine, positive reviews from real customers is the social proof that prospective customers seek before making a purchase.

48. 57% of users will avoid purchasing from a website with a poor mobile design

Users have more choice than ever before, so it means that they can be more selective with who they shop with. According to the latest information from Google, users that are not able to read or browse content efficiently from their mobile device will abandon the web page.

27% of Google users already use voice search

49. 27% of Google users already use voice search

Voice search statistics show that more and more users are using voice search each year. The latest data indicates that more than one quarter of Google users will use voice search when conducting a search in Google. Webmasters and marketers need to take note of this emerging trend and ensure that their content and structured data is ready for voice search.

50. Voice search is now available in more than 60 languages

According to Wikipedia, voice search is now enabled in more than sixty different languages around the globe. Voice search statistics are evolving fast as technology continues to play catch up with demand. Voice recognition and AI continue to play catch up with the voice recognition rollout.

51. 52% of Voice Assistants are in the living room

Convenience from your living room is paramount with more than half of all voice assistants in the living room. According to Price Water House Coopers, a staggering 52% of all voice search assistant devices are located in the living room of the home. The Bedroom (25%) and Kitchen (22%) account for the remaining majority share of voice search device locations.

52. 170 minutes is the average amount of time spent online each day

The latest insights from global technology statistics by Statista found that users will spend almost three hours each day online from a combination of devices.

170 minutes is the average amount of time spent online each day

53. 53% of voice assistant owners feel comfortable talking to smart speakers

While it may have seemed like a novelty 2-3 years ago, users are feeling increasingly comfortable using voice assistant devices to conduct searches. This statistic highlights the need for a website that is voice search friendly.

54. 73% of drivers use a voice device in their car

The latest insights from Voice Bot suggest that as many of 73% of drivers will use an in-car voice assistant in their car. This number is an increase on the previous recorded figure of 49% and is indicative of the number of new cars that are now fitted with voice AI capability from the factory.

Email Marketing Statistics

55. In 2021, there were more than 4.1-billion global email users

More than half of the global population is on email and that number is expected to grow to more than 4.5 billion by the end of 2025 according to the latest stats.

56. More than 300-billion emails are sent and received each day

Global email engagement rates are through the roof. Email is one of the most used communication platforms in the world.

57. The average email open rate for all industries is 21.33%

According to EDM service provider Mailchimp, the average open rate for email direct marketing across all industries in 2019 was 21.33%. The data was compiled from email lists that were delivered to a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

The average email open rate for all industries is 21.33%

58. Government emails have the highest open rates at 28.77%

According to the same study, Government emails have the highest email open rate at 28.77% followed by ‘Hobbies’ at 27.74%, and ‘Religion’ at 27.62%.

59. Vitamin supplements have the lowest email open rate 15.03%

Users have spoken – vitamin supplement companies have the lowest open rates in the industry. Daily deals (15.06%) and E-Commerce (15.68%) were not far behind. The conclusion that we can draw is that industries that are notorious for sending out frequent, low value EDMs have a lower open rate.

60. Friday is the day for the highest email open rate

Want your email to get noticed? Send it out on a Friday. The latest data suggests that Friday is the day for highest EDM engagement, while Saturday is the lowest. The latest statistics does not include data from the Global Pandemic – it will be fascinating to see how lockdowns, reduced mobility, and increased online usage will impact EDM engagement statistics.

61. 93% of email users will check their email at least once per day

The latest statistics show that users are highly engaged with their emails with most users checking their email at least once each day.

62. Less than 22% of companies personalise emails based on user insights

It is interesting to note that despite having age, demographic, and a whole host of other user data, less than one quarter of businesses are using this data to personalise the EDM experience.

Video Marketing Statistics

63. Video content is five times more likely to lead to a conversion than content alone

Video + content is a match made in heaven. This video statistic highlights the importance of videos in a holistic content marketing strategy. Whether you are receiving the majority of traffic through platforms such as Google or whether the blogs are an addition to on-site content, you are five times more likely to convert with the use of video content.

64. Web pages that include a video are 53% more likely to be displayed on page 1 of Google

Videos improve engagement and conversion rates, so what about your SEO efforts? According to the most recent data, web pages that embed a video in an article or web page are 53% more likely to be displayed on page one of Google.

Web pages that include a video are 53% more likely to be displayed on page 1 of Google

65. 88% of marketers recommend video marketing

Whether you are complementing your SEO or PPC efforts with a video, or you are creating standalone videos – more than 88% of marketers believe that videos are an effective way to reach customers.

66. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world

According to the latest data from global statistics website Statista, YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet. Second only to Google, YouTube racks up and incredible 22.8 billion visitors each month globally.

67. The average user will consume 16 hours of video per week

Across YouTube, SVOD, and various other video platforms, the average user will consume a staggering 16-hours of video each week.

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

68. Affiliate marketing spend will exceed $8-billion USD in 2023

According to the latest data from Statista, affiliate marketing spend is expected to exceed $8.2-billion USD by 2023. The figure represents a significant increase from $5.4 billion that was recorded in 2017.

Affiliate marketing spend will exceed $8-billion USD in 2022

69. The most popular affiliate network is LinkConnector

Accoding to the most recent data, almost one in three affiliate marketers used LinkConnector in their affiliate marketing efforts. An uptake of more than 30% makes it the most popular affiliate network in the world.

70. More than a quarter of all affiliate networks are in fashion

The fashion industry has been a driving force behind affiliate marketing networks for more than a decade. The most recent data shows that more than one quarter of all affiliate marketing comes through the fashion industry – hardly surprising when you consider the number of fashion influencers across social networks.

71. 53% of all affiliate traffic comes from mobile devices

Mobile devices now – for the first time ever, are the leading force behind online affiliate traffic. As mobile networks improve and devices offer more features, shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices to browse and purchase from affiliates.

72. Amazon affiliates pay 1 to 10% commission

The latest data shows that amazon affiliate programs pay between 1 to 10% of the purchase price (minus shipping, taxes, and fees) in commission.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are investing in SEO, SEM, Social, or any other online marketing channel for your digital marketing, it is important to have a broad understanding of the online ecosystem.

If you’re looking for help with your search engine optimisation, then you’re in the right place. Safari Digital is Australia’ fastest growing specialist SEO Agency and is committed to helping small, medium, large, and enterprise level SEO clients better, more informed decisions for their SEO marketing. Find out how we can help today by booking your free SEO consultation with an organic specialist.

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